MLM Recruiting- Cold Market Prospecting- 5 HOT SCORCHING Opening Phrases

Written by Doug Firebaugh

There is a phrase in MLM Recruiting that we callrepparttar 5 Magic Words of Cold Market Prospecting. These words can open more doors than you ever thought possible. I used them for years, and they opened thousands of doors. They also help recruit a ton of folks.

What would that phrase be?

"Maybe You Can Help me."

These words can open doors, create curiosity, and openrepparttar 150244 hearts of many people to give you a helping hand in your Network Marketing Business.

You may be wondering what do you say after those words. After all, what happens if that phrase gets someone's attention? What do you do? What do you say?

This brings us torepparttar 150245 Golden Law of Cold MLM Market Prospecting:

"Recruiting Starts afterrepparttar 150246 initial Contact..."

What does that mean?

We found that if we didn't try to recruit them right offrepparttar 150247 bat, but waited tillrepparttar 150248 second meeting or even third, our ratio for success went up. And it went up tremendously. Many people have a tendency to jump into a conversation with a new prospect, without realizing that it may require some time to developrepparttar 150249 relationship, and even give it time to BE THE RIGHT TIME to pursuerepparttar 150250 conversation full force.


Don't become an MLM Cold Market "ATTACK RECRUITER."

Give your cold prospect room to breathe, and let a rapport start to develop a little. Ifrepparttar 150251 prospect is cold torepparttar 150252 idea, give it some time. Hold more conversations. The desire to help may be there, but give it time to grow and be revealed. A lot of times, it won't happen immediately, due torepparttar 150253 intial lack of any interest onrepparttar 150254 prospects part, or bad experiences with others.

Wait tillrepparttar 150255 second conversation to bring up your desire to seek them for your business, or who they might know.

This is only professional, and you are givingrepparttar 150256 relationship time to solidify and then mature into a real possible friendship.


If you jumprepparttar 150257 gun too quick in MLM Cold Market recruiting, you will end up shooting yourself inrepparttar 150258 foot.

Here arerepparttar 150259 "5 HOT Phrases for Cold market MLM Prospecting" These are mainly for people that you will meet inrepparttar 150260 business community when Net-Working your business, which you should be doing allrepparttar 150261 time!

The 5 Hot Phrases for MLM Cold Market Prospecting:

1) "I am a professional inrepparttar 150262 community like you."

2) "I am introducing myself to .

3) "I love networking with other professionals."

4) "Maybe there is a way we could help each other."

5) "Would you be open to some coffee sometime?"

Let's take a look at these powerful opening phrases:

1) "I am a professional inrepparttar 150263 Community."

This states an important fact: You are one of them.

And this will createrepparttar 150264 start of a CONNECTION right offrepparttar 150265 bat, and also establish who you are torepparttar 150266 Cold prospect, from one professional to another. Network Marketing is a profession, and you need to start treating it like one, if you are not.

My Magic Article Doubler

Written by Elaine Currie

Promotion of your website will take uprepparttar largest part of your business budget when you have an online marketing business. There are many ways of advertising your business online. Indeed, you will be overwhelmed byrepparttar 150243 number of companies to be found onrepparttar 150244 Internet which offer to help you with your advertising needs. Some of these advertising companies charge fairly low rates but I always think free is even better.

Writing and publishing articles is one ofrepparttar 150245 easiest and best ways to get free publicity for your online marketing business. It's very simple: you write articles which you post on your website and also submitrepparttar 150246 same articles to article directories for publishing.

When you write an article and submit it for publishing, you will have a "resource box" appended torepparttar 150247 article. This resource box is a piece of text, usually limited to about 5 lines, which will contain brief details about you or some aspect of your business plus a link back to your website. After an article is accepted byrepparttar 150248 article directories, it will be available to anyone with an interest inrepparttar 150249 subject matter. Your article will be read by individuals looking for information on a particular subject and, with any luck, by Ezine publishers who will publish your article in their ezines which will be circulated to their subscribers. In a very short time, your one little article will be responsible for a growing number of links back to your website which will enhancerepparttar 150250 Internet visibility of your online marketing business.

The viral way in which an article spreads itself rapidly overrepparttar 150251 Internet is truly astonishing and another amazing feature of article publishing is that you will continue to benefit from links to articles long after you have written them and submitted them torepparttar 150252 article directories. Months after you have written, submitted and forgotten about an article, you will be surprised to receive an email asking your permission to userepparttar 150253 article in a publication. It's a bit like getting royalties for writing a song; dorepparttar 150254 work once and get paid over and over again.

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