Lose weight and Keep it off Permanently Without Fancy Diets

Written by Sean Harder

For yearsrepparttar experts have been telling us that diets do not work, and my experience inrepparttar 146007 field for almost twenty years confirms that. Yet every year several new fad diets and supplements emerge, claiming they haverepparttar 146008 answer, and making people rich.

Any diet will help you lose weight, there is no arguing that. I have several personal friends who have lost significant weight onrepparttar 146009 new low carb diets. Whether you can lose weight on a diet has never beenrepparttar 146010 issue. I worked for Nutri-System several years ago and saw some people lose tons of weight. The issue has been and always will be whether a person keepsrepparttar 146011 weight off. Research has always shown that within 5 years, anywhere between 85 and 90 percent of people will putrepparttar 146012 weight back on after stopping a diet.

The key here is after "stopping a diet". Very few ofrepparttar 146013 fad diets, orrepparttar 146014 diets where you buy special food, can or will be followed permanently. This is precisely why they don't work. There is also evidence that so-called yo-yo dieting is worse for your health than being moderately overweight. Most people I know with a weight problem have lost and gained at least 3 or 4 times in their lifetime.

The key then is to find a way to develop a lifestyle of eating and exercise that you will implement permanently. Human nature will not tolerate deprivation well, so you must be able to have some of you want, andrepparttar 146015 luxury to not do what you have to some ofrepparttar 146016 time. You must eatrepparttar 146017 things you like once in while, and be able to say I don't want to exercise once in while, or you give in and give up.

Donít Be Misled. The Best Attitude and Action for Weight Loss

Written by Hilda Maria

Weight loss can be one ofrepparttar most difficult things to accomplish. Todayís media andrepparttar 146006 marketplace can sometimes makerepparttar 146007 effort of weight loss even harder. Like it or not most societies inrepparttar 146008 developed countries are heavily motivated byrepparttar 146009 media. Television, radio, newspapers, direct mail, andrepparttar 146010 Internet all contribute heavily to our beliefs, our attitudes and ultimately our actions. So, when it comes to weight loss, how do you determinerepparttar 146011 right solution for your situation? Who do you believe and who do you discount?

Are we as a society obsessed with weight loss? Or, is there truly reason to take notice and lose a few pounds? While there are some people, especially females duringrepparttar 146012 teenage years, who take weight loss torepparttar 146013 extremes, for most of us losing some weight would berepparttar 146014 healthy thing to do.

Itís no secret that ďthin is inĒ, yet turn onrepparttar 146015 news channel and youíll see where researchers are finding more and more of our youth are obese and more and more adults as well as children are being diagnosed withrepparttar 146016 chronic disease of Type 2 diabetes, often as a result of obesity. We see hear that thin is better, yet we keep getting bigger and bigger. Whatísrepparttar 146017 reason?

The reasons are many. Primarily, our activity levels donít matchrepparttar 146018 amount of food we eat. We are constantly being bombarded with quick food and lots of occasions to eat. For example, some friends invite you over. The chances are slim that there wonít be food involved. You go to a sports event. Whatís on your mind besidesrepparttar 146019 game? Food! Somehow, we have become conditioned to equate food with socializing. While thatís not necessarily a bad thing,repparttar 146020 amount of food we consume at these parties and events often times are a bad thing. If you are trying to lose weight, whenever you eat, remember; donít eat more than you will be active enough to use! Letís face it! Watchingrepparttar 146021 Super Bowl on television is far less energy focused, thanrepparttar 146022 guys playing inrepparttar 146023 game. Theyíre usually drinking Gatorade, weíre eating everything in site.

Were The Cavemen Fat?

Consider this: Our forefathers were constantly working to simply survive. The men were farming, hunting, and fishing for food. The women were busy preparing,repparttar 146024 food, andrepparttar 146025 clothing as well as raisingrepparttar 146026 children. There was constant activity without an overabundance of food. Our bodies were not designed to be sedentary. Yet, today with technological advances, andrepparttar 146027 average lifestyles we live, our activity levels have all but disappeared.

Letís explore this a bit furtherÖ We get up inrepparttar 146028 morning, jump inrepparttar 146029 shower, drive a car or catchrepparttar 146030 subway or bus to work, grab some food atrepparttar 146031 fast food place for lunch, come home pop in a frozen dinner, plop down onrepparttar 146032 sofa, turn onrepparttar 146033 TV and our day is done. Compare that torepparttar 146034 days of old. First off, you had to drawrepparttar 146035 water forrepparttar 146036 shower, then you had to firerepparttar 146037 stove to stay warm and to cook(repparttar 146038 food was hunted and grown by hand). If you left your home for work, walking was a major way of transportation,ÖNeed I say more? Our bodies havenít evolved torepparttar 146039 point to where activity is not necessary. Yet, we arerepparttar 146040 least active of any society since mankind was placed on this earth. Food must be matched with activity. To lose weight, you must consume less food thanrepparttar 146041 body needs. Thatís aboutrepparttar 146042 only way youíll burn off any fat.

Steps to Losing Weight

Enough preaching about activity. You want to lose weight and have more energy. First, I strongly suggest if you have more than a few pounds to lose, see your physician before you begin any weight loss plan. There are some medications, and diseases that can contribute to weight gain. If you knowrepparttar 146043 facts before you begin youíll be able to better determinerepparttar 146044 best method for your weight loss.

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