Written by Lisa Lake

In my experience, I've found that advertising in ezines is a great way to get response. The problem is, there are a lot of people out there who have realizedrepparttar same thing.

It used to be that your classified ad was only competing with one or two other ads per issue. Now that everyone has discovered this advertising technique, your ad may be competing with eight, nine, or even ten other ads. What a conundrum!

Now, this increased competition COULD be a problem forrepparttar 101143 effectiveness of your ad, but if you just take a little time with your copywriting, you'll soon realize that its easy to make your classified ad stand out fromrepparttar 101144 rest. Here are some pointers:

1) Don't do what everyone else is doing. Take a look atrepparttar 101145 ads that appear inrepparttar 101146 ezine and get a feel for whatrepparttar 101147 other ads are doing. Then, think of a way to be effective without doingrepparttar 101148 exact same thing. For instance, if you notice that every ad is in all caps and phrased like a question, then make YOUR headline a strong statement that only uses capitalization forrepparttar 101149 key terms. The variation in style will make your ad appear different fromrepparttar 101150 rest!

2) Use resources that other ads don't. Take a good look atrepparttar 101151 restrictions and requirements thatrepparttar 101152 ezine has for its ads. This will give a good idea of what is possible -- then USE those possibilities. If you notice thatrepparttar 101153 ezine has HTML capabilities, don't be afraid to use color or formatting -- just don't go overboard! Also, use styles that other ad writes don't think about. Bullet points and small numbered lists can work well in some ads, but most copywriters don't even think to use them.

Little Known Secrets To Increase Ezine Ad Response Ten Fold Automatically!

Written by Nathan Lynch

There are 1000's of ezines out there. So You ask...

"which ones do I advertise in?"

You must find ezines with what I call "active readership". Active readership will lead to a higher response rate for your ezine advertising. Everybody wants and needs this for their online business to be a success.

Userepparttar following secrets to explode your response rate and you will be able to negotiate for lower ad rates atrepparttar 101142 same time.

Little Known Secret #1: Find a list that you would like to advertise in, go to that site and look at howrepparttar 101143 e-mail addresses are collected.

Your prospects are intelligent people! Something that we know aboutrepparttar 101144 behavior of surfers, they are hesitant to make a decision. Fearing spam they hesitate to fill out forms with their paid for e-mail addresses. They will find out anyway to subvertrepparttar 101145 system and still get their freebies.

Anywhere from 75%-90% of ezine subscribers will type their free e-mail addresses on these forms. Many times these are throw away addresses, which may never be checked again. Your ad may never be seen! Okay, so what are effective ways to get high quality prospects that are active onrepparttar 101146 net. More importantly "prospects that will see your ad"

Go here... and examine how taking away a subscriber form and placing just a button adds more "active readers to a newsletter". Once prospects click onrepparttar 101147 buttonrepparttar 101148 publisher gets subscribers dial-up account address. Everybody checks their paid for accounts at least once daily maybe even more. More importantly, these newsletters are read and thusly your ad will be ultimately seen!

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