Love Marriage and Romance

Written by Micheal Webb

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The Easy Way to Organize Your Wardrobe in 15 Minutes Per Day

Written by Barbara Myers

1. Separate clothing into categories. Pants with pants, skirts with skirts, and so on.

2. Find five containers (boxes, baskets, plastic storage) and label as follows: Donate, Mend, Trash, Hold, Store Until (date six months from today). Overrepparttar next three days, you will sort your clothing. Any item that doesn't fit or look beautiful on you goes intorepparttar 131050 donate container. If buttons are loose or alterations are needed,repparttar 131051 item belongs inrepparttar 131052 mend pile. Trash is for anything stained or beyond repair. Hold is for items you're not sure about. Put them away for one month and then make a decision. Store Until is for items which don't currently fit but might in six months if you continue on your weight loss program.

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