Luck or Providence? (D)

Written by Terry Dashner

Luck or Providence? (D)

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May I share several more significant historical events that didn’t just happen by luck. I believe thatrepparttar hand of Providence was behind them to serve God’s purpose. Let me start with Charles Martelrepparttar 105442 grandfather of Charlemagne.

Charles Martel (Charlesrepparttar 105443 Hammer) defeatedrepparttar 105444 Spanish Muslims atrepparttar 105445 Battle of Tours in 732-733 AD. His grandson, Charlemagne would later be crowned “Emperor ofrepparttar 105446 Romans” by Pope Leo III (751-816 AD) on Christmas Day 800 AD. Thus,repparttar 105447 Western Roman Empire, which had not existed for 325 years, was back in business, this time asrepparttar 105448 Holy Roman Empire. Had not Charles Martel defeatedrepparttar 105449 Spanish Muslims atrepparttar 105450 Battle of Tours, there would have been no revived Roman Empire in 800 AD. As a matter of fact,repparttar 105451 West would have been dominated by Islam, and Christianity would have had little impact on Western culture. Was God behind this balance of power? I believe so. But, then again, I believe that God rules as Sovereign overrepparttar 105452 affairs of men.

As recent asrepparttar 105453 20th century dictators have tried to invade England by force, Hitler beingrepparttar 105454 most recent one. He failed. Napoleon tried but met his Waterloo. The last invading force which succeeded was led by William of Normandy (1027-1087 AD). William gathered an army of Normans and Frenchmen, crossedrepparttar 105455 English Channel from Normandy and invaded England. King Harold II (1027-1066 AD) met William on October 14, 1066, atrepparttar 105456 Battle of Hastings.

Says author Bill Yenne in his book entitled, 100 Events that Shaped World History (Bluewood Books 1993), “Withrepparttar 105457 Norman conquest, England was opened torepparttar 105458 influences of European art and literature. Although England retained its English language, it filtered and adoptedrepparttar 105459 best that Europe had to offer. It was this basic building block of English civilization which would in turn create and define that of North America.”

From mighty England camerepparttar 105460 greatest polity of law sincerepparttar 105461 Decalogue of Moses—The Magna Carta. The original Charter was a 63-part compendium of rights granted to “free men.” “The Magna Carta is still recognized asrepparttar 105462 foundation ofrepparttar 105463 English legal system, and indeed forrepparttar 105464 legal systems in many parts ofrepparttar 105465 world—including North America. It stipulated numerous rights which protectedrepparttar 105466 individual, includingrepparttar 105467 right to a jury trial, that punishment should fitrepparttar 105468 crime and that taxes should be based on fairness and proportion. However,repparttar 105469 most important, lasting accomplishment ofrepparttar 105470 Magna Carta was that it made surerepparttar 105471 king was no longer aboverepparttar 105472 law but would be held accountable torepparttar 105473 laws and customs ofrepparttar 105474 land just like any other citizen” (Yenne p.34).

What are they saying now?

Written by Terry Dashner

What are they saying now?

Terry Dashner……………………Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Think back torepparttar mid 1990s. Do you rememberrepparttar 105441 harangue against welfare reform? Many people in powerful positions spoke against it. In fact, many went on record saying that it would create more problems then it would solve. Did it? Here arerepparttar 105442 facts.

In her wonderful and well documented book entitled, Do-Gooders How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim To Help (And The Rest Of Us) (Sentinel 2004), Mona Charen recordsrepparttar 105443 following.

“When it became clear that President Clinton was ‘going wobbly’ on welfare reform, liberals sent in reinforcements to buck him up. The National Organization for Women (NOW) organized a vigil outsiderepparttar 105444 White House to urgerepparttar 105445 president to vetorepparttar 105446 legislation. ‘Millions more will swellrepparttar 105447 ranks ofrepparttar 105448 poor and hungry as a result of this bill,’ predicted NOW president Patricia Ireland.

“’With 4 to 10 million children scheduled to be cut fromrepparttar 105449 nation’s welfare rolls inrepparttar 105450 next seven years through caps on AFDC and Supplemental Security Income, two major assistance programs, [Los Angeles County child welfare official Peter] Digre predicts that Los Angeles will see more than 17,000 new cases of child abuse due to poverty and family stress,’ reposted Time magazine.”

Other people “inrepparttar 105451 know” carped as well. I’ll spare yourepparttar 105452 agony by mentioning onlyrepparttar 105453 names of those who spoke against this sacred cow. Here’srepparttar 105454 list: Tom Brokaw, Sam Donaldson, Dan Rather, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Representative Charles Rangel, Robert Greenstein, Senator John Kerry, and Senator Hillary Clinton. (There were many more, but I wanted to keep my comments to two pages.) So, what really happened?

Charen writes, “Welfare reform did of course become law in 1996. Since that time, every wild predictionrepparttar 105455 liberals made has been proved false. Poverty did not increase by millions; instead, it has fallen precipitously. Women and children are not sleeping under bridges; instead, millions of women have found jobs that give them a sense of pride and help them reachrepparttar 105456 first step onrepparttar 105457 economic ladder. Since 1996, welfare rolls have been reduced by 60 percent. The poverty rate has declined from 13.8 percent in 1995 to 11.7 percent in 2003. Some 3.5 million fewer Americans are poor today than in 1995, including 2.3 million children. Poverty among African American children has reached its lowest point in history. Hunger among children has been reduced by half.” I could go on and on and on. But, I won’t.

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