MAKING the Time to Do Your Deal

Written by Andre Best

If there's one thing that's become crystal-clear to me recently duringrepparttar past several months - it'srepparttar 122499 dilemma of findingrepparttar 122500 time to do my MLM business.

Withrepparttar 122501 advent of coordinatingrepparttar 122502 construction of a room-addition on our house, having my wife spend five weeks inrepparttar 122503 hospital to delayrepparttar 122504 birth of our twin boys, and then have our boys spend two months inrepparttar 122505 hospital intensive care nursery, AND constructing a website for my wife's home- based has been - to put it lightly...busy.

But you know what?

We're all 'busy'.

And to you, as a beginning networker working that list of MLM leads you just bought, those are all just excuses.

Especially if you'rerepparttar 122506 person onrepparttar 122507 other end of my phone and were wanting me to join you in your fledgling MLM home- based biz-op.

I'll explain...

If you asked me to join you on your path to success with your main company and I came up with all that stuff in order so that I could give yourepparttar 122508 impression that I was 'just too busy'...well, it would just be MLM human nature for you to view all that as another excuse from a prospect.

MLM human nature that would cause you to say "NEXT!" and then move on to your next cold-call prospect.

But what if I said to you something torepparttar 122509 effect of...

"I can't do that MLM stuff right now,repparttar 122510 basketball finals are just starting on four satellite channels."


"I'm inrepparttar 122511 middle of reading this really cool book, call me later."


"I can't do that prospecting stuff inrepparttar 122512 evening, I have to go to bed early so I can get a good night's sleep and be rested for work tomorrow."


"I can't make those calls to those fresh MLM leads onrepparttar 122513 east coast first thing tomorrow morning. I have to have breakfast and read my daily morning newspaper."

Pretty lame excuses, eh? I wouldn't blame you if you wrote off anyone saying that kind of stuff.

But you know what?

How many of you 'busy' yourself up with that kind of stuff on a daily basis?

How many hours a week do YOU spend watchingrepparttar 122514 television, or readingrepparttar 122515 newspaper or that favorite novella every day or still thinking you need eight to nine hours of sleep EVERY night?

I'll hazard a guess that most of you do. Heaven knows, I did at one time.

There was a time before I got serious about networking and working my MLM business that I too thought that I 'had' to watch 2-3 hours of television every day. And sleep a good eight hours in order to feel rested and last throughrepparttar 122516 next day. And to get up and start my day by readingrepparttar 122517 depressing news inrepparttar 122518 newspaper for about a half hour to an hour.

I did this EVERY day.

And then I'd complain that I didn't have enough time to 'do things'...

...Like work my new MLM business.

...Like prospect for prospects.

...Like contactrepparttar 122519 ones that wanted me to contact them.

...Like readrepparttar 122520 stuff to help me be strong in my business dealings.

...Like workrepparttar 122521 phone and call back people who had left messages for me to call THEM.

When I realized that there was only going to be one way that I would 'find' more time in my days...things changed.

My MLM business changed.

How I spent my days changed.

The results I had in life changed.

Instead of sleeping 8 to 9 hours every day...I decided that I only needed 6 hours of sleep to get through each day.

M.L.M. Means...

Written by Andre Best

M.L.M. Means... Many Lives Mourned

I'm a Canadian living inrepparttar United States forrepparttar 122498 last nine years. This is where I've called home for my family and where my three sons were born. And although I am not a homegrown American I was deeply affected byrepparttar 122499 terrorist events that transpired inrepparttar 122500 World Trade Center/Pentagon/ Pennysylvania area.

What struck me most about these events wasrepparttar 122501 utter senselessness of it all. To me, any loss of lives in an incident like that is absolutely senseless. I don't care what someone's 'reason' for doing something is.

That doesn't give them permission.

I believerepparttar 122502 incidents occurring atrepparttar 122503 World Trade Center andrepparttar 122504 Pentagon will be recorded inrepparttar 122505 history books as one of America's pivotal watershed moments.

Think about it.

Multiple thousands of innocent lives ended during a one-hour period of time. A loss of this magnitude has not occurred for a long, long time on American soil.

Essentiallyrepparttar 122506 entire world, at leastrepparttar 122507 global traveling population forrepparttar 122508 time-being, has been impacted by this event. What country inrepparttar 122509 world that uses air transportation will ever be able to again see their flying iron behemoths as just another alternative method of quickly getting from point A to point B? I doubt that world air travel on a global scale will ever berepparttar 122510 same again.

Now is a loss of this magnitude unprecedented? Of course not.

Almost 500,000 Americans die from smoking related illness every year. About 60,000 of those who die are not even smokers, they die from second-hand smoke. Tens of thousands more are murdered from acts of violence and from accidents involving moving vehicles and accidents inrepparttar 122511 home. Every year.

Year after year.

I saw an investigative report on television recently that revealed that a country inrepparttar 122512 Southern Hemisphere (the name ofrepparttar 122513 country escapes me) is having a civil war that has caused an estimated loss of lives inrepparttar 122514 millions duringrepparttar 122515 past several years.

Millions of lives.

And is this front-page news in America? No.

And why not? Because it's happening somewhere else. It's not 'home territory' to Americans. But this is not an 'American mind-set thing' mind you. So don't think that only Americans are a bunch of myopic (short-sighted) folks.

HUMANS are a bunch of myopic folks.

We're only thinking of our own and ourselves so generally what goes on inrepparttar 122516 rest ofrepparttar 122517 world goes on, forrepparttar 122518 most part, unnoticed.

Now I'll step off my soapbox and get intorepparttar 122519 depth of this insight and how it relates to you and your MLM business.


M.L.M. Means... Mighty Lesson Made

I still haverepparttar 122520 need to go to a J.O.B. to earn a living. I'm not where most of us want to be and why we start this whole deal in craziness with our main program. At least not yet.

My work happens to cause me to be working forrepparttar 122521 local municipal government in a high-rise downtown. I'm onrepparttar 122522 street side ofrepparttar 122523 building, onrepparttar 122524 fourth floor.

Duringrepparttar 122525 last two weeks I found that I leftrepparttar 122526 building atrepparttar 122527 end ofrepparttar 122528 day very disturbed internally. This occurred each week torepparttar 122529 point where I found myself getting very emotional and just having to release feelings in order to function properly. These days that didn't seem likerepparttar 122530 'me' that I am.

I realized that we had a bomb scare about one block away from my office several days afterrepparttar 122531 World Trade Center/Pentagon incident, but that wasn't what seemed to be continually eating away at me.

It took me over a week to figure it out but I finally did.

Of course it had to relate torepparttar 122532 incident atrepparttar 122533 World Trade Center andrepparttar 122534 Pentagon, but it seemed that this was impacting me on a somewhat individually personal basis.

You see,repparttar 122535 part of all of this that really affected me was that all of those people, those innocent people, were just minding their own business. They were doing what most of us do. They were working for a living. They were earning a living. They were supporting themselves and their families and loved ones. They were contributing torepparttar 122536 American economy and paying taxes like everyone does.

They went to work that day just like any other day. Another day atrepparttar 122537 J.O.B.

I know there were visitors inrepparttar 122538 building, but they too were probably mostly inrepparttar 122539 building conducting business for an offsite business they worked for. I'm assuming most of this, but I hope you getrepparttar 122540 gist of what I'm saying.

Regardless. These folks were just sitting there and working. I realized that that too was what I was doing every day in my office cubicle up there onrepparttar 122541 fourth floor of that municipal office building.

I was doing what I've been doing most of my adult life so far, working for someone else and going torepparttar 122542 daily drudgery of my office work and eking out a living to support my family and my other commitments. I too was going to work and minding my own business.

Each day I found myself going to work I found myself thinking "what would happen if this were MY last day on this planet. What would I have for MY family?"

I found myself thinking, "sure I'm working on my biz, and sure I'm working on my prospecting but what am I really doing to make it all come together. Am I doing all that I really can do inrepparttar 122543 time allotted to make it all work for me? Am I getting closer to seeing what it is I started all this stuff for?"

I continued to think like that and I kept thinking of all those unfortunate folks who didn't have say in what was going to happen to them. The decision that ended their lives so abruptly was not theirs to make.

What I'm getting at here is for you to begin to ask yourself exactly what it is that you are hoping to get out of your MLM biz. What is it that caused you to pick up your torch and joinrepparttar 122544 Freedom call to self-employment in your home based biz? What was it that made you say, "I'm doing this. This is going to work for me because I'm going to work it"?

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