Love Could Be An Errand Away

Written by Toni Coleman, LCSW

You have signed up on several large dating sites and posted a great profile. So far, you've had some nice responses, but these haven't led to a meeting yet. Someone told you about a singles group at your church and there is an organization in your city for singles who want to volunteer, and hopefully meet other like-minded people. You've lost count of allrepparttar parties, happy hours and clubs you've been to, hoping to meet compatible singles. Whew! It's a lot of effort just to be inrepparttar 135014 right place atrepparttar 135015 right time withrepparttar 135016 right people.

Or is it?

In towns and cities everywhere there are single people (like yourself) going about their daily lives. Schedules consist of long hours at work and/ or school, commuting, appointments, errands, leisure time pursuits/activities and everything else that is part ofrepparttar 135017 fabric of one's existence. Inrepparttar 135018 course of a day,repparttar 135019 average person encounters many strangers onrepparttar 135020 street, elevator, store, metro, etc. Have you ever really thought aboutrepparttar 135021 possibility that Mr/Ms Right could berepparttar 135022 person behind you in line or acrossrepparttar 135023 aisle onrepparttar 135024 metro? If not, now is a good time to raise your awareness and broaden your thinking onrepparttar 135025 subject of how and where you can meet compatible singles. Armed with some newly acquired skills, your next chance encounter could lead to a first date and more. The following are areas to start buildingrepparttar 135026 expertise that will help you to stand out and getrepparttar 135027 right kind of attention when an attractive stranger comes into your sights.

* Always be prepared. You just never know, so you need to make that extra effort before you rush out ofrepparttar 135028 house. Take a quick look inrepparttar 135029 mirror, comb your hair and change those (horrid) old sweats into a nice pair of jeans. How you feel about yourself will be projected onto those around you, and really - you do look like your mother in THOSE pants.

* Raise your general awareness of what and who is around you. Don't walk with you head down, avoiding any eye contact. Try smiling at people you pass onrepparttar 135030 street and offer a nice greeting or remark torepparttar 135031 folks who wait on you when you shop, do your banking, pick up your clothes atrepparttar 135032 cleaners, etc. Take special note of strangers who appear to be single and to have characteristics you seek and surreptitiously check to see if that cute guy/girl is looking your way. If so, smile and say hello if it feels appropriate to do so.

* Watch your body language. Along with holding your head up, remember to keep those shoulders back and walk with a comfortable erectness. Have an "open" posture. Don't wrap your arms around yourself as you stand or huddle in a corner when waiting/standing in a line. The eyes say it all; so let yours say "friendly." Communicate to others that you are approachable and let them see that you are interested- if you are. What you don't say speaks volumes.

* Learn to be a good flirt. Along with body language and communicating interest with your eyes, you will probably need to smile and have a few good lines available. Rule of thumb- only approach someone who is reciprocating your interest through his or her non-verbal language. Starting with a question is always a good move. Make it real, non-threatening and impersonal. For instance, you are in a sandwich shop grabbing lunch and you are standing in back of a very cute guy. "Excuse me, have you ever triedrepparttar 135033 Italian sub here?" "It looks really good, but I hate it when they add too much oil." Safe, easy to answer and very open-ended. This allowsrepparttar 135034 other person to share their experience withrepparttar 135035 shop (or lack of) and to add any comments or ask a question of their own. If they do, respond back with something that offers themrepparttar 135036 chance to keep talking.

Top 10 Tips For TV Interview Success

Written by Joanne Mallon

1. Appearing in other types of media isrepparttar best way to attract TV notice. The more your name appears in print,repparttar 134952 more likely it is that you'll be approached to appear on TV.

2. If a TV researcher or producer phones you, treatrepparttar 134953 conversation like a mini-audition. Theyíre listening out for how you say things as well as what you have to say, so let your personality shine.

3. Pictures rule when making TV programmes. When sending ideas to TV companies, make sure that you have thought it through from a visual point of view. Itís not just about what you say; itís about what you show and how you look as well.

4. Negotiate money only when your appearance is definitely confirmed. Be confident and neutral when discussing fees and decide beforehand if you are prepared to dorepparttar 134954 interview for free. If there is a fee it's unlikely to be large.

5. When doing a TV interview, keep talking, be aware of body language and tone of voice

6. Ask whatrepparttar 134955 first question is likely to be before filming starts to help you prepare. The interviewer will have prepared a list of questions and may share some of them with you beforehand. Remember thatrepparttar 134956 interviewer wantsrepparttar 134957 interview to go well just as much as you do.

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