MLM Recruiting- The 5 Types of Network Marketing Recruiters

Written by Doug Firebaugh

It is amazing.

Every where I haverepparttar honor of speaking, I see over and overrepparttar 150961 5 types of recruiters on MLM, and they all remind me of animals. (smile)

Animals have a particular way of creating in their habitat what they need to survive and live on, and to become what nature meant for them to be. You may even see yourself in one of these Recruiting Animals that run rampant in MLM.

There are 5 Types of recruiters in MLM and Network Marketing:

The first:

1) "The Snake".

This isrepparttar 150962 type of recruiter that deceives and takes advantage of folks and is a cancer to this great industry.

This recruiter has one focus: To TAKE and do whatever it takes to recruit you, including unethical things and practices.


Who knows, but they are out there, and it is a shame. A snake slithers aroundrepparttar 150963 ground silently and looks for prey.

Sound familiar? Know anyone like that?

If you do, stay away from them as they are bad news.

2) "The Hyena."

This isrepparttar 150964 person who simply cannot shut up during a recruiting meeting or call. They are focused on themselves and talk about themselves and like a hyena, run their mouths and laugh a lot all inrepparttar 150965 name of "look at me, and what I have done."

Give me a break.


People come into this MLM business for THEIR reasons, not yours.

Keeprepparttar 150966 conversation focused on them and not you. Don't be like a hyena and dominaterepparttar 150967 meeting. Don't be like a hyena and look foolish torepparttar 150968 prospect. Don't be like a hyena and constantly be engaged in bringing attention to you.

Keep your attention on them, and you will have a much better chance of recruiting someone.

3) "The Cow."

The Cow isrepparttar 150969 "Lay around all day and do nothing and chew on CUD" Recruiter.

These folks arerepparttar 150970 less-than ambitious people who wander around in MLM and chew on "Failure Grass" and it ends up CUD.

Cows chew CUD daily. What does "CUD" stand for?

"Consistently Unproductive Daily."

That's what Cows do. They do nothing and get nothing in this business.



The Truth?


Are you a Cow in recruiting? Do you MOOOOO? (As instead of working, you end up watching MOOOOvies?)

That is called a CLUE! GET BUSY and quit chewing Failure Grass and CUD! Success Grass tastes 1000 times better!

7 Ways & Places To Sponsor New Distributors

Written by Zamri Nanyan

7 Ways & Places To Sponsor New Distributors by Zamri Nanyan Would you like to get a continuous stream of leads and prospects than you can ever imagine? If you are serious about your network marketing business, then you know that you have to bring in a lot of leads so that you can prospect and sponsor many of them in your program. It's not only you, your downline also need a lot of people to talk to. It is that crucial. Only after you find and develop a few good leaders, then, you can start seeing exponential growth in your business. Your leaders are now independent. They are pursuing their dreams and buildingrepparttar business for themselves. Apparently, they are also building your big paychecks. Your leaders won't stop buildingrepparttar 150864 business until they too are gettingrepparttar 150865 residual income they desire. Then, only then, you can think about walking out ofrepparttar 150866 business and still collecting your growing network marketing checks forrepparttar 150867 rest of your life. So, now you know that getting a lot of prospects to talk to is that very important to long term success. Propecting isrepparttar 150868 lifeblood of this business. The next question would be "where and how to findrepparttar 150869 prospects?" Getrepparttar 150870 answers to this question, and you'll be a step ahead of majority ofrepparttar 150871 not-so-well-informed networkers. There are many ways and places to find and sponsor new distributors. Here are briefly 7 ofrepparttar 150872 unusual ones. 1. Network with non-profit organizations (NPOs) and leverage from their contact lists and activities they organize. If possible, sign up these NPOs as distributors. Their members could possibly join your network through these NPOs. 2. Start a breakfast club of business owners, withrepparttar 150873 intention to exchange referrals for free. You'll get pre-sold prospects who are more than happy to hear about your business. 3. Use press release to get free exposure about your

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