MLM Recruiting- MLM Online Recruiting 101 for Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Recruiting onrepparttar Internet in MLM is very popular! Yet, there are still many folks who are hesitant to jump intorepparttar 150685 arena ofrepparttar 150686 Internet. I assure yourepparttar 150687 best way of learning HOW to userepparttar 150688 Internet is to just do it!

And if you have already chosen to be a part ofrepparttar 150689 Internet culture, then we congratulate you on a decision that we believe is where you need to be. The recruiting process onrepparttar 150690 Internet is NOT unlikerepparttar 150691 process offline, you still must prospect, contact, present, follow up, getrepparttar 150692 decision, and train and duplicate. But you need to understand that there MUST be a methodical process of creatingrepparttar 150693 environment for attracting people to your website and then to ATTRACT them to your Network Marketing business.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ONLINE MARKETING SECRET: There is a LIVE HUMAN BEING behindrepparttar 150694 computer monitor that you are trying to recruit. Treat them as such, and with respect and professionalism. This is one ofrepparttar 150695 Foundation Secrets that you must understand.

Everybody you prospect to onrepparttar 150696 Internet is breathing, has goals and dreams and understands that there is more to life than just surviving. And giving your prospect PERSONAL attention is even MORE important onrepparttar 150697 Internet than it is offline!

You MUST understand that your emails and ALL your communication is being read by a LIVE, BREATHING, HUMAN BEING on 'the other side' ofrepparttar 150698 computer screen. I repeat this because even though it is obvious to most people, most people onrepparttar 150699 Internet fail to ACT like it in their MLM recruiting efforts.

RELATIONSHIPS are just as important overrepparttar 150700 Internet as it is offline. Sometimes even more important, since today's marketing methods onrepparttar 150701 Internet are not all done professionally.

Remember,repparttar 150702 same principles hold true for building relationships onrepparttar 150703 Internet. It usually takes a series of consistent exposures. It takes time to build trust. And personalization is VERY important, especially onrepparttar 150704 Internet and MLM recruiting.

Everyone wants to be treated well, and with respect. And they also want to feel that they are special. So with your understanding that there is a LIVE human being onrepparttar 150705 other side ofrepparttar 150706 computer screen. You need to createrepparttar 150707 scenario that you may go beyondrepparttar 150708 computer.

You MUST CONNECT with your person OFFLINE after gaining their interest, to createrepparttar 150709 start ofrepparttar 150710 relationship, usually via telephone.

The other side of that computer monitor is a very special place that you must always keep in mind when recruiting, as that will determine a lot of where your recruiting grows, or doesn't grow.


1) To FEEL they are respected for who they are and their values honored.

2) To FEEL that someone cares about them instead of just want to recruit them.

3) To establish a connection with someone they FEEL they can trust and can help LEAD them to success!

If you can TOUCH, then TELL, you will much more likely to have a viable prospect than not.

Ask them about:

Family. Interests. Success. Hobbies. Career.

We call thatrepparttar 150711 'FISH-C Formula' for Connecting.

EMAIL 101:

ALWAYS Use a Signature (sig) File! This is free advertising for your company and for you. I cannot believe how many emails I still get from folks who don't use this great will be inrepparttar 150712 'options' section onrepparttar 150713 navigation bar in your email program. In your Signature File, you should ALWAYS include your name, email address, phone number and website address. Yes, include your phone number! You want to be personal right? They MIGHT want to call you directly!


Having a website is a MUST. Here's a few basics about getting your own website if you don't already have one, and how to increase traffic to generate more leads and a larger warm market onrepparttar 150714 Internet. Your advertising focus MUST be on getting people to visit your website.

Have you noticed that EVERY type of media now advertises their website? Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, every advertisement you see or listen to now advertises their website encouraging you to visit. Why? Convenience and Culture. Everyone who has Internet access can check out your information at THEIR convenience, and it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, is part of our Culture now. AND it's cost effective!

A Network Marketing distributor website with PULLING POWER is a strong indication ofrepparttar 150715 seriousness you and your company project, and most companies today have a website that can be pointed to and accessed for information and links. Even though most are limited to what they allow you to do as a distributor, you still need a 'visual commercial' onrepparttar 150716 Internet, and company websites will work fine. And there are some HOT company sites out there.

Always CROSS-MARKET. Always advertise your website AND your phone number. This way anyone can contact you to getrepparttar 150717 information they need.

Not everyone has DSL. Some are still on dial up. And some people will still prefer to call you to answer questions or buildrepparttar 150718 personal contact that is required to form a relationship. If you have your own recruiting website, that is best. You will be able to have it designed and programmed to do exactly what YOU want.

However, it can be very expensive. There are several 'self-replicating' websites with pre-programmed web pages designed for recruiting out there. A self-replicating website offers EASY DUPLICATION. You go torepparttar 150719 website, enter some information and sign up, then you can have your own personalized version of a main website.

Many of these websites are free, andrepparttar 150720 best looking sites may not be your company's own website. But, if your company offers a self-replicating site that is personalized, utilize it! Get ALL your downline using this training system! And it's great for prospecting too.

Creating Download Files

Written by Trevor Anderson

Creating Downloadable Files

Almost everywhere you look onrepparttar Internet there is advice on what to sell off your website. One ofrepparttar 150684 most common recommendations is “Information.”

Yes, Information! Infoproducts: eBooks, eZines, Newsletters, etc, etc. “How to write a best selling eBook.” “Create your own Newsletter.” “Sell your own eBook off your website.” “People crave information.” Fantastic!

What no one ever explains is how you set up your Infoproduct as a download. As far as I am aware, you will probably struggle to find out how to do this anywhere onrepparttar 150685 web too. The following information assumes you have a website up and running. If you are selling off your site you will need a “Merchant Account” which will take instantaneous payment, which of course, is necessary before your customer is allowed to download your product. You will need to coordinate access from your website (the place whererepparttar 150686 customer decides and takes action to buy your download) torepparttar 150687 download link you have created. This is where your “Merchant Account” will help. For example; PayPal has excellent tools for setting up your pricing and shipping costs and creating “Buy Now” buttons, which buyers click on to take them torepparttar 150688 Credit Card/PayPal account holders payment page. You will be able to set up a link through PayPal’s “Merchant Tools” which bringsrepparttar 150689 buyer to your download link once payment has been approved.

Creating a Download

One ofrepparttar 150690 most efficient and cost effective ways to deliver your Infoproduct is by “Download.” The process is not complicated. All you are doing when you set up a download is directingrepparttar 150691 purchaser (after they have paid by electronic means) back to your web page with a download link on it.

They click this “Download Now” link and they are invited to save or openrepparttar 150692 download on their own computer. Your download product is stored in a predetermined file/folder on your own computer.

The best way to do this is to zip uprepparttar 150693 file to keep it from taking up as much room and then saverepparttar 150694 zipped file to your web server (your website onrepparttar 150695 internet). You can use a program called WinZip (you may already have it) to accomplish this. First you need to download (if you haven't already) a copy ofrepparttar 150696 free (evaluation) version of WinZip. There are other zip programs but WinZip is probablyrepparttar 150697 most popular. Before you install,repparttar 150698 program will ask you if you wantrepparttar 150699 program to start with WinZip Wizard or WinZip Classic. Choose Classic. Afterrepparttar 150700 programme has been successfully installed, follow these steps:

1. Start WinZip

2. Fromrepparttar 150701 menu, choose "File" and then select "New Archive".

3. A window of your hard drive, showing allrepparttar 150702 contents of your computer, will appear, and you are asked to giverepparttar 150703 zip file a name. Before you give it a name make sure you pay attention to where (what folder) you are getting ready to save this file in. You'll need to locate it later. I would use “Desktop,” but it could be anywhere on your hard drive. Just remember where. Remember this zipped file you are getting ready to create will contain allrepparttar 150704 files you want people to be able to download. This isrepparttar 150705 file that is saved to your web server. So navigate torepparttar 150706 folder (the place on your hard drive, for example; desktop) where you wantrepparttar 150707 zip file to be saved and name it whatever you want. Lets say, for example purposes, you have written an eBook so we can callrepparttar 150708 file ebook. WinZip will attach .zip intorepparttar 150709 filename automatically, so it will be called

4. Click OK

5. Next,repparttar 150710 window of your hard drive will appear again. At this point you want to locaterepparttar 150711 file/s you want to zip up and be placed insiderepparttar 150712 file you just named in step 3. This is where you chooserepparttar 150713 file/s you want people to download. Let’s say you have saved your eBook on your “Desktop” (but it could be anywhere on your hard drive). Once you find it, select it and click "Add". If you have more than one file to select, hold downrepparttar 150714 control key and select allrepparttar 150715 files and then click Add.

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