"Love & Fear Are Two Sides of The Same Coin"

Written by Perry Akasha Lonsdale

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"Love & Fear Are Two Sides of The Same Coin"

- by Akasha Lonsdale

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"Whatrepparttar 126079 world needs now is love, sweet love...that’srepparttar 126080 only thing that there’s just too little of...". These arerepparttar 126081 opening lines of a great song and it’s true. Whatrepparttar 126082 world needs now is love in its broadest sense because when fear, hatred, desire for revenge, intolerance and anger are present – Love is missing. Fear and Love are opposites. Fear is contraction ofrepparttar 126083 heart (not great for physical wellbeing!). With fear, possibilities are fewer and life can feel very narrow and restrictive.

LOVE Love holds hands with Courage to overcome Fear.

Love is atrepparttar 126084 core of our being. We don’t have to find it – it is and always has been within us, tucked inrepparttar 126085 inner recesses of our Being. Sometimesrepparttar 126086 journey to “re- discover” it, can seem a long one and yet there are moments when we glimpse it totally and may not even recognise it. For example:

- Beautiful images "that lift our spirits" - The birth of a baby - Children really laughing - Strength in adversity - Being with a loved one at a special moment - A beautiful starlit sky - The unconditional generosity of another - And many more... Love is not soft and soppy. The love I refer to embraces Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Open-ness, Being Real, Truth, Courage, Authenticity, Joy, Generosity, Laughter, Stillness, Freedom, Clarity, Willingness, Sharing, Compassion, Empathy, Compassion ...and Tolerance.

It is a felt sense –repparttar 126087 sense of expansion – whenrepparttar 126088 heart feels full. When love is present, tenderness and strength co-exist. People may be moved to tears by its power but tears can be of joy and relief too. We may feel vulnerable but this isrepparttar 126089 paradox:


How can that be? Because when we are vulnerable, we are open, exposed, REAL. We are inrepparttar 126090 flow ofrepparttar 126091 river of life, not swimming against it. We surrender, we fall into ourselves and within we findrepparttar 126092 Love that is there – has always been there –repparttar 126093 eternally burning light. The light that is. The light that will never go out – no matter how dark life sometimes gets. It is said thatrepparttar 126094 “darkest hour is just before dawn” – many times though, great insights and change come after a “dark night ofrepparttar 126095 soul”. DRAMA AND TRAUMA It is as if we createrepparttar 126096 drama’s and trauma’s in life to challenge us to look within and begin taking us back to that place we know. A time of “re-membering”, “re-joicing”. The parting ofrepparttar 126097 70,000 veils – to revealrepparttar 126098 inner treasure – LOVE. No judgements, no criticisms, no anger, no bitterness, no recriminations. Just Love, all embracing, all encompassing, all knowing, never-ending Love. Love that cradles us like a parent with a new born child. Love that holds us in our pain. Love that sometimes createsrepparttar 126099 pain so that we may grow. Love that wraps around us like a beautiful cloak.

Panic Attacks: Effective Ways to Cope

Written by Michael G. Rayel, MD

Jill is a 21 y/o college student who used to do well until about a few months ago when she started to experience “weird” attacks almost daily. She described her experience as “horrible.” When she hasrepparttar attack, she feels that she’s about to die or develop a stroke.

One day while she was in a mall, she suddenly developed an “overwhelming” sensation all over her body. She was sweaty and tremulous and felt that her heart was pumping so fast. Within a few seconds, she also suffered from chest pain and shortness of breath. This episode lasted for about 10 minutes but she felt that this was her worst ten minutes of her life.

Overwhelmed by her experience, she has stayed away from malls and has avoided being in a crowd of people. Because ofrepparttar 126075 frequency ofrepparttar 126076 attacks, Jill can’t anymore function normally. She is afraid to leaverepparttar 126077 house and go to work.

Jill’s experience is typical of someone with Panic Disorder. A person with panic disorder develops anxiety attacks associated withrepparttar 126078 thought that he or she would die or develop a stroke or heart attack. Physical changes such as fast heart beat, shortness of breath, fainting episodes, sweating and tremulousness are some ofrepparttar 126079 accompanying symptoms.

A typical episode usually comes “out ofrepparttar 126080 blue” and not precipitated by any triggers. It can therefore happen any time and anywhere. An attack can last for a few to several minutes.

One episode can make a person feel scared of having another one. In fact, a lot of people feel distressed anticipatingrepparttar 126081 occurrence of another attack. So most individuals prefer to stay at home and isolate themselves from friends, co-workers, and even relatives. Eventually they become incapacitated.

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