Love and Marriage Fairy Tale

Written by Jenny Clair

When we were children we believed in fairy tales and happy ever after endings just like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and many other fairy tales. However, as we grow older, we soon realise that situations in real life do not always turn out as we would of expected our fairy tale to.

When we are young and fall in love we can sometimes have too high expectations for ourselves. We would like everything to be perfect. We think of our future together forever and hope that one day we will in fact have a fairy tale wedding and therefore live happily ever after.

For most couples love and marriage can be a fairy tale. Waking up together inrepparttar morning looking for that first smile ofrepparttar 145554 day. This alone can put you on a high pedestal forrepparttar 145555 rest ofrepparttar 145556 day. Sharing breakfast together can also be fun. Then when you return home from work and cannot wait to see each other there is so much to tell one another that, without realising it, you are becoming closer and closer to each other. Also,repparttar 145557 old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved can be so true as your partner may view things in a different light from how you have viewed them. Again, by sharing you are showing you can caring. Hence, a stable relationship is growing allrepparttar 145558 time. Live is such a wonderful thing.

When marriage is discussed and a proposal made we fall head over heels in love. We cannot wait to tell family and friends and get very excited about going shopping for an engagement ring or showing offrepparttar 145559 ring that was chosen or even handed down as a heirloom inrepparttar 145560 family. You are both on a high note for a long time as everyone congratulates you both on you engagement.

Retirement Planning for the Stay-At-Home Mom

Written by Stephanie Foster

When you first plan on staying home with your children, probablyrepparttar first thing you do is take a look and see if you can afford it. You cut back on cable TV, buy older cars, lose retirement benefits…

Whoops! Most moms don't seem to be thinking about what being a stay-at-home mom does for her retirement package. The years spent not working have a huge impact, however, when you decide to retire, so you need to plan now.

Let's start by looking at what you're losing for your retirement. No 401(k) with your employer contributing towards it. No pension, although those are getting scarce in most jobs anyhow. Less money available to put towards retirement. You aren't putting money into Social Security, so your benefits will be lower.

Ouch. Being a stay-at-home mom means you lose a lot for your retirement. Socially,repparttar 145298 stay-at-home mom, as you may already know, is not as valued by most or by our government asrepparttar 145299 working mother. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prepare for your own retirement. It means more sacrifices, as you'll have to put more money aside, but better to provide your own retirement than be a burden.

You will want to consider having your spouse contribute towards a Spousal IRA. You may want to talk to a professional to determinerepparttar 145300 best type of IRA. According torepparttar 145301 IRS website, up to $3000 may be contributed to a spousal IRA in a given year, assuming you are married and filing a joint return. See for more information on IRAs.

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