Lyme Disease in dogs

Written by Niall Kennedy

It is hard to get an early diagnosis of lyme disease in your own dog. The first sign of lyme disease in humans is a rash, well; animals do not develop this rash. Lyme disease is also not one ofrepparttar first illnesses thatrepparttar 125834 veterinarian looks for when you take your dog in for a visit. Many other common illnesses can produce some ofrepparttar 125835 same symptoms, so it can be hard to detect.

Lyme disease does affect each dog different as it does with humans. Many dogs that are affected with lyme disease seem to be in pain and many stop eating. They may even run very high fevers. Lyme disease affectsrepparttar 125836 entire body and some dogs may become lame and then even if untreatedrepparttar 125837 lameness can disappear but can reappear later on. Your dog may not even show any signs of an illness for a long period of time and in fact have lyme disease, and thenrepparttar 125838 symptoms can show up a year later.

Heartworm Treatment for cats and dogs

Written by Niall Kennedy

The treatment for heartworms is different for cats and dogs. Do not ever give medicine intended for a cat to your dog or vice versa.

Once your pet has heartwormsrepparttar treatment is not easy. You want to rid your pet of heartworms but many factors need to be looked at before proceeding. Your veterinarian will have to do many tests to determine how many worms your pet has, how it is affecting your pet and if your pet can handlerepparttar 125833 side effects ofrepparttar 125834 medication.

Letís first look atrepparttar 125835 treatment of heartworms for dogs. The first thing that will have to be done is an evaluation of your dog and what treatment is necessary to stabilize them for treatment for heartworms and thenrepparttar 125836 elimination of allrepparttar 125837 heartworms and larvae.

The adult heartworms will be killed first, then comesrepparttar 125838 larvae andrepparttar 125839 microfilaria. Both have to kill with different treatments. There are side effects that can happen that are very dangerous to your dog while ridding them ofrepparttar 125840 adult heartworm. Asrepparttar 125841 adult heartworms die they can become lodged inrepparttar 125842 arteries. The arteries are already inflamed byrepparttar 125843 presence of these worms but asrepparttar 125844 worms decomposerepparttar 125845 arteries can become more inflamed and your dog will need to be watched carefully for things like this that may occur during treatment. Sometimes, according to how infested your dog is with heartworms, he may need to stay atrepparttar 125846 hospital for proper care. Talking with your veterinarian will ease your mind and let you knowrepparttar 125847 best options for your dog.

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