Love Is in the Air: Five Steps into Joyful Abundance

Written by Judith Pennington

Love is inrepparttar Air: Five Steps into Joyful Abundance

What is it that brings about healing and attracts love, joy, peace and prosperity into our lives? As a journalist, writer and author, Iíve studied science and spirituality for decades and perhaps like you have formed a seamless belief system that makes sense of everything.

So Iím excited when I see proof of it, which comes over and over again and most recently in an e-mail message from a new friend of mine in Pittsburgh. He wrote to say that when we hugged, he feltrepparttar 138725 direct transfer of something from me into his chest. It didn't carry any emotional impact, but a physical shift in his energies transpired andrepparttar 138726 next day rid him of a misconception that had caused him a great deal of anxiety.

Could I explain what had happened, he asked? Were these two events connected? What isn't, I laughed in delight, replying withrepparttar 138727 lessons my inner voice of wisdom had just been teaching me!

Bearers of light

I spoke to David of liking him fromrepparttar 138728 moment we met, as I'd sensed something very special in him. He was coordinatingrepparttar 138729 Sunday service at his Unity church, and as he stood atrepparttar 138730 podium, speaking so gently of love, my heart opened and I became aware ofrepparttar 138731 high spiritual energies inrepparttar 138732 room. I was there to speak and my travel fatigue instantly melted away.

Duringrepparttar 138733 "meet and greet" portion ofrepparttar 138734 service, I hugged David gratefully forrepparttar 138735 love he had given me. So it was not I who healed him, butrepparttar 138736 Love in him that didrepparttar 138737 work. When we are open and ready for change, love responds and Light flows into and through us, bringing aboutrepparttar 138738 transformation we seek.

My seven-year-old grandson understands this perfectly. He delights in creating "pictures" to give away, and alongside many of his colorful airplanes and butterflies arerepparttar 138739 words, "Love is inrepparttar 138740 air."

In this cosmic sea of spirit, composed of energetic waves of thought and feeling, love flows through every person and event. I bring to you some gift of wisdom, a loving thought or touch, and you say something that enlivens me, perhaps opens my heart to a new understanding of us both.

This is whatrepparttar 138741 Hindu mystic-poet Kabir meant in saying, "Sometimes we are a wave, sometimesrepparttar 138742 ocean. We come here to bring each other to God." When we are calm and peaceful, we float restfully inrepparttar 138743 ocean ofrepparttar 138744 OneMind, immersed in its expanded perspectives and at-one with its rhythmic flow. When we are disconnected, we break into separate waves, but even then we call each other back torepparttar 138745 One.

Waves in flow withrepparttar 138746 ocean

What separates us fromrepparttar 138747 OneMind and its peace, joy and fulfillment? It is always stress, fatigue, fear and distrust, tensing us into waves of rigidity and resistance. Many of us fear being hurt and shrink away from life, closing our hearts torepparttar 138748 healing Love in and all around us. At times we feel cold and alone, perhaps rejected, abandoned, unsure and confused. But in truth, Love has not abandoned us. We have become oblivious to its presence.

This separation is why we so often feel lost and unhappy. The closed heart, by virtue of its separation, cannot be enriched by All That Is. The law of magnetic resonance, governingrepparttar 138749 law of attraction, cannot bring riches to poverty, nor peace and happiness to a conflicted bodymind trapped in anger or judgment. When we are experiencing inner conflict and are out of integrity with our souls, we feel a gnawing hunger, a thirst for what is missing, and usually try to satisfy this craving with love relationships, euphoric chemicals, career achievement and/or material possessions. Our busyness almost distracts us fromrepparttar 138750 cold internal knot of separation, but not quite.

The only way back torepparttar 138751 ocean ofrepparttar 138752 OneMind is to open our hearts torepparttar 138753 light and unfold, petal by petal, into our blossoming.

Nature shows us what to do, especially inrepparttar 138754 springtime. Out of dark, quiet winter comes a season of warmth and renewal. Brightly colored plants and flowers draw us torepparttar 138755 wondrous life force swirling intorepparttar 138756 curve of a leaf, colorful patches of wildflowers andrepparttar 138757 light mint greens of budding trees. Seeingrepparttar 138758 magic of spring, we remember howrepparttar 138759 Creative Force sweeps into every thing: in sheets of rain upon a rushing river;repparttar 138760 pealing laughter in a child's perfect cartwheel;repparttar 138761 sparkling spiral star-dance of our magnificent Milky Way.

Because of this visible and invisible evidence of love, I trust and believe what my inner wisdom tells me: that all waves come to empty our darkness so that Light can flow intorepparttar 138762 bodymind, enabling us to gently unfold and flower into lives of beauty and joy. Our inner wisdom whispers that each and every wave helps us grow and is called, by our nature, into being.

When we listen to our souls very closely, we hear that this is our dearest wish andrepparttar 138763 work that we came here to do. The open heart knows this and does it willingly, with excitement and gratitude, understanding its soulís purpose andrepparttar 138764 ultimate meaning of life.

The secrets of an open heart

Allrepparttar 138765 same, life is sometimes like a banana peel. It seems that everything conspires to trip us up, throw us off-balance and slide us down some slippery slope, whereupon we close our tender hearts for our own protection. How to openrepparttar 138766 heart, then, when it closes suddenly or over time?

STEP 1. The most immediate antidote is to breathe and relax insiderepparttar 138767 remembered assurance that every wave comes outrepparttar 138768 OneMind and so must be a wave of love calling us back to Love. Knowing this, we breathe deeply and evenly, becoming perfectly present torepparttar 138769 flow of air intorepparttar 138770 nose and back out ofrepparttar 138771 mouth.

Your can deepen this relaxed, peaceful state of consciousness by counting breaths or followingrepparttar 138772 wind of your breath into your diaphragm and back out of your body. Research has shown that focusing onrepparttar 138773 breath relaxes us, and focusing on two things simultaneously, like counting andrepparttar 138774 movement of breath, produces a deeper state of consciousness akin to meditation.

Another heart-opening technique, especially useful during conflict, is to close your eyes and focus onrepparttar 138775 space between your ears. Try this now, to see for yourself how this diffuses thought and relaxesrepparttar 138776 body. It works just as well when we focus onrepparttar 138777 space betweenrepparttar 138778 eyes or any two objects. Just as in a guided meditation,repparttar 138779 act of imagining space shifts our brainwaves intorepparttar 138780 alpha bandwidth of vibration. This relaxed peacefulness neutralizesrepparttar 138781 patterns of overexcited, hyper-aroused physical tension that create most if not all illness and disease, according to neurofeedback research.

STEP 2. When we repeatedly experience this meditative state of mind, we extend it into everyday life and are better able to stay united withrepparttar 138782 OneMind. We are less upset by our own thoughts and by external events, so we live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.

Rooted inrepparttar 138783 transcendent perspectives ofrepparttar 138784 OneMind, we consistently respond to life peacefully andrepparttar 138785 heart is better able to stay open. When conflict comes up, we breathe, relax and allow that wave of thought energy to wash into and through us, neither holding on to nor resisting it. This is called peaceful, nonviolent non-resistance. We "hold our seats," as Buddhism teaches and remain peaceful.

One Humanity

Written by Judith Pennington

One Humanity

There's a wonderful story about Milarepa,repparttar Tibetan Buddhist saint who as a young man went out intorepparttar 138724 world to experience life and returned home to find his house filled with demons. He was angry and afraid at first and wanted to fight them or flee. Instead, he didrepparttar 138725 unexpected.

First he took a deep breath and bowed. Half ofrepparttar 138726 demons disappeared. Then he opened his heart and mind, expanded his field of awareness and out of his mouth came a song that sent away all but one ofrepparttar 138727 demons. The last demon, snarling fiercely, opened his mouth to consume Milarepa, but Milarepa placed his head inrepparttar 138728 demon's mouth. The demon disappeared.

What's wonderful about this story isrepparttar 138729 way Milarepa dispelledrepparttar 138730 demons. He "inspired" himself with a deep, calming breath and expanded intorepparttar 138731 higher perspectives of peaceful non-resistance.

We can dorepparttar 138732 same. If we are quiet and wait patiently, magnificent insights will come to us too. We have only to expand our view, as ancient people did in watchingrepparttar 138733 constellations move aroundrepparttar 138734 nighttime sky. One day, someone built a wheel and civilization moved forward.

How do we move intorepparttar 138735 higher mind, which sees farther and more truly than our ordinary eyes?

Hereís how it works for me. When I take a deep breath, widen my awareness and wait patiently, my still, small voice beckons me intorepparttar 138736 peaceful serenity of my heart. I am drawn by these joyful feelings into a luminous field of love behind my closed eyes, and I sit silently, gratefully, in these currents of energy until Earth meets Heaven in me.

In this stillness of being, I seek not to know why there was an earthquake and tsunami inrepparttar 138737 Indian Ocean. I open my heart and envision light illuminating that part ofrepparttar 138738 world, calming and purifying earth, sea and sky. In being a channel of blessings, I too am healed.

Some people consider meditative prayer to be wishful thinking, yet it isrepparttar 138739 single most effective way to bring about healing and peace. More than anything else,repparttar 138740 love and light flowing from us will bring each suffering personrepparttar 138741 understanding, peace and healing so badly needed and propel us all intorepparttar 138742 age of enlightenment wheeling toward us now.

The amazing research of Dr. Masaru Emoto on water crystals ( perfectly illustratesrepparttar 138743 ability of loving prayer to transmute diseased water into molecular patterns of exquisite beauty and harmony. Meditation hasrepparttar 138744 same alchemical effect, according to 600 studies cited by physicist John Hegelin ( These studies show thatrepparttar 138745 peaceful energies pulsing outward during meditation build a global brain wave coherence that reduces aggression and healsrepparttar 138746 quantum field of consciousness.

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