Low Carb Diets: 3 Reasons They're So Popular

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

The revolution is here. Weight Loss as we know it has changed forever because of one diet:

One diet that has reached beyondrepparttar weight loss program boundaries and invaded areas heretofore unknown: areas like beer commercials and evenrepparttar 149568 all sacred fast food menus.

There was even a recent report on how this diet has taken a huge revenue chunk out ofrepparttar 149569 bread and flour industries. Now that's power.

You know which diet I'm talking about of course.

The big LC - LOW CARB

(also known as lo carb, Atkins, protein diet, Adkins,no carb, etc)

The low carb diet isn't new. In fact it's been around for years (long before Atkins wrote about it). And yet it just keeps pressing on, affecting our food choices and popular culture.

So what is it aboutrepparttar 149570 low carb diet that makes it so popular? Here are 3 reasons:

#1 You can eat as much as you want (of certain low carb foods)

Whilerepparttar 149571 type of food is restricted to low carb or no carb, you don't have to restrict how much food you eat (in theory).

This fact makesrepparttar 149572 low carb diet popular with those of us who have been starved and deprived by low fat diets for years.

It's a kind of 'have your cake and eat it too mentality' (as long asrepparttar 149573 cake is low carb!) Essentiallyrepparttar 149574 low carb diets says 'Eat all you want and STILL lose weight'

Hey, sign me up.

#2 You can eat 'bad' food.

Human nature being what it is, we love to breakrepparttar 149575 rules, step overrepparttar 149576 line, tempt fate, and do something 'bad'.

We've been told for years that low carb foods - foods like eggs bacon, cheese, cream cheese, butter etc, are bad for us. With low carb diets we can lose weight while breaking allrepparttar 149577 low fat rules we've come to resent.

Pharmacy Jobs: Northern Nevada Medical Center

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

The whole world is facing a severe and problematic shortage of qualified laboratory and medical personnel. Third world countries are suffering because their doctors and medical staff are immigrating to meet excess demand for high-paid medical positions in Europe. It is more difficult for medical professionals to come to America, however, andrepparttar United States is facingrepparttar 149567 same challenges of a shrinking medical community. According torepparttar 149568 American Society for Clinical Pathology, over half of all US laboratories report difficulties hiring new medical testing personnel.

The US Department of Labor projects thatrepparttar 149569 country will need 13,200 medical laboratory professionals throughrepparttar 149570 year 2010. This number cannot be filled byrepparttar 149571 fewer than 5,000 people who graduate from training programs each year. Atrepparttar 149572 same timerepparttar 149573 average age ofrepparttar 149574 medical workforce is rising steadily. Younger, newly trained medical workers have not entered quickly enough to keep pace with retirements.

These problems could be attributed partially torepparttar 149575 fact that training facilities for these medical professionals have been closing and declining in number. School closings inrepparttar 149576 last five years have reducedrepparttar 149577 number of training programs by 30%. This decline in training programs affects small rural areas as well as big cities. Los Angeles and Miami have no accredited clinical training programs for medical technologists or medical laboratory technicians. The shortage is growing so bad that senators are looking at legislation to defrayrepparttar 149578 costs of training for medical personnel. GA

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