Lose Weight with One Simple Mindset

Written by Greg Ryan

Diabetes is one ofrepparttar fastest growing diseases today. Today people like me are trying to educate people on what diabetes is and what causes it. One ofrepparttar 150829 things dealing with diabetes is maintaining consistent sugar levels inrepparttar 150830 blood stream.

Now matter if you have diabetes or not, you have experienced times in your day when you could just lay down onrepparttar 150831 couch and take a nap. In many cases, this is not because you are tired, it is because you have elevated your sugar levels in your blood, either by not eating for a period of time or eating to much during a meal. We eat a big lunch, or foods filled with starches and at 2:00 we need a nap.

Here is what else happens when blood sugars are low, we have a don’t care attitude. In other words we make poor choices in what to eat, just to make us feel better. I get a little irritated when my blood sugar levels are low. This is when I could care less about good of bad food.

Weight Loss, Exercise and New Year’s Resolutions – Why they don’t work?

Written by Greg Ryan

We have all set them, and we will revisit them again around January 1st. For some reason each year we feel it will be different this time around - only to forgetrepparttar new gym membership, new clothes and new found inspiration about six weeks intorepparttar 150828 year.

“Why do New Years Resolutions fail us year after year?” Or a better question, “Why do we fail them?” I believe it comes down to this; anytime you post ponerepparttar 150829 start of something, means it is not urgent or serious enough in your life. When something bad happens to you, what do you do? You move it, you make decisions, you don’t think about it you just move forward.

“You will only follow through on your weight loss program whenrepparttar 150830 consequences become your reality.” From my e –book “Truth of Consequences?”

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