MLB notebook for July 13th

Written by John Onan

Donít look now, but here comesrepparttar old reliablesí (The Yankees and The Braves). In New York, after allrepparttar 149427 talk of Torre andrepparttar 149428 coaching staff being onrepparttar 149429 hot seat, andrepparttar 149430 team needing to makes this move or that one (this is an all star lineup already, right?), it is now becoming a two team race again inrepparttar 149431 AL East. Itíll come down torepparttar 149432 Yankees andrepparttar 149433 Boston Red Sox, like it always does. In Atlanta,repparttar 149434 Braves limped intorepparttar 149435 break, losing their last two vs. Milwaukee. But, help is onrepparttar 149436 way. Look for Tim Hudson and Mike Hampton to be back inrepparttar 149437 fold byrepparttar 149438 end ofrepparttar 149439 month. Iíve gotta favorrepparttar 149440 Braves if they get into a ďheads upĒ with Washington in September.

Well, in case you guys didnít know before, David Wells is STILL a jerk. Anyone who compares a guy holding a TV camera within a ten foot vicinity of a Major League ballplayer to sexual assault of a woman is badly out of bounds. Kenny Rogers was no victim in this case, glad he decided to apologize. Hopefully, he will getrepparttar 149441 anger management help he needs.

Fantasy Sports: A Popular Hobby

Written by Jeff Oreilly

A Fantasy Sport is a game where a person builds a team comprised of individual players of a professional sport. These team "owners" compete against others based onrepparttar individual professional's real statistics. Simple versions of this convert statistics into points earned by each team, then determinerepparttar 149359 outcome. Other more complicated versions create a computer model ofrepparttar 149360 game by inputtingrepparttar 149361 statistics of each player generated by their professional sport. Examples of fantasy sports are Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Hockey, etc.

Fantasy Football is played by football fans who assemble a team of real NFL players with their real statistics. These teams join a league of from 8-12 teams, then compete throughout a regular season. Often these leagues even have playoffs atrepparttar 149362 end ofrepparttar 149363 season. A typical roster is made up of 2 quarterbacks, 3 running backs, 5 wide receivers, 2 tight ends, 2 placekickers, and 2 defenses. Points are scored similar to real football, with extra points added for running or passing for many yards at a time, and points subtracted for turnovers.

Fantasy Baseball has a very similar format to Fantasy Football, with players who manage baseball teams made up of real life baseball players. It isrepparttar 149364 earliest form of Fantasy Sports, with origins in a form called "tabletop baseball". This form of Fantasy Baseball was made up from customized baseball cards with stats from recent seasons. Players then made up fantasy teams from these cards and played imaginary baseball games against each other. Tabletop baseball evolved into a form called Rotisserie Leage Baseball, where stats were taken fromrepparttar 149365 current season and events such as injuries were counted intorepparttar 149366 game. Methods of choosing players for a team include an auction, where players pay for which professionals they want, or a round-robin draft until teams are filled.

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