Low Carb is High Dumb

Written by Dr. Donald A. Miller

Low carbohydrate diets are nowrepparttar craze inrepparttar 131479 U.S.A. Fast food stores even offer hamburgers in lettuce rather than in buns (still withrepparttar 131480 fats of meat and sauces). Breads and pastries modified for lower carbohydrates are now making fortunes for suppliers. "Low carb salads", still drenched with high fat dressings, are offered for "dieting."

So what?

This is a costly, stupid, perhaps health threatening fad.

When I was growing up, I did not understand that biblical quotation of "Man does not live by bread alone", attributed to Moses (old testament, torah) and Jesus (new testament). Well, I understood thatrepparttar 131481 message was meant to be "People have spiritual as well as physical needs." But I had no idea how people could live very long on bread. At that time, I was used to spongy white bread with no character.

Somewhere alongrepparttar 131482 way, I learned about whole grain breads, and how peasants throughrepparttar 131483 centuries had lived mostly on dark breads that Marie Antoinnette would have rejected, with occasional fortifications of cheese, eggs, sometimes meat. Peasants tended to eat vegetables, but knights and nobles often dismissed such as "farmers' fare", preferring lots of meat, alcoholic beverages, pastries. Few people lived long in those days, so statistical studies of life span versus diet were not performed. (Statistics were not well known.)

So I read up on bread recipes, found a few health gurus who argued for blends of whole grain wheat, cornmeal, rye, and soy flour. A fairly recent development is triticale, a long sought hybrid of wheat and rye. Why these blends? It turns out that grains and legumes can provide allrepparttar 131484 balanced protein that we need, without meat. Verrrry interesting! Also, such blends contain valuable dietary fiber.

The prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread", is now explained. Properly made, bread really can be "the staff of life."

I have learned to love Asian foods that make heavy use of soy beans, such as tempeh and tofu with noodles and stir fry vegetables. I usually am turned off by soy based foods that pretend to be something else, such as soy burgers, soy cutlets, soy cheeses. In fact,repparttar 131485 fake foods not only can taste far from real, but those which contain Hydrolyzed Plant Protein (HP) inflame my tongue and cause me anxiety, just as foods with a lot of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

You are What you Eat

Written by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

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You are What You Eat By Cynthia Perkins © 2004

You are what you eat is one of those little clichés that carries an incredible amount of truth. What you eat is broken down and assimilated into your body. If you are eating poisons and garbage, then that is what your body becomes. Not only is eating healthy essential for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

Unhealthy diets can create symptoms such as depression, mood swings, irritability, hyperactivity, rage, criminal behavior, anxiety, paranoia, heart disease, diabetes, PMS, digestive disturbances, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, loss of memory, nervousness, muscle and joint inflammation, heart palpitations, bowel disorders, arthritis and many more.

A healthy diet is much more than just eating your veggies or reducing fat. The typical food supply ofrepparttar 131482 average person is nutrient depleted and toxic. Our water and soil is polluted with toxic chemicals and it is depleted from any nutrient value. Food grown in this soil absorbs these toxins and when we eat them it is then absorbed into our bodies. Ifrepparttar 131483 soil does not contain any nutrients thenrepparttar 131484 food growing on it cannot have any nutritional value. Our meat supply is injected with hormones and antibiotics and fed food that is poisoned with pesticides.

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