Lyndon Johnson - The Day After Dallas

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ used to enjoy watching Hoover's agent filmed blackmail evidence for all Washington movers and shakers and we are now a lot more aware ofrepparttar nature ofrepparttar 149156 unelected Tyrant who rulled for five decades. But what involvement did LBJ and Prescott Bush have withrepparttar 149157 Assassination squad headed by G. H. W. Bush. Why was Nixon in a Dallas hotel that day? Was JFK going to do more than endrepparttar 149158 Cold War andrepparttar 149159 CIA? Did he intend to de-classifyrepparttar 149160 documents that are now available which causerepparttar 149161 survivors of Auschwitz to sue GHW Bush?


How couldrepparttar 149162 Kennedy's and their extended family including Sargent Shriver and McGeorge Bundy (another Merovingian family of primary importance likerepparttar 149163 Russell, Onassis, Reynolds, Li, Collins, Rothschild, Dupont, Astor, Rockefeller names.) allowrepparttar 149164 assassination of their young prodigy. Did they know his sexual and out of control drug appetites? Was their image more important or wasrepparttar 149165 idea of an end torepparttar 149166 Cold War too threatening to their present investments? The end of this entry will include as many questions as we ask and a whole bunch more if you really think about these things. Now that we knowrepparttar 149167 nature of J. Edgar Hoover and people like Clay Shaw as well asrepparttar 149168 obvious cover up of his involvement withrepparttar 149169 CIA that Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles were part of (that would have made Jim Garrison a winner in his New Orleans lawsuit) a more complete cover up and ensuing deceit than most gambits of these times, we can take a better look at Lyndon Johnson.

His campaign manager for his first congressional election confessed they stuffed ballot boxes on his death bed. He enjoyed viewingrepparttar 149170 sex tapes that J. Edgar kept overrepparttar 149171 head of all Washington politicos and lobbyists. Lyndon wasrepparttar 149172 manrepparttar 149173 Pentagon and armaments manufacturers could trust to expandrepparttar 149174 war in Vietnam. He did just THAT; despite running againstrepparttar 149175 stated purposes of Barry Goldwater to declare war and use tactical weapons rather than Agent Orange (which served a horror similar to Gulf War Syndrome, uponrepparttar 149176 American soldiers) to clearrepparttar 149177 jungles - onrepparttar 149178 road to an efficient end to a debacle.

William Manchester wrote a book shortly afterrepparttar 149179 event that does little to answer any questions raised so far - it was called The Death ofrepparttar 149180 President. A lot of people might say a great deal more than a President was lost whenrepparttar 149181 plot played out its dastardly scheme overrepparttar 149182 ensuing years. We can only hope that some dayrepparttar 149183 nave and innocent will actually demand an accounting fromrepparttar 149184 government that has brought them Watergate and lots of other less than honest events to consider since then. We can only ask you to considerrepparttar 149185 acts of other governments andrepparttar 149186 P2 or Vatican groups that are part of this whole scenario. We can't expect any such thing; but we will provide a setting and you will choose whether you really want to know what might disturb your sleep as you think of allrepparttar 149187 things your kids are being given to deal with (that we are only willing to deny, collectively as a society).

"Schlesinger was a man of generous spirit. Yet even he did not know that McGeorge Bundy,repparttar 149188 efficiency expert,repparttar 149189 human computer,repparttar 149190 robot of tempered steel--that Mac had cried inrepparttar 149191 night for John Kennedy.

{PLEASE! What trite and unproven trash, and when will any journalist mentionrepparttar 149192 word Merovingian on national TV?}

An individual's attitude towardrepparttar 149193 shift in power was, in short, almost entirely a matter of temperament. Background was entirely irrelevant. Schlesinger, Galbraith, and Bundy had all been recruited fromrepparttar 149194 Harvard faculty. Ken O'Donnell was not seen inrepparttar 149195 Vice Presidential suite all day, yet Larry O'Brien went over to discuss a Congressional maneuver which would boostrepparttar 149196 Russian wheat sale, and Sargent Shriver, President Kennedy's brother-in-law, was a realist by any standard. Anxious to see an orderly change of government, Shriver walked across West Executive and volunteered his services. When he attempted to bringrepparttar 149197 two groups together and ran into what he called a 'lot of flak', he was baffled. In retrospectrepparttar 149198 flak may seem puzzling now {Why?}. Inrepparttar 149199 context of that Saturday, however, events were very different. The loyalists, swept up inrepparttar 149200 mightiest current of emotion in their lives, were determined to show proper respect towardrepparttar 149201 murdered President. The realists played a valuable and difficult role--and history may award themrepparttar 149202 higher grade, for their service torepparttar 149203 national interest was great.

The Only Thing You Get For Free Is Hungry.

Written by John Dyer

My grandfather was a very wise man. Simple but wise. He once told me "The only thing you get in life for free is hungry." There is a lot of truth in that. I see it allrepparttar time online and offline that people are looking forrepparttar 149008 perverbial "free ride." Online it takesrepparttar 149009 form of "get rich quick schemes" and overnight success stories. Promises of quick money for doing nothing. While setting back and doing nothing and watchingrepparttar 149010 money roll in would be nice,repparttar 149011 truth is that very few if any get rich quick promises ever pan out.

The thing to look for if you are seriously wanting to start an online business is one that shoots straight fromrepparttar 149012 get go without making promises of exhorbitant amounts of money falling in your lap without you having to do anything. The greatest companies inrepparttar 149013 world took many years to build and lots of hard work. While it is true that you can start a company with little or no moneyrepparttar 149014 flip-side of that coin is you will have to put in extra time promoting and advertising it.

So one way or another you invest whether it be money or time. If you hear someone tell you something like "You don't have to do anything but cashrepparttar 149015 checks" thenrepparttar 149016 check you send them will probably berepparttar 149017 only one cashed.

There are some easy signals to spot when looking for a business to get involved in. Like red flags that should tell you whetherrepparttar 149018 business is worth checking out or not.

They want to charge you to sell their products. If their products sell so good and you will be selling them forrepparttar 149019 company then why should you payrepparttar 149020 company forrepparttar 149021 right to sell? After all you will be making profit forrepparttar 149022 company right?

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