Lose Weight This Weekend - Less Is More When You Eat With All 5 Senses

Written by Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

If you want to lose weight this weekend, where do you start?

One answer is to eat by using all 5 senses. Mindful eating is eating with all 5 senses-evenrepparttar one that historically gets us in trouble--sight.

You've heardrepparttar 151213 expression-your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

No problem.

When you learn to feel your stomach, get connected to yourself and rely on your own body's feedback, it won't matter.

I often take a big plate of food, especially at a buffet (ugh!) or a social gathering if I am hungry. But because I have taught myself to eat mindfully and can now feel when I am full, I rarely eat it all. I always feel fully satisfied because I know that I can eat again whenever I want. I don't forbid myself to eat, so there is no power struggle around eating.

This mental shift frees me to say yes or no to food without guilt. It's a shift that may be difficult for you to make because of fear, because you haven't learned to trust yourself yet. It will come.

And it all starts with mindful eating. By eating with all 5 senses-you *see*repparttar 151214 colors and textures, *taste*repparttar 151215 sweetness, *hear*repparttar 151216 crunch, *smell*repparttar 151217 coffee. When you enjoy your experience down to your bones, you are nurturing yourself-this is a good thing.

Eating Out! - 5 Healthy Tips

Written by Weight-Control-Services.com

Itís one thing to stick with your diet regimen when youíre at home, in control ofrepparttar contents of your refrigerator and your portion sizes. But what about going out to dinner with friends? Worse, how do you stay on track when your dream vacation has you seated byrepparttar 151160 dessert cart at every meal?

Eating right when youíre out of your comfort zone can actually be easier than when you are at home, so long as you think smart and plan ahead.

Getting in shape can be an arduous journey, and you should allow yourself to celebrate alongrepparttar 151161 way! However, celebrating doesnít mean two helpings of dessert. Instead, focus on these simple tips to help you enjoy your dinners out onrepparttar 151162 town without compromising your weight loss goals.

Tip 1: Daily Plan

Incorporate meals out like any others. Donít skip meals beforehand, setting yourself up to be starving, then overeat. Plan. Donít be afraid to call ahead and find out whatrepparttar 151163 specials are going to be and figure out a couple of choices, so that you donít stress out when you arrive and order foods that are notrepparttar 151164 best options for your diet.

Ifrepparttar 151165 restaurant or event is going to serve you buffet-style, again, call ahead to plan. If thatís not an option, here are a couple ideas. First, ask someone with whom youíre comfortable sharing your dietary concerns to help you. Tell him or her what foods you can eat (or what you cannot eat) and askrepparttar 151166 person to fill a plate for you. Or second, walk up torepparttar 151167 buffet table(s) beforehand with no plate. Just take a casual stroll around and see which foods are being served. Then decide if you would like to ask someone else to place your selections on a plate for you or if you would prefer to get them yourself.

Tip 2: Slow and Steady

First of all, use manners and eat slowly. Not only will this help with your digestion, it slows your eating down so that you donít ďgulpĒ and be a chow-hound, eating everything in sight.

If out with others, remember you are also there for socializing, so talk between bites. Set your eating utensils down while you chew. Have a sip of water between bites. The goal is not to see how fast can you wolf downrepparttar 151168 food while someone else is talking.

Tip 3: Avoid temptation

There is no law that says you must have a basket of bread, butter and oil before a meal out. If it is on your table when you are seated, request that it be brought back torepparttar 151169 kitchen.

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