Love Makes The World Go Round

Written by Lisa van den Berg

Love Makes The World Go Round! Copyright © Lisa van den Berg

I must admit to being a whole half of one of those really soppy, wonderful marriages you see on rose tinted TV.

It never really rings true with me when people say , 'I'm one half of a whole'

One ofrepparttar wonderful things in our relationship isrepparttar 123994 fact that we are two 'wholes' that make up a great big hole (oops… whole :-)

We should, if truth be told, never have gotten married according torepparttar 123995 state of our relationship atrepparttar 123996 time. We are two totally different people and from such immensely different backgrounds and upbringings that had we looked at it all logically, it would have been doomed fromrepparttar 123997 start.

Love, I suppose you could say, savedrepparttar 123998 day!

He makes me laugh. I meanrepparttar 123999 real belly aching, gut wrenching shake that no-one else finds inrepparttar 124000 least bit funny, but we collapse over. He makes me feel safe. Although I am a very independent woman, he holds me tight and fightsrepparttar 124001 monsters when they come too close (and I love it). He tells me I'm being silly, when I am, and I sit and listen (whether I agree or not is a completely different matter). He loves coming home to me and we run and hug each otherrepparttar 124002 momentrepparttar 124003 door swings open (we could be compared to two Labradors on first meeting) We dance atrepparttar 124004 drop of a hat and don't care who's watching And we can sit quietly in each others company for hours on end.

Some ofrepparttar 124005 things that have changed since that day we got married have been conscious and some completely not.

For instance; He openly admits that he adores me but that if our marriage were to deteriorate beyond repair, he would seek another mate. This used to have me sobbing for an entire day as I was very clingy and believed inrepparttar 124006 whole 'fairytale'. When I realized that we would have to constantly work at our relationship to keep each other 'in love', I took responsibility for each and every experience we have, and so does he (and it's wonderful)

Handle Stress Like A Monk

Written by Lisa van den Berg

Firstly, let's define Stress.

Stress is defined simply as 'Change'.

Any kind of change. Be it nvironmental, Physical, Emotional or Social - Good or Bad. As human beings we are naturally resistant to any type of change. Sorepparttar prospect of anything in our well-defined lives changing, puts our bodies on 'Full Alert'.

Betweenrepparttar 123993 ages of birth and 6 years old, we lay down our jigsaw puzzle of life. Our subconscious minds carve out a plan of what is acceptable, believable, achievable and realistic. From learning that putting your hand on repparttar 123994 red circle onrepparttar 123995 stove is sore, to associating a raised voice with a deed deemed to be unacceptable.

This isrepparttar 123996 subconscious laying outrepparttar 123997 set of rules that determines survival. If you want to not only survive, but function well inrepparttar 123998 world, these arerepparttar 123999 rules you have to live by.

Good girls don't do that..., boys don't cry..., don't mix with them they're not our class etc etc.

Thus startsrepparttar 124000 process of Stress. The subconscious will hold onto its 'Survival Jigsaw' against tremendous opposition. The moment it perceives change,repparttar 124001 defenses go up.

It is a proven fact that some of us handle Stress better than others. About 10% ofrepparttar 124002 population actually has a lowered capability of adjusting to change, and seeing it as a welcome challenge. The chemical imbalance in their brain causes them to be acutely aware of, and sensitive to, change. The results are Depression, Insomnia, Irritability, PMS amongst others.

We all know thatrepparttar 124003 power of our thoughts, hasrepparttar 124004 ability to influence our physiology. 'As you think, so shall you be'.

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