Love in Toubled Times.

Written by Averi Torres

If you wanted a peaceful life today, you choserepparttar wrong lifetime to be born. We live in times of global anxiety, change, and danger. However, you can still flourish, even in unstable times - it is still a choice! This is a chaotic world with sunshine and storms and you have got to learn to weatherrepparttar 122394 storms.

Because these are troubled times, doesn’t mean you need to have a troubled mind. You can train yourself to face your fears without anxiety but with courage, love, faith, and compassion. You can train yourself to berepparttar 122395 magician –repparttar 122396 one who brings love, peace, light, and service to this troubled world.

If you are choosing peace, love, and service then you need to control your mind by controlling your thoughts. Peace of mind does not come from absence of challenges, but fromrepparttar 122397 deep inner knowing that you may have a lot of problems but you can deal with them - that you haverepparttar 122398 ability to reach within and connect with spirit.

To overcome your insecurities and fears, spend less time focused on your weaknesses and more time consciously being loving and of service to others. Your fears will dissolve and be replaced by an inner peace andrepparttar 122399 ability to feel greater love, this I promise you.

I often talk ofrepparttar 122400 power ofrepparttar 122401 mind – your thoughts can flicker like a candle inrepparttar 122402 wind unless you ground yourself inrepparttar 122403 now and learn to focus and hold steady your thoughts.

This is where getting readings, meditation, and use of a mantra can be so helpful. It can be your anchor so you can hold steady your mind. Only a steady mind can releaserepparttar 122404 emotion of fear and anger, transforming a negative into a positive. One of my favorite mantras is "Om Namah Shiviya." I find it gives my mind something to focus on and it grounds me back inrepparttar 122405 present moment where peace and loving kindness exist.

Your March 2003 Aromatic Horoscope

Written by Francoise Rapp

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Your March 2003 Aromatic Horoscope

Ready to braverepparttar 122394 planets this month? Get a sneak peek at what challenges and opportunities are in store for you in March, and discover howrepparttar 122395 customized fragrances below will help you rise torepparttar 122396 occasion. These fragrances were developed aroundrepparttar 122397 signature patterns of each astrological sign. Readrepparttar 122398 recipe corresponding to your sign and prepare it yourself. Or treat yourself to a unique indulgence and order your customized astro-fragrance recipe! So go ahead and indulge yourself, delight your senses and discover serenity!

To prepare your customized aromatherapy blend, pourrepparttar 122399 recommended essential oils into a 10-ml bottle and then fill with organic vegetable oil.

*********************** HAPPY BIRTHDAY PISCES! *********************** You are entering a new phase in your life where you want to make changes. Is it a new lifestyle? A new hairdo? A new wardrobe? Dear Pisces, you are changing yourself forrepparttar 122400 better, andrepparttar 122401 planets support and boost your energy, making you THE one we all want to be!

The following aromatic blend uplifts your mood and emotions:

* 8 drops of Grapefruit * 7 drops of Orange * 7 drops of Mandarin

Anoint your solar plexus and abdomen. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 122402 palms of your hands and breathe deeply.

*********************** ARIES *********************** Your life is moving very quickly and you'll have to make drastic, rapid choices concerning your work area. Follow your instincts, think fast, and stay grounded. Born a leader, we all know how much you like stimulation like this!

The following aromatic blend helps you stay grounded:

* 7 drops of Sandalwood * 7 drops of Cedarwood * 5 drops of Patchouli

Anoint your solar plexus and lower back. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 122403 palms of your hands and breathe deeply.

*********************** TAURUS *********************** This month you are a social butterfly who will highlight many parties. It's a good time for networking, meeting new people, and enlarging your circle of friends-all of which will bring many positive outcomes into your life!

The following aromatic blend helps you connect with others:

* 8 drops of Grapefruit * 6 drops of Lemon * 6 drops of Rosemary

Anoint your solar plexus. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 122404 palms of your hands and breathe deeply. *********************** GEMINI *********************** Have you thought about making changes in your career that will allow you to pursue your true passion? This month supports all steps you may take toward a brand new, dear Gemini, what do you truly love to do?

The following aromatic blend enhances mind clarity:

* 6 drops of Peppermint * 5 drops of Basil

Anoint your third eye. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 122405 palms of your hands and breathe deeply.

*********************** LEO *********************** When it comes to relationships and love, you may have felt like you've been driving on a bumpy road these last few years. Highs and lows touched your daily life torepparttar 122406 point that you've almost gotten used to it. Fortunately this monthrepparttar 122407 sky is clearing for you, dear Leo. You experience more certainty, commitments, and stability.

The following aromatic blend helps you stay grounded and certain regarding your choices:

* 8 drops of Patchouli * 5 drops of Cedarwood * 3 drops of Rose

Anoint your heart chakra and lower back. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 122408 palms of your hands and breathe deeply.

*********************** CANCER *********************** Your relationship sector is highlighted this month. How is it going with your partner? You may find yourself going through a deep evaluation of your present relationship and making appropriate choices. But keep your morale up...this is all forrepparttar 122409 best. Sensitive and shy about your emotions, you may speak up this time.

The following aromatic blend helps you sootherepparttar 122410 heart and your emotions:

* 7 drops of Sandalwood * 5 drops of Lavender * 2 drops of Rose

Anoint your heart chakra. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 122411 palms of your hands and breathe deeply.

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