Loyal Companions Promote Longevity

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Have you ever wondered what a dog thinks, or if he dreams? Canine companions, by far, are amazing creatures of habit. If you've ever adopted one, your life has been enriched byrepparttar spirited side of nature.

Deep, within their childlike eyes isrepparttar 143374 innocence of perpetual bliss. These fury friends live to satisfy you and you alone. They soothe us with their undying love and devotion, come to our aid in a moment's notice, anxiously await our return and fill our hearts with years of joy and laughter.

At will, they pleasantly astound us with their cunning mannerisms, comedic maneuvers and gentle demeanor. Always seeking to please, never failing on loyalty.

The nearly Humanistic side of dogs is their keen ability to display real emotion and feeling. When we are saddened, our loving counterparts tenderly nudge us or brush our faces against ours as if they understand. And when we are happy, they mimic our excitement with mirror reactions all their own.

These sweet, extended family members are known to lower stress, tension and even blood pressure. And it's no wonder -- they never refuse our requests, they compliment us with their adoration and they'll follow us torepparttar 143375 ends ofrepparttar 143376 Earth if necessary.

You see, beingrepparttar 143377 "mom" of two Chinese Sharpies, in addition to two "Heinz-57" Rottweiller/Shepherd mixes, I've discoveredrepparttar 143378 true and priceless value of a dog's companionship and love.

During moments of sorrow, happiness and even depression, I've found that when we're at our worst, our four-legged "children" are there not only to enhance our lives but to extend our longevity as well.

National Pet Memorial Day, September 11, 2005

Written by Lee Guttentag

What Is National Pet Memorial Day?

The International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC) has designatedrepparttar second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember our departed animal friends.

Special events such as open houses and remembrance ceremonies are held at many pet cemeteries. A national listing of events can be found at http://www.stonesofglass.com.

Your cherished pet will always have a special place in your heart, no matter how you choose to remember your departed friend. Below we list several ideas:

• Participate in online memorials and ceremonies or have one by your pet’s favorite place.

• Immortalize your pet in glass byrepparttar 143345 artist’s at Stones of Glass http://www.stonesofglass.com

• Put a paw print in clay that will harden with your pets name and date as a keepsake.

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