Love Sells

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Love Sells By Dan Reinhold

It's true, you know.

Love DOES sell.

And I DON'T mean it as a synonym for that three-letter word you usually hear...

I mean love inrepparttar 118190 greatest possible sense.

Or as psychologists like to call it, "unconditional positive regard". No kidding.

Funny thing about all this relationship building stuff going on...if you're not genuinely sincere about it, it comes through.

EVEN online.

Think about that person you've just met (or just introduced themselves to you) as a sale, you may very quickly lose a potential friend/mentor/confidant/collaborator.

And a whoooollllleeee bunch of sales.

It's a pretty simple formula: I help you, you help me -or I help you WHILE you help me.

WCIDFY (What can I do for you?) rules, WIIFM (you know that one) drools.

Glastonbury Festival History: Losing the Main Stage

Written by Holmes Charnley

Now then,repparttar wonders of quagmires are a treat I have never encountered. I hadrepparttar 118189 uncanny ability, as a youth, to attend Europe's premier music festival twice, and both times I stumbled upon a West Country heat wave.

Yes, it's true; yours truly enjoyedrepparttar 118190 warmth ofrepparttar 118191 sun andrepparttar 118192 cider tent on both occasions whilst at Glastonbury.

Forrepparttar 118193 purpose of what I have to say here, I am going to concentrate on justrepparttar 118194 one specific event that happened whilst I was there. I was in my early 20s, it wasrepparttar 118195 Saturday ofrepparttar 118196 festival and everything was just hunky dory no, totally, it was so hunky dory as to warrant my starting a new religion, so I went back torepparttar 118197 cider tent to calm down.

I imbibed several more pints of diesel, earthed myself, and asrepparttar 118198 sun began its descent, I smacked my chops, thankedrepparttar 118199 staff and wandered over torepparttar 118200 main stage for what promised to be an enjoyable evening.

Yes, The Orb were playing, and their oft heard song Little Fluffy Clouds was sure to be a lovely ending to a quite lovely day.

So I trundled over torepparttar 118201 said main stage,repparttar 118202 colours ofrepparttar 118203 sunset now taking shape and positioned myself so as to get a good view ofrepparttar 118204 stage.

Sure, two blokes and a load of synthesisers isn'trepparttar 118205 most spectacular stage show, but, well, I felt sure they'd put on a good light show to make up forrepparttar 118206 lack of stage presence.

I was pretty early, I don't think they were due on 'til about half nine or something, and inrepparttar 118207 meantime, a bloke beside me nudged me, and when I looked round, he pointed behind me. He was grinning. I turned round to see what he was on about, and there, inrepparttar 118208 adjacent field, a firework display was just starting off. I smiled, thanked him, and got intorepparttar 118209 display.

It was a good one; it warranted me getting my pipe out of my back pocket, stoking it with draw and cranking my brain. Whoosh! That didrepparttar 118210 trick. The display was quite beautiful and I gave it my undivided attention,repparttar 118211 rockets and their explosions every bit as important as my close shave withrepparttar 118212 new religion I mentioned earlier.

The display continued for quite sometime,repparttar 118213 colours ofrepparttar 118214 sunset now in full flow, it was nearly enough to makerepparttar 118215 poor boy cry with joy, but, I held on. Eventually,repparttar 118216 display ended, and, it was time to settle down to enjoyrepparttar 118217 main event. Yes, The Orb.

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