Lucite Purses - Brief History and Buying Guide

Written by Henrietta Timmons

Lucite purses got their start inrepparttar early 1950’s, when post war technology came up withrepparttar 134880 idea for a higher class of plastic called "lucite". This material was ideal for use in boxy style handbags and could be manufactured in opaque or translucent color. Decorations were easy to add and included confetti, shells, flowers, or just about anything else you could stick on a handbag!

These purses became allrepparttar 134881 rage of bigger cities such as Miami and New York City. It was love at first site between handbag companies and lucite purses because they could be made into unusual shapes easily.

The most expensive lucite purses were made by Wilardy of New York and were showcased in major department stores throughoutrepparttar 134882 country. Of course with popularity came replication and many cheaper versions were made.

the truth about it

Written by daniel nzenwata

The choir had just finished rendering a soul touching songs of worship and praise, every one was inrepparttar mood to go to heaven. I was willing to berepparttar 105516 first onrepparttar 105517 list, honestly I was. The pastor was a man in his early thirties. He was wearing a black suit and a cream colored shirt and a red tie. He carried himself so gracefully like he was very much aware ofrepparttar 105518 fact that he had a connection with a much higher being. When he mountedrepparttar 105519 altar, everywhere became dump with silence. He had a story to tell. “One day a fisherman sailed out torepparttar 105520 sea with his son andrepparttar 105521 son’s friend. That night nature was at rest, andrepparttar 105522 fisherman hoped for a big kill. They sailed deep intorepparttar 105523 sea, searching forrepparttar 105524 kill zone, but alongrepparttar 105525 way they met a raging storm. The fisherman and his companions knew that they were in for a terrible ordeal, one they had not bargained for. Asrepparttar 105526 storm caught up with their speed, a forceful wind swept across them, rockingrepparttar 105527 boat and sending overboard his son andrepparttar 105528 friend. The boat was drifting away fromrepparttar 105529 spot whererepparttar 105530 boys were trying so hard to stay afloat. The fisherman hadrepparttar 105531 chance of saving just one person out ofrepparttar 105532 two that were floating onrepparttar 105533 sea. He had one life jacket with him, this he threw over board to his son’s friend, thus saving his life and allowing his son to drown. The fisherman had given up someone important, someone valuable to him in order to save another life”.

When he had finished talking,repparttar 105534 two little boys that were sitting close to me touchedrepparttar 105535 old man that was sitting next to them and asked him ifrepparttar 105536 pastor’s story was a true life story. The old man turned to them and said,”repparttar 105537 story is not a figment of his imagination. I amrepparttar 105538 old man;repparttar 105539 boy that died was my son. Andrepparttar 105540 pastor is his friend. My son was a born again Christian and his friend were not. I saved his life to give him a second chance at knowing God”. I gave up my son sacrificially.

While we are onrepparttar 105541 subject of “Don’t we All”, it may not be out of place to enquire from you when last you offered a sacrifice.. The kind of sacrifice that involvesrepparttar 105542 fact of giving up something important or valuable to you in order to help another person get something that seems important to him. Something that will affect his life positively.

Curiosity prompted me to inquire as torepparttar 105543 nature of this idea. I have suddenly realized that one ofrepparttar 105544 biggest jobs inrepparttar 105545 world is this; giving up something that is valuable to us, and one ofrepparttar 105546 greatest joys in life is this; knowing that we have been able to reach out and touch a life, thus affecting that life positively. There is therefore a need for us to prescribe for ourselves a line of thought that should inspire us to give sacrificially. The idea of giving up something important to us to help others should be a habit of daily communication with others. It insuresrepparttar 105547 endurance of our riches and also serves as a dependable fetish through which we can draw uponrepparttar 105548 powers ofrepparttar 105549 highest being.

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