MLM Recruiting- The Top 10 MLM Prospecting Gold Mines

Written by Doug Firebaugh

You gotta have people to talk to in MLM Prospecting!


You drive by more people in a week than you could possibly recruit in a year!

So - here isrepparttar question:

Do you have enough folks to talk to?

If not - READ ON!!!!

These tactics are what we have found to be extremely effective in creating leads and consistent people to call on. There are hundreds of ways to Prospect. These are just a few to get you started and on your way. Take one which appeals to you and start immediately.

1) 'People that care about you.'

A warm or Hot market is a great place to start. But ask yourself a question:

Who really cares about my success and future? Start there and ask for their help.

You will be surprised how caring and emotions can be of benefit to you. If they do care about you- they will listen to you and try to help.

2) 'People you truly care about.'

Who do you truly care about and want to see have a great life? Start there.

Your compassion and caring will come through and impact in a positive way.

People liked to be thought of, and this is a way to make that happen, and also to

show your feelings towards their future and Life.

3) 'People that you know that care aboutrepparttar 144999 same things. '

Who has a commonality with you in caring forrepparttar 145000 same things? Maybe in a club or church, or an association. You have already established that you have something in common that matters to you both. And your business would be a great way to expand that relationship.

4) 'Follow your Dollar.'

Who do you do business with? Who do give money to on a regular basis?

Whether it is shopping or getting something repaired or simply paying to have something done, that is who you want to target. Who did you buy your car from? Who sells you your clothing and groceries?

Follow your dollar. There is a gold mine their in contacts and potential sales. They may be hesitant about joining you , but ask for referrals. They owe them to you

5)'The Goldmine on your desk.'

Most folks have some form of a Rolodex or card case on their desk, or in their planner. But most have a listing of who they have gathered cards from. Even in their palm pilot. Most Business owners have a great Rolodex but less than 10% ofrepparttar 145001 cards produce revenues for them.

Turn your or their Rolodex into a Goldmine that produces a secondary revenue source for them, by contactingrepparttar 145002 cards inrepparttar 145003 rolodex, and increaserepparttar 145004 value of their contacts.

'What percentage of your rolodex is currently producing you any type of revenue source?

2%? 5%?

If there was a way to increase that to 15-20% - would you want to know about it?'

In Your MLM Business, Don’t Forget Customers!

Written by Paul Harris

This may seem an odd way to start focusing on building your MLM business, but in reality it’s a key step towards your success and an often overlooked step.

Customers are in fact exactly what make your business legal. The only difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme isrepparttar gathering of customers.

Let me give you several reasons as to why you should start focusing on customers.

First of all, customers can be a quick source of profit forrepparttar 144961 new network marketer. Even thoughrepparttar 144962 big money may not be in these customers, it’s a known fact in our industry that unless a new distributor makes money inrepparttar 144963 first 90 days they’re statistically very likely to drop out ofrepparttar 144964 business.

If your focus is on gathering some customers and bringing in a little bit of money, you will have much more incentive to stay inrepparttar 144965 business and continue working on building and growing your organization.

Most network marketers are told to focus on their warm market when they’re first trying to build their downline. I personally believe this is a mistake. If you went out and bought a fast food franchise restaurant, you wouldn’t ask all your friends and relatives to buy one as well. You would instead ask them to eat at your restaurant; in other words to be your customers.

I believe this isrepparttar 144966 main focus new distributors should have.Instead of focusing on gathering your warm market into your downline, it would be much easier and more productive inrepparttar 144967 long run to make them your best customers and gather confidence by proving that you can work this business.

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