Lugh Long Arm

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Lugh is a sun-god before he becamerepparttar Milesian or De Danaan person who this story is about. At Inyo near Bishop California a fellow researcher named Rod Schmidt has a pre-Christian Lugh petroglyph.

“LUGH LONG-ARM Now is a good time to tellrepparttar 144792 story of Lugh or Lug andrepparttar 144793 Tuatha de Danaan meeting with Eochaid who most say was Fir Bolg and some say may have been Milesian while others might say was a Fomorian.

"And there were then two doorkeepers at Tara, namely Gamal son of Figal and Camall son of Riagall. When one of these was on duty he saw a strange company coming towards him. A young warrior fair and shapely, with a king's trappings, was inrepparttar 144794 forefront of that band. They toldrepparttar 144795 doorkeeper to announce their arrival at Tara. The doorkeeper asked: 'Who is there?'

'Here there is Lug Lamfada (i.e. Lug Long-Arm) son of Cian son of Diancecht and of Ethne daughter of Balor. Fosterson, he, of Tailltiu daughter of Magmor king of Spain {Iberia} and of Eochaidrepparttar 144796 Rough son of Duach.’ (2)”

Doorkeep: 'What art or expertise do you bring? Nobody withoutrepparttar 144797 sheepskin ofrepparttar 144798 highest university will enter here.' Followingrepparttar 144799 policy of all good administrations that seek to weed out those who might pretend to know and thus damage those who mistakenly think they are truly expert.

“Question me, kind sir. I am able to showrepparttar 144800 greatest arts ofrepparttar 144801 doctor (leech, in his time)!” Lugh spoke with confidence and his fellows were aware this doorkeeper could not possibly ask relevant questions that would challengerepparttar 144802 knowledge of their leader.

Doorkeep: 'My good master and faithful Drucht isrepparttar 144803 best of that noble profession or guild and we have no need of more.'

"Good then, perhaps he would like to learn aboutrepparttar 144804 arts he can benefit your king by?" One of Lugh's band spoke in a challenging manner.

“Seamus, There is no need to worry about whether or not their leech is able to addressrepparttar 144805 complexities ofrepparttar 144806 body and its humours… Do you think your king would like a champion?" Lugh flexed and stood straight.

Doorkeep: 'Ogma is famous beyondrepparttar 144807 rising and setting sun. If you know anything you know of his merit. Are you 'barbarians'?'

"Barbarians and experts are alike; they all come from far away with credentials and no detractors, proclaiming themself as wise or strong. Our Lugh has had such visit his court in lands far more ostentatious than this castle." Seamas spoke with rising disdain forrepparttar 144808 bureaucrat who obviously had determined he was going to decide what only his king could determine.

"Allow me to engagerepparttar 144809 good man without further interjection, Seamas! We all knowrepparttar 144810 importance of our mission and that failure to prove our merit with words might lead to having to use other means. Our Queen has instructed us to make every effort... Now, my good man, please forgiverepparttar 144811 tone and tenor of Seamas… He actually enjoys takingrepparttar 144812 heads offrepparttar 144813 best of champions when we meet them… Perhaps you have an opening for a Harper?"

‘Your company is beginning to wear upon me… We have Rhea of Bicelmos whomrepparttar 144814 faeries are beholden to.’ The doorkeep had moved to a safer position and made ready to deny entrance should they appear ready to move acrossrepparttar 144815 drawbridge.

Lugh was not tired or upset but could see this was not going to be easy to break throughrepparttar 144816 defenses brought about by provincial ego andrepparttar 144817 arts of those who congratulate each other while never venturing out intorepparttar 144818 real world to find their match or metal. "Question me: I am a sorcerer and able to appear asrepparttar 144819 eagle orrepparttar 144820 fish."

To Taste is to Know

Written by Terry Dashner

To Taste is to know?

Terry Dashner…………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Robert J. Hastings writes, “How does one understand sugar? I suppose he could do tremendous research onrepparttar subject and become quite an authority. He could write volumes onrepparttar 144761 history of sugar, where and how it is grown, how it is refined,repparttar 144762 various sugar products,repparttar 144763 number of people employed in sugar-related industries,repparttar 144764 tonnage produced, its economic value, and on and on.

“Or, one could go intorepparttar 144765 laboratory and study its chemical makeup, becoming fluent in ‘sweet’ scientific terminology and formulas. But tasting a single grain of sugar will do more to explain what sugar really is and what it does than allrepparttar 144766 textbooks ever written or laboratory experiments ever performed.”

To taste is to know.

Allow me to carry this topic further, please. How is it that a skilled neurologist can tell me every, detailed thing about my brain, but she cannot possibly know what’s on my mind? Ifrepparttar 144767 neurologist conducts surgery on my brain, she can see and name allrepparttar 144768 parts. She can diagnose, patch-up, and make a prognosis about my mental health, but she cannot know what’s in my mind. Why? Because there is more to me than what appears physically. I am a soul in a body because I am created inrepparttar 144769 image and likeness of God. And God is Spirit.

If there is more to man than what is physical, then a man needs to recognize and maintain good spiritual health. Is this possible? Yes, I believe so. Just as one must care for his physical well being, so one must care for his spiritual well being. Ifrepparttar 144770 soul is neglected, one will ache inside and not know what is bugging him. One will yearn for things that cannot be found inrepparttar 144771 natural or physical realm. The yearning will never cease. Scripture teaches thatrepparttar 144772 spiritual realm is more “real” thanrepparttar 144773 physical. As a matter of factrepparttar 144774 physical realm is fading, according torepparttar 144775 laws of physics (measured by entropy); however,repparttar 144776 spiritual realm is everlasting, eternal.

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