MLM Leads- The 5 Traits of a Great MLM Lead

Written by Doug Firebaugh

There are certain traits that you look for in a good MLM lead. After working a TON of leads, and blessed to having built an organization worldwide, I have found that all good MLM Lead have 5 traits in common, with no exception. These traits you look for, and if you find that a lead has at least 3 of them you have a great possibility for your business. And MLM Leads can also end up being one ofrepparttar best revenue sources for you, but first, find these traits. If you do, you will strike GOLD. These traits are common sense in many respects, but many times are rare to find.

1)A GREAT Personality.

One ofrepparttar 144583 KEY traits that we have found is an infectious personality. A personality that truly shines and glows. You can feel their warmth overrepparttar 144584 telephone, and sincerity. They haverepparttar 144585 type of personality that you simply want to be around, and talk to.

You knowrepparttar 144586 type. For whatever reason, you ENJOYrepparttar 144587 conversation with them, and they are always positive, and optimistic. They have a tendency to make you glad that you talked to them, and you are drawn towards them.

This type of MLM Lead can be a gold mine, as they usually hang out with people ofrepparttar 144588 same personality, and same outlook on life. They rarely are down, and when you call them they always seem glad you called.

2)High Energy.

Another KEY trait to look for is High Energy. But let me be clear: High Energy is NOT hype. There are many folks out there that you will call that will try to HYPE you into believing you have foundrepparttar 144589 GOLD MINE you have been looking for, and will tell you all about how great they are.

High Energy people don’t really talk that much about themselves, but what they are doing. They focus onrepparttar 144590 engagement of actions and results, and you can FEEL their energy radiate formrepparttar 144591 phone and any communication they do. They can GET THINGS DONE, and refuse to quit during adversity. Plus, they have a great approach to Success in Life and Network Marketing- they have a philosophy of WHAT ARE WE WAITING ON?

3)Great People Skills.

This trait is HUGE. They MUST feel comfortable with people. Especially people they do not know. In MLM, you will communicate and work with a lot of folks that you do not know. And if you find that your MLM Lead has great people skills, you will have found a great potential for Success in network marketing.

People skills include friendliness, good listener, sincere, great communicator, and loves people. If a person truly loves people, they will go a LONG WAY to being a Success as an MLM lead.

MLM Success Network Marketing Secrets- The Power of Patience in MLM

Written by Doug Firebaugh

“MLM Success Network Marketing Secrets- Persistence is needed, but Patience is a MUST.”

Doug Firebaugh

There are many MLM Secrets out inrepparttar indiustry that can make or break your Network Marketing Success. You know that, and I know that. we strive daily yo makerepparttar 144520 right moves, and to dorepparttar 144521 right things that will create Success andrepparttar 144522 start of momentum.

Many times, we get intorepparttar 144523 actions of MLM, and things start slowing down, or even getting stopped up. The FLOW of Success seems so distant and unreal.

"Will this EVER happen," you think?

"Am I wasting my time?" you ask.

"Is this REALLY going to work?" you cry!

"Who am I trying to kid? I will never be successful!"

Then, you have a chocie to make. You can neither take minimum wage advice, or Billion Dollar advice. Both have their value. One has minimum value, andrepparttar 144524 other has EXTREME Value.

We all have a tendency to listen to minum wage advice, as that is how we grew up, and embracedrepparttar 144525 function of life. Living life onrepparttar 144526 minimums and that is all.

But there are those few, who throughrepparttar 144527 Eyes of Disgust, make a DECISION to SUCCEED- no mattrer what. To become WEALTHY- no matter what.

And they do.

Wanna knowrepparttar 144528 REAL secret to becoming a Network Marketing FireStarter?

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