Luggage to suit your style

Written by Gareth Powell

Luggage has many schools of thought. Here are but some of them: Minimalist. Cutting down torepparttar bare essentials so that you need only one cabin bag which you can carry onrepparttar 143168 aircraft. My daughter has this down to a fine art and recently toured India for two weeks with one small, leather Gladstone bag that I bought in China many years ago. The hard case. This refers not torepparttar 143169 character ofrepparttar 143170 traveler but torepparttar 143171 suitcase used. Almost all flight crews use hard cases. Watch an airline crew collect their baggage fromrepparttar 143172 carousel after an international journey and you will see that it is all medium to large-sized, hard-sided suitcases (nearly always gray) with built-in wheels and extendible handles. Sophisticated travelers sneer at this. But who, I ask, would know better? The suit bag. Many experienced travelers are ofrepparttar 143173 opinion that a well-made suit bag will last for many years and carry everything you could possibly need. A suit bag used as cabin baggage on overseas flights will almost certainly carry everything you need. The enlightened traditionalist. This is a traveler who realizes thatrepparttar 143174 suitcase acquired forrepparttar 143175 first Big Trip atrepparttar 143176 age of 21 will not cover all needs, all future travel. So keeps upgrading as time passes. Horses for courses. Differing bags for different occasions. As a matter of sober truth, I have 32 ofrepparttar 143177 damn things. But I was everrepparttar 143178 profligate. There are, indeed, two main types of baggage. The type that will stand up torepparttar 143179 rigors of overseas travel, but is so heavy it eats up much of your weight allowance. And that which is light and easy to handle and falls apart at inconvenient moments. There is no such thing as ideal baggage. Only that which can be considered not bad. If you are going on an overseas trip with more than four stopovers, your present baggage probably will not stand up torepparttar 143180 strain. Get a new case before you go or you, too, will scatter your dirty laundry acrossrepparttar 143181 departure area of Dom Muang airport torepparttar 143182 amusement of hordes of Thai travelers. Do not buy expensive name-brand luggage. They are called 'steal-me' cases onrepparttar 143183 reasoning that if you can afford a genuine Louis Vuitton suitcase you can afford to pack valuables inside. Look instead for something that is anonymous, easily cleaned and light. Don't worry too much aboutrepparttar 143184 quality. After a trip with four stopovers it will not have a long life expectancy.

Relive the Battle of Trafalgar with!

Written by Robin Richmond

Often described asrepparttar most decisive naval battle in history, 2005 marksrepparttar 143167 200 year anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar. The Royal Navy, which has been inspired byrepparttar 143168 events of 200 years ago have beenrepparttar 143169 main organisers ofrepparttar 143170 Trafalgar 200 program of events. The highlight ofrepparttar 143171 bi-centennial year isrepparttar 143172 Battle of Trafalgar Concert atrepparttar 143173 Royal Albert Hall London, which promises to be a massive musical celebration ofrepparttar 143174 sea.

Although Trafalgar 200 marks events that happened 200 years ago,repparttar 143175 focus is very much onrepparttar 143176 present day and celebratingrepparttar 143177 important rolerepparttar 143178 sea plays in our lives today andrepparttar 143179 many exciting maritime challenges that lie ahead. In addition torepparttar 143180 concert, navies from some 40 countries acrossrepparttar 143181 globe are expected atrepparttar 143182 International Fleet Review. The International Festival ofrepparttar 143183 Sea will enable people to talk to sailors first hand about life onrepparttar 143184 ocean wave as wellrepparttar 143185 chance to see a massive range of vessels including Tall Ships, modern warships and more.

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