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If you have been doing business online for any amount of time, you have likely discoveredrepparttar usefulness of using several email accounts atrepparttar 109708 same time.

Take for example those of us who use email on our jobs. We often have an email address for work and one for personal stuff. There are times when we are at home and need to check our email from work and vice versa.

Online marketers are a special breed of Internet users. People who have been doing online marketing for any length of time often have several email accounts. They have a couple of POP email accounts, and often have several web-based email accounts.

Now, if you are sitting at your computer reading this now and wondering whatrepparttar 109709 point of having multiple email addresses is, then I will answer that for you now.

As a marketer with a website, you will want to submit your site to search engines. Unfortunately for us, each time we submit something torepparttar 109710 search engines, search engine companies want to send us first a thank you message and then they want to follow that up with more email that advertises something for one of their clients. After all, search engines are supported these days primarily by advertising dollars.

Most new marketers onrepparttar 109711 web have an additional inflow of email to contend with. Not understanding that FFA sites will not help their businesses, they post endlessly to these sites to try to getrepparttar 109712 word out. A single submission run torepparttar 109713 FFA sites could avalanche your email account. Generally, FFA site owners have an autoresponder attached to their FFA site. When you make a submission to their site, they in turn send you an email hawking their wares. Sometimes, they will send you several follow-up emails for your one submission.

Forrepparttar 109714 FFA site owner, it is not really spam because they told you at their FFA site you would be added to their mailing list when you submitted. Since you likely used software to make repparttar 109715 submission, you did not know that.

Thoughrepparttar 109716 possibility exists that you can get one email for every FFA site submitted to,repparttar 109717 reality is that you will get one email for every six sites submitted to.

Now here is a trap that even experienced marketers fall into. Some software packages and websites advertise they will submit your URL to hundreds of thousands of "Search Engines." The URL submission industry is notorious for making this one misrepresentation. The truth is that there are not hundreds of thousands of search engines!

According to, there are 3,681 engines in their directory. Granted, they may not have every search engine onrepparttar 109718 planet listed, but I am willing to bet that they are close. Further,repparttar 109719 majority of search engines you will find listed at are specialized search engines that will not list every kind of site onrepparttar 109720 web. That means that ofrepparttar 109721 3,681 search engines available to be listed in, only a portion of those are available for your own use.

So, you must remember that when you hear a website or a software company suggesting "that they will submit your URL to hundreds of thousands of Search Engines," they are misrepresenting their product. When you note someone making this sort of claim, you can bet they are submitting your URL to primarily FFA sites, if not only FFA sites.

FFA sites are not search engines. They are merely a list of links on a single page. Each list of links only has enough room on it for so many links, usually 1,000 links. When a new one is added torepparttar 109722 top ofrepparttar 109723 list,repparttar 109724 link onrepparttar 109725 bottom ofrepparttar 109726 list is dropped.

Taming the MailBox Monster

Written by Gail Hornback

If you use Outlook Express to manage all of your email accounts, be sure that you are taking advantage of using its ability to sort your mail for you!

Usingrepparttar Folders and Message Rule options can be a great way to save you time and confusion when going through your mountains of Email.

First of all, deciderepparttar 109707 categories you need for your Folders. Of course, if you receive emails from various domains and locations, this would be an obvious choice for some of your categories. You'rerepparttar 109708 boss! There are all kinds of ways to sort!

To set up folders:

1.Click File/Folder/New

(You should seerepparttar 109709 outline of existing folders in front of you.)

2. Highlightrepparttar 109710 folder under which you would like your new category. You will probably want to start out placing new ones under "Local Folders". This way you will see them when you are working in OE.

3. Type in your chosen Folder Name, and click OK.

After you have created all of your folders, you are now ready to assign message rules to your incoming mail.

The easiest way to create them is by using existing mail to createrepparttar 109711 rules from. For example, I participate in a number of Get Paid to REad Email programs. I set up a folder which I call GPTREM. It is easiest to click through them if they are all in one folder, and I do it one day a week. But it is tedious to look through daily mail, and move them to that folder as they come in one at a time. Go throughrepparttar 109712 process below one time, and they will go there automatically from then on.

If you have numerous emails that come fromrepparttar 109713 same place, and would like them automatically collected into a folder to be read at a later date, this is a great time saver.

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