MLM Prospecting - The 7 Key Traits to a More Likely to Succeed MLM Lead

Written by Doug Firebaugh

MLM Prospecting is a tough business if you do not know who you are looking for, and what they need to succeed in MLM. And it never fails -- Time and time again. Over and Over. Just like clockwork. You can almost predict it.

How many times have we been talking to someone, and they sign up, and we get all excited--and we wait. And we wait. And we wait. And then we wait some more, for them to show any true interest in this business. And then we keep waiting till we get discouraged.

Sound familiar? What went wrong? How did we blow it? We spent all that time to recruit them and they don't do SQUAT! What happened?


Sometimes we are more interested in recruiting someone than actually qualifying them to see if they really have a chance of success in MLM. Have you ever done that?


You cannot PUSH a ROPE. "That dog ain't gonna hunt" is a saying we have here in Dallas. Some "dogs" simply never get offrepparttar porch when it comes to taking action in their life!

So what do you do? How can you at least maximize your odds for findingrepparttar 145442 people who will be "More Likely" to be serious about this MLM business than not? Good Question!

I hadrepparttar 145443 honor of being inrepparttar 145444 Financial Services industry before I discovered network marketing, and was blessed with beingrepparttar 145445 only person inrepparttar 145446 history ofrepparttar 145447 agency (92 years) to ever win a fast start award thatrepparttar 145448 company had. I worked hard, and many long hours. But I was shown an amazing secret to definingrepparttar 145449 right prospects that made a HUGE difference in my success. (Financial Service reps are GREAT prospects for this business!)

A multi-million dollar earner in investments gave me what we callrepparttar 145450 "7 Star Formula" that defined who was more likely to do business with you than not, and I stuck to it and it worked. I brought it intorepparttar 145451 MLM business with me and lo and behold it worked great! And I have also now seen it in other places inrepparttar 145452 industry, so I know it has gotten some play inrepparttar 145453 marketplace. I cannot remember who authored it, but it's HOT!

Here it is:

The "7 Star Formula" isrepparttar 145454 7 key Traits forrepparttar 145455 best Potential MLM Prospects you look for in a prospect. It can tell you a lot of how this person will work this business.


There is NO sure fire formula for this, asrepparttar 145456 secret to success in this business lies withinrepparttar 145457 HEART. But it will help save you a lot of time that you might have wasted withrepparttar 145458 "Not Likely" to succeed people.

MLM Recruiting Success Training- The 5 C's of MLM Recruiting

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Man. That project is finally finished! And what would it be worth to you to have a LOT of answers to what is working in network marketing recruiting today? A LOT!

We did a 14 month study on what makes successful MLM recruiters tick, how they recruit, what they do, what they think, what they don't do, when they recruit, when they don't, and many other situations and traits and tactics that are working out inrepparttar marketplace.

Many folks we chatted with were very open torepparttar 145363 questions. A few were "too important-too successful" to do anything like this. Yeah, right. It's called massive ego.

But a lot ofrepparttar 145364 million dollar earners that we chatted with were great with their time and answers, and most truly wanted to be a part of this survey.

Their were some interesting findings, and some were shockers, butrepparttar 145365 education was staggering we got from it. And it really opened my eyes to a lot of talent out inrepparttar 145366 industry. We will start with what we callrepparttar 145367 "5 C's" of a great Network marketing Recruiter.

All Million Dollar earners hadrepparttar 145368 5 C's and also thought that it was impossible to succeed in MLM without them.

What are they?

The 5 C's of MLM Recruiting.


Every MLM Millionaire I chatted with had an incredible Conviction for their Product, Program, and Path they were taking. They were flat maniacs about what they were doing.(CLUE!!!!!)

They knew that they knew that they knew they hadrepparttar 145369 best company and product out inrepparttar 145370 field. And it was felt in their recruiting.

They had such a strong Conviction that negative Responses were a sign of stupidity. And one top earner said,"I don't have patience to work with stupid people. I'm glad they told me NO."

Now THAT"S a Paradigm shift! Andrepparttar 145371 Conviction also was about other things in their life, what they went after. They blazedrepparttar 145372 trail and set it OnFire!

At PassionFire, we call it OnFire Passion! The Passion to make something happen no matter what, no matter what is said, done, or not done. A Passion that is so Hot that it is consuming.(CLUE!!!!)

How is your Conviction and Passion for what you are doing when you recruit.? As One top earner said, "If you cannot get passionate about what you are doing in MLM, then you must be passionate about mediocrity."

Well said....

2) "Communication".

The Millionaires I interviewed all had one thing in common: They were ALL Master Communicators! They had an uncanny ability to get their message across and also to be FELT! They had a Power in their Communication and a Power in their Words.

Their Focus was alwaysrepparttar 145373 OTHER PERSON. And they keptrepparttar 145374 conversation flowing in that direction, always focused onrepparttar 145375 other person and what they wanted. Yes, there were some exceptions, whose ego demanded center stage, but again, they wererepparttar 145376 exceptions.

They also Communicated more FREQUENTLY thenrepparttar 145377 most, as they talked to a whole lot more people. And they were very friendly in their Communication, and personable, and well liked. As one top earner said,"We get paid to talk to people. If you mess that up, your check is Toast!"

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