Love and Health

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Love-Health Relationship: Dr. Gray isrepparttar author of many books includingrepparttar 136238 fabulously successful book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. Another of his books addresses how some people or one person in every group or organization including a family, will be what he calls a ‘psychic drain’. There are neurons that respond when a person acts a certain way and research on monkey brains in 1996 showed some monkeys respond when they see another monkey doing something. This empathic ability can be lost or damaged in human brains due to trauma such as lifelong or early life abuse. The loss of what can be called empathy can also occur with lead poisoning and there are researchers in medicine that some label ‘environmental’ medical practitioners while they emphasizerepparttar 136239 ‘mental’ part ofrepparttar 136240 word, who say many if not most ailments are brought on or exacerbated through pollution and food additives or other things. Thus highly functional sociopaths are often becoming our leaders whilerepparttar 136241 decent empaths become victims of society

Education, Nutrition and A Personal LOVE of mine:

Dave and I went together to T. G. I. Friday's at Keystone atrepparttar 136242 Crossing on Indianapolis' north side. I saw a beautiful blond woman acrossrepparttar 136243 bar nearrepparttar 136244 antique gas pump. It seemed that she had a halo around her head. I saw no other woman and paid no attention to anything except her. Dave and I went to stand near her and her friend. I was wearing my southern climate white suit that women in Miami had thought I looked like a member ofrepparttar 136245 Miami Dolphins in after I had bought it in Coral Gables. Sherry's sister had a friend named Rick Osney who years later said: "So what do you do other than make cheap suits look good?" He was a retail clothing specialist. Sherry was most interested in Dave; she told me for months after, andrepparttar 136246 truth is Dave looked like a model and did some modeling and writing. I was so enchanted and enthusiastic that if it weren't forrepparttar 136247 fact that Sherry had just had a partial mastectomy and needed a worshipful admirer she would have blown me off very early, if not instantly.

I nattered on about allrepparttar 136248 success we were onrepparttar 136249 verge of achieving andrepparttar 136250 triplex we owned in Toronto as well as my travels. Sherry saw that her friend was interested in Dave. Her name was Sue Ann Blackwell. Sherry wasn't impressed by money or power but I guessrepparttar 136251 fact that I thought she wasrepparttar 136252 most beautiful woman I had ever met or close to it, was a deciding factor in her agreeing to see me again. I had a policy about making love within three dates overrepparttar 136253 previous four years or I thought it wasn't likely to become a real relationship. What stupidity, eh? The limited time available in every city made this a little more justifiable than it sounds however. I remember she went to her parents in Bloomington for Thanksgiving and having her prepare a simple dinner at her place during one of our early dates. She is a Libran and over six years older than me. Libran's haverepparttar 136254 classic hourglass figure that I love and their sign is a good fit with me. I felt willing to marry her even before we made love. It was a totally ecstatic time and my infatuation was complete. With 60 hours towards her doctorate in education and a very loving family that had enabled a globally conscious person that oozed class, Sherry was my ideal.

There was a lot of conversation and I enjoyed her insights even if she didn't agree with me about whatever it was we were debating. She was open enough to hear my stories of psychic things and questionrepparttar 136255 science behind them and seerepparttar 136256 possibilities. I told her that I was afraid of doing anything to cause us not to be friends but I still spoke my mind. There was no policy of three dates and I was on cloud nine. She had to makerepparttar 136257 first sexual moves. Her simple hamburger dinner was a disaster that we later laughed about for years. Yet, despiterepparttar 136258 fact that she saw I was a sweet person with allrepparttar 136259 right motivations she also fearedrepparttar 136260 salesman in me. The truth became apparent in a couple of years as Dave developed a relationship with Sue Ann that he wasrepparttar 136261 real 'operator' and Sherry still would keep me at arms length other than sex. I wrote poems and bought roses on may occasions. Before I left Indianapolis for Philadelphia I had made it clear I wanted to marry her.

I lost 20 pounds in 19 days while taking vitamins and eating my 1000 calorie two peanut butter sandwich diet. I was proud of my body and went back to see her. I remember meeting her at Subway Sam's and having lunch. She told me that she couldn't see me anymore if I was going to talk about marriage. Ours was to be an 'open relationship' and I feltrepparttar 136262 pangs of what other women that I had known must have felt. I adjusted and we soon were sharing talk about our other 'friends'. In a year or so, it seemed we were hurting each other. I was making more money andrepparttar 136263 business was doing well. I guess you could say I was a prime target for a lot of women who wanted wealth as part ofrepparttar 136264 package. It became increasingly superficial and I trusted fewer peoplerepparttar 136265 richer I got.

Sherry had a couple of problems of a medical nature. Her hypoglycemia had been miss-diagnosed and she had been given massive cortisone shots that I believe had contributed torepparttar 136266 cancer that resulted inrepparttar 136267 partial mastectomy. Women are not treated as men are when it comes to medical treatment; as well as every other aspect of misogyny in society. My studies of wholistics and hermetics were becoming quite extensive. I am going to quote authors from quite different sides ofrepparttar 136268 fence.

David Depew and Bruce Weber of MIT wrote 'Darwinism Evolving' in 1995 and it says on pages 492 & 493:

“They also made it harder forrepparttar 136269 scientific worldview to be received with equanimity by other sources of culture. Indeed, sincerepparttar 136270 reducing impulse undermines fairly huge tracts of experience, people like Wallace, who feel deeply about protecting phenomena they regard as existentially important, frequently conclude that they have no alternative except to embrace spiritualism, and sometimes even to attackrepparttar 136271 scientific worldview itself, if that isrepparttar 136272 only way to protect important spheres of experience that have been ejected from science's confining Eden.


Written by Janice Johnson

Hearing that some natural foods actually induce and promote acne is not something we commonly hear. Some say, “that’s impossible!” But it’s true.

There are some natural foods that actually lead to blemishes and acne – regardless of whether you are a teenager or an adult. Acne can be prevalent in adults as well as teenagers and there are ways we can avoid it – althoughrepparttar pharmaceutical and drug companies will tell you otherwise.

The drug companies occupy a billion dollar industry and there’s a lot of money to be made. Whatrepparttar 136221 public doesn’t know is advantageous for these companies because it keeps us coming back for more treatments - that continue to feed this huge industry. But what many people with acne also don’t realize is that what we eat can actually have a huge impact on our skin. What does this mean for us? It means less money spent on medicines and treatments and more time spent on enjoying life.

The Close Relationship between Food and Acne:

Did you know that mangos, bagels, potatoes, popcorn, papaya, and many other “natural” foods (which I won’t tell you about here) actually cause acne? It’s true. These foods are inflammation-inducing foods which cause problems such as a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. This leads to a burst of inflammation on a cellular level. Basically, as our insulin rises, this leads to increased inflammation throughout our bodies.

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