Written by Doug Krieger

~ Profiteering by Catholics and Evangelicals has reached unbelievable depths...Jesus, once again, must throwrepparttar modern-day money changers fromrepparttar 143140 Temple!


(John 2:16b)

By Doug Krieger


Just when you thought thatrepparttar 143141 depths of “evangelical ministries and churches” seeking after filthy lucre andrepparttar 143142 “mammon of unrighteousness” could not get any more ostentatious—we’re hit withrepparttar 143143 recent LA Times articles onrepparttar 143144 financial excesses ofrepparttar 143145 Trinity Broadcasting Network—the world’s largest evangelical programming network!

Nothing like havingrepparttar 143146 “world” hang out your dirty underwear for all to see and scorn. WHY IS IT THAT THE WORLD MUST SIT AS JUDGE AND JURY TO PRONOUNCE OUR INTENTIONS ARE WRETCHEDLY DEFILED BY THE GOD OF MAMMON? The Bible declares: “Forrepparttar 143147 time has come for judgment to begin atrepparttar 143148 house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will berepparttar 143149 end of those who do not obeyrepparttar 143150 gospel of God?” (I Peter 4:17)


Now, you thought that Jesus tossed outrepparttar 143151 “money changers” fromrepparttar 143152 Temple in Jerusalem just prior to His crucifixion—and, actually, you’re right. Shortly after His “Triumphal Entry” into Jerusalem (Matthew 21), He enteredrepparttar 143153 Temple (Matthew 21:12-13) and declared while overturningrepparttar 143154 tables ofrepparttar 143155 money changers, that they had made it a “den of thieves.” Then, he visited Bethany (Matthew 21:17); gave parables andrepparttar 143156 “Olivet Discourse” (Matthew 21:28-25:46); and thenrepparttar 143157 Passover andrepparttar 143158 ultimate crucifixion—all within a matter of days (Matthew 26:1-27:56)!

So, how is it that in John’s Gospel (atrepparttar 143159 very beginning of His three-plus-years’ ministry), immediately followingrepparttar 143160 account of His first miracle atrepparttar 143161 “Wedding of Cana of Galilee,” John records: “He had made a whip of cords, He drove them all out ofrepparttar 143162 temple . . . poured outrepparttar 143163 changers’ money and overturnedrepparttar 143164 tables . . . and He said to those who sold doves, ‘Take these things away! Do not make My Father’s house a house of merchandise!” (John 2:15-16)? Note: This “appears” out of chronological order by some three years! But some commentators allege that Jesus literally accomplished this fete TWICE—atrepparttar 143165 beginning and atrepparttar 143166 end of His ministry—makingrepparttar 143167 issue allrepparttar 143168 more significant!

John’s “accounting” is, however, “spiritually-designed” to convey to us Christ as our Life:

“And truly Jesus did many other signs (i.e., “miracles”) inrepparttar 143169 presence of His disciples which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus isrepparttar 143170 Christ,repparttar 143171 Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.”

John presents Christ asrepparttar 143172 Son of God—OUR LIFE! As our Life, He pours Himself asrepparttar 143173 NEW WINE into empty human vessels. He is our true enjoyment—the One Who fills us; Who changesrepparttar 143174 “water into wine” (the transforming power of His Life) to create, through His Divine Life, His “Ultimate Intention” – THE BRIDE OF CHRIST! In John’s first miraculous accounting, performed byrepparttar 143175 Son of God, He immediately sets forth why He has come torepparttar 143176 earth as our Life—the setting is altogether too clear: His Life will “bring forth”repparttar 143177 Bride of Christ—He is our Bridegroom—He is looking for a Bride—we are that Bride!

BUT—John immediately brings us torepparttar 143178 Temple andrepparttar 143179 money changers? Why? Because, although He is desirous for a Bride, there is a huge problem—the Temple of God (which, again, is a type of God’s “Ultimate Intention” and/or a picture of His Habitation (II Corinthians 6:16)) is abused and has become a “den of thieves” – IT MUST BE PURGED! Forrepparttar 143180 Son of God, Who has revealed in John’s Gospel His desire for a Bride—must “cleanse” His Temple and make it a “house of prayer for all peoples.”


The unsuspecting members ofrepparttar 143181 Jewish Diaspora scattered throughoutrepparttar 143182 Roman World came to Jerusalem to offer their sacrifice. They enteredrepparttar 143183 Temple of Jesus’ time and were provided a “much-needed” service inrepparttar 143184 conversion of their foreign currency into shekels, in order to purchase their particular sacrifice (be it a dove, etc.).

Eventually, however, these “services” evolved into nothing more than ripping offrepparttar 143185 people of God—“a den of thieves.” The Apostle Peter speaks of these very same thieves inrepparttar 143186 Church who afflictedrepparttar 143187 Church; to wit:

“But there were false prophets also amongrepparttar 143188 people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily (“privately” or “secretly”) shall bring in damnable heresies, even denyingrepparttar 143189 Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whomrepparttar 143190 way of truth shall be evil spoken. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words (Lit., “well-turned words” – i.e., “spin”) MAKE MERCHANDISE OF YOU; whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not” (II Peter 2:1-3) (Emphasis, DWK).

Indeed, how clever are these modern-day Church thieves? In essence these “evangelical money changers,” with their “pernicious ways” and their modern-day “spin” of seductive, well-turned words—prey as much upon those who have come to offer their sacrifices withinrepparttar 143191 Temple of God asrepparttar 143192 thieves of yesteryear who were driven out ofrepparttar 143193 Temple, had their tables upturned, and their money bags EMPTIED byrepparttar 143194 Son of God! MAKE NOT MY FATHER’S HOUSE A HOUSE OF MERCHANDISE!


Written by Doug Krieger

Johann Tetzel “Scaring The Hell” Out Of Christians”


“It happened in 1517 that a Dominican monk named Johann Tetzel, a braggart, caused a great stir. Maximilian once sentenced him to drowning inrepparttar River Inn - presumably because of his great virtue - but Duke Frederick rescued him in Innsbruck fromrepparttar 143139 punishment of being drowned. Duke Frederick reminded him of this incident when he began to denounce us Wittenbergers. Actually, he admitted it quite openly. This same Tetzel now began to peddle indulgences. With might and main he sold grace for money as dearly or a cheaply as he could. Atrepparttar 143140 time I was preacher here inrepparttar 143141 cloister and was filled as a new doctor with an ardent love forrepparttar 143142 scriptures.

“He had grace and power fromrepparttar 143143 Pope to offer forgiveness even if someone had slept withrepparttar 143144 Holy Virgin Mother of God, as long as a contribution would be put intorepparttar 143145 coffer. “Furthermore,repparttar 143146 red Cross of indulgences andrepparttar 143147 papal coat of arms onrepparttar 143148 flag ofrepparttar 143149 churches was as powerful asrepparttar 143150 Cross of Christ. “Moreover, even if St. Peter were here now he would have no greater grace or power than he had.

“Furthermore, he would not want to trade places in heaven with St. Peter, for he had redeemed more souls with his indulgences than Peter with his sermons.

“Furthermore, if anyone put money intorepparttar 143151 coffer for a soul in purgatory,repparttar 143152 soul would leave purgatory for heaven inrepparttar 143153 moment one could hearrepparttar 143154 penny hitrepparttar 143155 bottom.

“Alsorepparttar 143156 grace of indulgences isrepparttar 143157 grace by which man is reconciled with God.

“Furthermore, it is not necessary to show remorse or sorrow or do penance for sins when purchasing indulgences or a letter of indulgence. He even sold indulgences for future sins. Such abominable things he did abundantly. He was merely interested in money. Atrepparttar 143158 time I did not yet know who was to getrepparttar 143159 money. Then there appeared a booklet withrepparttar 143160 illustrious coat of arms ofrepparttar 143161 Bishop of Magdeburg. In itrepparttar 143162 commissioners of indulgences were ordered to preach some ofrepparttar 143163 propositions. Thus it came to light that Bishop Albert had employed Tetzel, because he was such a braggart.” Source: Martin Luther, Wider Hans Worst, 1541. (WA 51, 538.)

“Atrepparttar 143164 time a Dominican monk named Johann Tetzel wasrepparttar 143165 great mouthpiece, commissioner, and preacher of indulgences in Germany. His preaching raised enormous amounts of money which were sent to Rome. This was particularlyrepparttar 143166 case inrepparttar 143167 new mining town St. Annaberg, where I, Friedrich Myconius, listened to him for over two years. The claims of this uneducated and shameful monk were unbelievable. Thus he said that even if someone had slept with Christ's dear Mother,repparttar 143168 Pope had power in heaven and on earth to forgive as long asrepparttar 143169 money was put intorepparttar 143170 indulgences coffer. And ifrepparttar 143171 Pope would forgive, God also had to forgive. He furthermore said if they would put money quickly intorepparttar 143172 coffer to obtain grace and indulgence, allrepparttar 143173 mountains near St. Annaberg would turn into pure silver. He claimed that inrepparttar 143174 very momentrepparttar 143175 coin rang inrepparttar 143176 coffer,repparttar 143177 soul rose up to heaven. Such a marvelous thing was his indulgence. In sum and substance: God was no longer God, as he had bestowed all divine power torepparttar 143178 Pope: 'Tu es Petrus, tibi dabo claves, quodcunque.' And then there wererepparttar 143179 masters ofrepparttar 143180 Inquisition, who banished and burned those saying conflicting words.” Source: Friedrich Myconius, Historia reformationis, p. 14.


I suppose thatrepparttar 143181 Reformation had as much to do aboutrepparttar 143182 excesses of religious money grubbing asrepparttar 143183 major doctrines ofrepparttar 143184 faith, viz., grace, Scripture (I mean, building St. Peter’s Basilica—a monument torepparttar 143185 Majesty ofrepparttar 143186 Almighty—surely, any price was worth it!) Fear mongering is NOT a new twist in religious fund raising—sorry to say. Reading Michael Clark and George Davis’ article on “And They Will Make Merchandise of You,” though shocking, scarcely (sad to say), scratchesrepparttar 143187 surface ofrepparttar 143188 Way of Cain or “Balaamrepparttar 143189 Braggart.” How is it thatrepparttar 143190 insidious nature ofrepparttar 143191 Prosperity Gospel has infected evenrepparttar 143192 “pure of heart?” Consider: Don’t give away your music CDs—otherwise, people will despise them and won’t value your work—same with all your “Christian literature” – ad nausea, ad infinitum! After all, “freely have you received, freely give”—isn’t that what Jesus said somewhere (try Matthew 10:8). And, consider this little ditty: Jan and Paul Crouch and their telethon reruns—allrepparttar 143193 while they hold nearly $238 Million in US Treasury Bonds! Ah, “What price prosperity!”

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