Lucid Dreaming: Discover a Whole New Universe

Written by Chris Olsen

Did you know that all of your most cherished dreams are just a good nightís sleep away?

Lucid dreamers share one ofrepparttar greatest secrets of modern living. They have discovered a whole new universe-a universe within. They have learned to wake up in their dreams. They fly, explore unknown worlds, live out their deepest fantasies, have profound spiritual experiences, and gain precious insights about themselves.

With a little practice, you too can learn to lucid dream!

Here are some popular techniques people use for learning to wake up in their dreams:

1) Throughoutrepparttar 141863 day, ask yourself if you are dreaming. But donít stop there, because you may ask yourself and decide youíre awake when youíre actually dreaming. Look at some words near you, look away, then look back atrepparttar 141864 words. Didrepparttar 141865 words change? If so, you are dreaming.

Gifts of the Inner Voice

Written by Ellen Zucker

Now that I no longer awaken torepparttar sound of a jarring alarm clock, Iíve learned to welcomerepparttar 141692 early morning hours.

Because that isrepparttar 141693 time when I can hear my inner voice most clearly.

Sometimes it is just a knowing. A realization that cuts throughrepparttar 141694 noise to reveal how I truly feel about something or someone.

It picks apart puzzling dilemmas and offers creative solutions.

It is atrepparttar 141695 time before I have fully awakened and leftrepparttar 141696 world of dreams, that messages from some deep place percolate torepparttar 141697 surface.

It is a peaceful time. It is easy to be sensitive torepparttar 141698 rhythms ofrepparttar 141699 body,repparttar 141700 sounds ofrepparttar 141701 quiet inner voice.

Shortly,repparttar 141702 shrill ring ofrepparttar 141703 telephone will shatterrepparttar 141704 stillness and redirect my energy to external concerns. My attention will then belong torepparttar 141705 client onrepparttar 141706 other end ofrepparttar 141707 line.

But for these few precious minutes, I savorrepparttar 141708 calm.

We function best when we make time to be both active and still. The demands of being making a living, raising a family, draw us toward motion and activity. But my observation is that we nourish ourselves and become more productive when we includerepparttar 141709 contributions of our inner voice.

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