MCSE 70-290 Certification Primer

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Microsoft Certifications are one ofrepparttar most widely acclaimed, pursued, and achieved technical certifications inrepparttar 109305 IT industry. The demand for Microsoft Certified Professionals inrepparttar 109306 job market is increasing every year.

Microsoft offers a number of certification levels depending on specific areas of proficiency and nature of job. Some ofrepparttar 109307 certifications pertaining to networking are 1.Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) 2.Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) 3.Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

Each certification level has certain exams associated with it. You can deciderepparttar 109308 appropriate certification exam based on your experience, skills, and interests.

Benefits of Microsoft Certifications

1.Microsoft Certifications provide a standard method for testing employee skills. The certifications provide employers a valid benchmark for evaluatingrepparttar 109309 employee's abilities. This will provide yourepparttar 109310 recognition and reward as per your expertise. 2.Microsoft Certifications offer prospective employers a baseline to judge your knowledge, skill, and expertise inrepparttar 109311 field. Certifications can provide added advantage if you are atrepparttar 109312 same level of experience as another person without certifications. 3.Certifications are a valuable tool if you have no or very little experience. The certifications that you hold can prove and reassure your employers and consultants about your knowledge inrepparttar 109313 field. This will help you secure good job as well as negotiate a good salary.

Pre-Requisite Experience (Recommended) for Microsoft Certifications

To pursue this certification you should have at least 1 year of experience in:

1.Implementing and administering a network operating system in environments with 50 to 26,000 supported users, in approximately 3 to 150 physical locations. 2.Implementing network services and applications such as file and print services, database services, messaging services, proxy server or firewall services, dial-in server services, and Web hosting. 3.Implementing and administering a desktop operating system. 4.Designing a network infrastructure with 3 or more domain controllers.

Significance of Microsoft Certifications for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Microsoft has developed independent certification requirements for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. An aspirant can certify directly for MCSE/MCSA in Windows 2003 if they are new to certification process. Ifrepparttar 109314 aspirant is already a certified MCSE /MCSA in Windows 2000, then they can followrepparttar 109315 upgrade path for MCSEs in Windows 2000 to secure Windows 2003 Certifications. Ifrepparttar 109316 aspirant certifies in MCSE for Windows NT4.0, they can earn MCSE in Windows 2003 by followingrepparttar 109317 upgrade path for MCSEs in Windows NT4.0.

The exams are slightly more challenging than their Windows 2000 counterparts, but they will actually test your hands-on knowledge since that isrepparttar 109318 most important part of ensuring that a certification is credible.

Exam 70-290: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment Exam 70-290 isrepparttar 109319 first inrepparttar 109320 series ofrepparttar 109321 core exams for MCSE certifications.

When you passrepparttar 109322 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment (MCSE 70-290) exam, you achieve Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status. You also earn credit towardrepparttar 109323 following certifications:

§Core credit towards Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 certification §Core credit towards Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 certification

MCSE 70-290 exam objectives are

Objective 1: Managing and Maintaining Physical and Logical Devices

In this objective you will need to demonstrate expertise in managing and maintaining physical and logical devices. As an administrator, you should understand Basic and Dynamic disks, RAID configuration and troubleshooting, driver signing, andrepparttar 109324 use of tools, such as Device Manager and Hardware Troubleshooting Wizard. Familiarize yourself with Device Manager andrepparttar 109325 warning and disabled icons found when problems are present on installed devices.

Objective 2: Managing Users, Computers, and Groups

This objective includes many topics, so you should be prepared to face many questions that fall into this category. Have a healthy introduction to profile management, user and group accounts, permissions, and troubleshooting. Practice a lot on GPOs and perform a variety of administrative tasks, including configuration of desktop settings, control of security settings, assignment of scripts, redirection of folders, and software distribution. Also, get a clear understanding on inheritance and filtering.

Objective 3: Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources

Knowing how to configure, monitor, audit and troubleshoot NTFS permissions based issues are one of those most important areas that you need to know this concept thoroughly and also be sure to brush up on your share permissions and share/NTFS permissions interaction. Do not forget to brush up on how folder and file permissions can change or stayrepparttar 109326 same when copying or moving within a drive or between drives.

Objective 4: Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment

In this objective you'll find questions from topics, such as Event Viewer, System Monitor, software updates (includingrepparttar 109327 functionality of Microsoft's Software Update Service or SUS), Remote Assistance, disk quotas, print queues, performance objects and IIS 6.0. Spend time understanding IIS topics around Web sites, Virtual and physical directories, files and host and cname records in DNS. New to Windows Server 2003 is SUS. Understand clearly how SUS is used for deploying and managing client and server critical updates.

Objective 5: Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery

In this objective you'll find questions on ASR, VSS, backing up files and system state data, configuring security for backup operators, verifying backup jobs, managing media, restoring and scheduling backups and recovering from server hardware failures. You should take some extra time to get familiar withrepparttar 109328 various types of backups that Windows Server 2003 supports, as well asrepparttar 109329 various configuration options that are available to you. Practice making backups of different types and then practice restoring them.

What You Need to Know about Career Training

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

You’ve thought a lot aboutrepparttar kind of work you want to do. The duties,repparttar 109304 pay,repparttar 109305 hours,repparttar 109306 environment – everything sounds right. According torepparttar 109307 newspaper ads, there is a big demand out there. You find a program that sounds really good. You are all ready to sign onrepparttar 109308 dotted line.

Stop! Before you invest your time, your energy, and a good chunk of your money in this direction, ask some tough questions.

1. Request thatrepparttar 109309 school provide you with placement statistics – these are required byrepparttar 109310 state for all approved vocational courses. Statistics can be misleading so ask for details – what kind of job didrepparttar 109311 graduates find, how much did it pay, how long did it take them to find it?

2. Ask forrepparttar 109312 names and telephone numbers of 6 recent graduates you can contact for feedback. Good schools often have recent graduates visiting on site to share their experiences with current students. Ifrepparttar 109313 school refuses to provide such a list, or cannot provide it for whatever reason they give you, red flags should be immediately raised.

3. Is State Licensure or Certification required for this field? If so, what isrepparttar 109314 school’s passing rate? What isrepparttar 109315 examination’s pass rate overall? How do they compare?

4. Arrange to audit one or two classes. Evaluaterepparttar 109316 instructor andrepparttar 109317 program organization. Talk torepparttar 109318 other students about their experience.

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