Love's Most Overlooked Expression

Written by Conrad L.Jones

I'll berepparttar first to admit how totally clueless about women's needs, love and relationships most of us men can be. Sometimes women believe that we're just insensitive pigs, butrepparttar 122065 truth often is, we're just clueless about what she's talking about. Anyway, here's how I somehow got a clue about a few things; hope this helps guys or women,repparttar 122066 guy in your life!

A few weeks ago, one of my wife's sisters was getting married, so allrepparttar 122067 others chipped in to helprepparttar 122068 best way they could. As luck would have it,repparttar 122069 task of preparing forrepparttar 122070 wedding shower fell to my wife.

Now my schedule was already filled with various assignments but anyhow, I decided to totally clear it forrepparttar 122071 day, and help her as best as I could. Needless to say, she was totally surprised because she knew I had a few important things to do that day. I personally didn't mind because they were not urgent and I just wanted to help her out.

When we got torepparttar 122072 room, it was a total mess, so we set about trying to clean it up before we decorated. As we mopped and swept together, we chatted. As we decorated, hung balloons, decorated tables and made floral arrangements together we chatted and laughed endlessly. Late inrepparttar 122073 afternoon we leftrepparttar 122074 room tired, but happy.

After refreshing ourselves we headed back torepparttar 122075 party, and even though I was tired, I still helped withrepparttar 122076 entertainment, food serving, andrepparttar 122077 clean-up afterwards.

When we finally left, we returned home totally exhausted and immediately fell asleep.

Overrepparttar 122078 next few days, I noticed and incredible increase in intimacy and passion. It was as if my wife was falling over herself to please me. She was bubbly, excited and sex was "WOW". She even found time to work on a few projects with me. I was speechless to sayrepparttar 122079 least.

When I couldn't understand it any further, I had to ask her about what was happening. Here's what I learnt.

Marriage Missing its Spark?

Written by Slade Hartwell

Ifrepparttar fires of passion in your marriage have been reduced nearly to embers, then you are not alone. One ofrepparttar 122064 most common problems that can damage a marriage isrepparttar 122065 loss of spark…or spice, or whatever you like to call it. It’s really not so easy to get yourself or your partner “inrepparttar 122066 mood” once you have become very familiar with each other. Of course, it’s wonderful to be familiar with your spouse because familiarity isrepparttar 122067 basis of intimacy. But intimacy is notrepparttar 122068 same as passion, is it? Routine isrepparttar 122069 culprit. Ifrepparttar 122070 proper countermeasures are not deployed against routine’s assault on your relationship, then it will drain allrepparttar 122071 passion right out of your marriage. Routine is a tenacious killer of passion…a suspect inrepparttar 122072 deaths of over 1 million steamy romances. I know routine comes in very handy for showers and oil changes, but it has no place inrepparttar 122073 bedroom. Fight it! Fight boredom and routine! It’s going to take a little effort to rekindle those flames, but armed withrepparttar 122074 right tactics you will succeed! Some ofrepparttar 122075 ideas I will mention may seem rather basic, and most are simple and easy. Just try them. You have already begun to make more of an effort by reading this article; now don’t just think about how nice it would be to do some of these things with your spouse…the only way for this to happen is for you to take action!

Have you ever noticed how a change of venue can be very exciting? That’s right…just being together in a place that’s not your bedroom can have an almost magical effect. Use this strange phenomenon to your advantage. Get yourselves a nice hotel room on a Saturday night. First have dinner, and then go for a swim inrepparttar 122076 hotel pool. Be playful and flirty with your spouse. Don’t put any pressure on them; just be affectionate and playful throughoutrepparttar 122077 evening together and let things happen naturally. A hand on their thigh, a whisper in their ear or a kiss onrepparttar 122078 neck are all great for reminding your partner what's waiting for them. Now, go up to your room and letrepparttar 122079 strange surroundings take effect.

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