Low Carb-ers: Self Imposed Weight Loss Guinea Pigs, Ground Breakers and the Health Conscious Today

Written by Jenny Mathers

It's a well known fact thatrepparttar weight loss industry is a profitable one. There are thousands of books, gyms and health spas, nutrition and exercise services available torepparttar 131401 overweight consumer andrepparttar 131402 net is riddled with them.

Ifrepparttar 131403 consumer is not receiving advise from a dietition or doctor, it is up to them to verify for themselves what is fact and what is fiction. For many years,repparttar 131404 low carb establishment has maintained that you can lose weight by changingrepparttar 131405 amount and in some casesrepparttar 131406 types of carbs, protein and fats consumed.

And for many yearsrepparttar 131407 mainstream medical establishment has scoffed atrepparttar 131408 Atkins weight loss theory of losing weight through ketosis not through maintaining a negative calorie balance and labelled it irresponsible and unhealthy.

There are cries of cardiovascular and cholesterol risks not just because ofrepparttar 131409 red meat, but because ofrepparttar 131410 lower carbohydrate and therefore lower fiber intake recommended. Many authorities will not recommend it as a viable weight loss solution, and indeed is censored by relevant government authorities in many countries. Despiterepparttar 131411 bad press, there have been thousands of reported cases of individuals losing weight by eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates.

Duringrepparttar 131412 last couple of years, findings of research have been filtering through that there may be some merit torepparttar 131413 low carb diets, that have been promoted in weight loss books and websites. Atkins press releases seizerepparttar 131414 opportunity to validate what they've been saying for years.

Some would say (particularly dietitions and nutritionists) thatrepparttar 131415 people who joinedrepparttar 131416 low-carb band wagon were naive, unkowledgeable and ready to try anything. There are those who have taken aspects ofrepparttar 131417 low carb diets out of context and have done silly things like eating nothing but pork rinds and Atkins bars and wandered why they weren't losing weight. This isrepparttar 131418 danger of popular diet books where no individual professional support can be given.

Do you have a Burning Desire to Lose Weight or Reach Any Goal?

Written by Mike Matthews

Do You Have a Burning Desire to Lose Weight or Reduce Body Fat?
By Staff Member Mike Matthews

NOTE: This article is one ofrepparttar component parts ofrepparttar 131400 9-step WTA3 program contained inrepparttar 131401 ebook titled "The Action Path -Your Key to Success!" due out in 2005.

Do you have a Burning Desire?

  • Do you have a burning desire to lose weight and reduce your body fat to 10%?

  • *
  • Do you have a burning desire to get a flat, well-toned midsection?

  • *
  • Do you have a burning desire to increase your net worth to $500,000?

  • *
  • Do you have a burning desire to improve your personal relationships?

  • *
  • Do you have a burning desire to start a business next year?

  • *
  • Do you have a burning desire to reduce your credit card debt?

  • The key phrase is "Do you have a burning desire to...". We all have hopes, dreams, wants and wishes. Do you have a 'Burning Desire' to makerepparttar 131402 right choices on a daily basis and take positive action steps toward your goals?

    Let's start with a common goal of reducing body fat or losing weight. While losing weight is a more common goal, reducing body fat to your body's optimum level isrepparttar 131403 better route to take. For this illustration, imagine you had a personal goal of losing 10 lbs in 30 days. Because you're smart, you know that losing weight can be accomplished by taking in fewer calories than you burn. This is a law of nature and makes logical sense. Even though we are aware of this basic principle, losing weight continues to be a difficult goal for many people to accomplish. Nowrepparttar 131404 question; do you really have a 'Burning Desire' to lose 10 lbs in 30 days? If you're like many, your answer is "...yes, I have a desire to lose weight..." but in reality you don't have a 'Burning Desire'.

    To further illustrate our day-to-day choices andrepparttar 131405 difference between a desire and a 'Burning Desire' let's pretend that you are two days into your diet and you're at your favorite hamburger restaurant for your usual lunch. What are you going to choose fromrepparttar 131406 menu? What choice are you going to make?

  • Will it berepparttar 131407 usual double cheeseburger, large fries and a soft drink?

  • *
  • Will it be a double cheeseburger, small fries and a small soft drink?

  • *
  • Will it be a single burger, no small fries and a diet soft drink?

  • *
  • Will it be a burger (no bun), small salad (light dressing) and water?

  • *
  • Will you leave your favorite hamburger restaurant and find a different place to eat?

  • Most will orderrepparttar 131408 usual lunch or might only cut down slightly. You might even justify it by convincing yourself that later inrepparttar 131409 day you'll eat less, you'll exercise more atrepparttar 131410 gym or you need all this food because you are 'starving'. By choosing to orderrepparttar 131411 usual lunch, you've made a choice to take action towards your goal of losing weight. Let me repeat in a slightly different way. By selectingrepparttar 131412 usual lunch, you have made a (wrong) choice to take (a negative) action towards your goal of losing weight. Every minute of every day you haverepparttar 131413 power, potential and intellect to make good choices that will help direct you to take positive actions towards meeting your goals. Will you succumb to a need for immediate gratification or can you delay it for a short period with your eye onrepparttar 131414 prize, of a larger, more gratifying long-term goal.

    Was choosingrepparttar 131415 usual lunchrepparttar 131416 right choice for you to meet your goal of losing weight? It probably wasn'trepparttar 131417 best choice, but only you can makerepparttar 131418 decision to makerepparttar 131419 right choice. Your decision to eat a high calorie lunch was probably based on a short-term craving andrepparttar 131420 need for immediate gratification. Afterrepparttar 131421 meal, you've met your short-term craving but you've moved farther away from your long-term goal of losing 10 lbs. You need to be aware that your day-to-day choices are often based on a superficial need to satisfy your immediate gratification. When short-term wins over long-term, it shows that your immediate gratification cravings have registered more votes in your brain. Your objective it to moverepparttar 131422 pendulum; make your long-term goals register more votes so you will automatically start taking more consistent and positive action steps. You need to create a 'Burning Desire' to make long-term win over short-term.

    Stop reading and take your first positive action step to create a 'Burning Desire'. You can apply this technique to any goal. 1. List at least 6 reasons why you want to attain a weight loss goal (or any other goal). List bothrepparttar 131423 positive reasons (I want to look good forrepparttar 131424 Caribbean vacation) andrepparttar 131425 negative reasons (I can't fit into my pants). Positive reasons are "What will I get if I attain this goal". Negative reasons are "What will happen if I don't attain this goal".
    2. Next to each reason you listed above, write a short, visual description of that reason. It's important that you visualize your reasons. If one of your reasons is "...I can't fit into these pants...", describe this visualization as a picture with your stomach hanging overrepparttar 131426 edge of your belt or waistband. Make sure you complete this visualization description for each reason. As you go through this visualization process you may start thinking of more reasons - go ahead jot them down on your list.
    3. Take 10-15 minutes and read your 6 (or more) reasons along with your visualization descriptions. Which one or two reasons triggerrepparttar 131427 most emotionally energized response?
    4. Takerepparttar 131428 top 1,2 or 3 emotionally energized reasons, write them down on a business card size piece of paper and place them in your wallet, purse, desk and/or car. Forrepparttar 131429 next 3-5 days, take out this card and readrepparttar 131430 reasons andrepparttar 131431 visualization description out loud.
    5. Byrepparttar 131432 end ofrepparttar 131433 3-5 days, if you still get emotionally energized and excited; congratulations, you now have created your own 'Burning Desire'.

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