MLM Cyanide Pills: Top 5 Sure-fire Ways to Kill Your Network Marketing Business

Written by Gobala Krishnan

If I walk downrepparttar street today, telling people about my network marketing opportunity, and someone asks me "Isn't that a pyramid scheme?", then that guy is bound to get a hard knock onrepparttar 122506 head. Network marketing, since many years ago, have come out ofrepparttar 122507 closet and it's somewhat 'shady' and 'unorganized' practices.

Today, network marketing, or multi-level-marketing, represents a legitimate, professional and serious business opportunity worldwide.

However, it is important to realize that network marketing is still a relatively new industry, and most people still don't get it when running a MLM business. Although it is a 'business', running it like an ordinary business will often do it more harm than good. Here are 5 ways to feed your MLMrepparttar 122508 cyanide pill:

WAY 1 - 'You're invited to my MLM party"

Surely nothing is worth more to a business person than reputation, especially to a network marketer. Yet, there are some who still insist on tricking others into having a look at their opportunity.

There are many ways of doing this, withrepparttar 122509 best (and most notorious) being inviting people over for dinner or a birthday party, then all of a sudden enlightening them on how their lives suck big time, and howrepparttar 122510 only way not to die poor is by being a member of your downline.

Surely, many people who scream atrepparttar 122511 mere mention of MLM have gone through these deceptive marketing tactics before, and have convinced at least 10 others on this 'evil scheme that corruptsrepparttar 122512 minds of honest men'.

WAY 2 - "My upline leader is god"

It is true that in order to achieve success, you need to learn from a leader who is already successful. However, this does not have to be your immediate sponsor or upline, especially one that had been 'assigned' to lead you. In fact, you'll need to make a effort to make your way uprepparttar 122513 line to find someone you can relate to, who is already achievingrepparttar 122514 success you want.

As in any other business, all human beings are selfish to a certain extent. You need to associate with a leader who will help you develop long-term personal development, as well as short-term sales or recruiting results. Beware those who merely push you towards achieving sales targets.


Written by Sunnie Ford

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