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1. people want to make money.start their own business ,get a higher paying job,this will make them feel successful. 2. people want to save time.theywant to work less and

The Two Main Factors For Success In A Network Marketing Home Based Business.

Written by Nick A. James

People are a strange lot. People that are successful are oftenrepparttar biggest encouragers of others to help them also be successful. While unsuccessful or mediocre people usually discourage others from being successful. Mediocre people will say things like donít waste your time, or those things donít work. A large part of this negative attitude is because very few people want to see someone do better than themselves. Itís like if they canít be successful they donít want their friends being successful.

That is not what people need in a world of underachievers. In realityrepparttar 139350 Bill Gates' ofrepparttar 139351 world should not be considered as super achievers, but as people simply reaching their potential in life.

Most everybody in life hasrepparttar 139352 ability to really excel in one or more areas, butrepparttar 139353 overwhelming majority are born, and then die having never come close to achieving what they hadrepparttar 139354 potential to accomplish.

Food for Thought: Why is it thatrepparttar 139355 more someone achieves after they reach a certain pointrepparttar 139356 more people will jump on their bandwagon to cheer them on to greater heights? No where is this more evident thanrepparttar 139357 professional athlete, who can be argued has reached one ofrepparttar 139358 top spots in his/her field. A rare breed indeed that fans will cheer for, in effect encouraging them to do even more. At least untilrepparttar 139359 athlete starts performing below standard at which point they are often booed. Itís a funny fickle world we live in.

So what does this often do with a home business and network marketing? A good question and quite franklyrepparttar 139360 answer is something most people miss and as a result arenít as successful as they could be.

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