Lose Weight Fast with Common Sense Diet

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Common Sense Diet: Eating for Weight Loss

Curiously most people will stick religiously torepparttar servings guidelines when eating something like oatmeal, rice, or their half cup of broccoli, yet when they eat chips, crackers, cookies and ice cream they have as much as they want. It makes more sense to eat all you want ofrepparttar 131371 vegetables and fruit snacks and limitrepparttar 131372 processed food treats though. If you want permanent weight loss tryrepparttar 131373 Common Sense Diet.

Eat As Much As you Want of Real Foods

Consider having as much "real" food as it takes to satisfy, then limitrepparttar 131374 processed foods. Eating doublerepparttar 131375 ingredients in your sandwich is still better than having half a sandwich and a whole bag of greasy chips. If you look atrepparttar 131376 box for hot cereal, it suggests a pretty small serving size. Just ignore it. Fix as many "servings" as you want, then eat a nice big bowl of hot cereal. I usually cook enough for four and split it between two of us. Am I as big as a barn? Hardly. But half that amount of cereal would not satisfy me and I'd be looking for something else to eat pretty quickly. Eating plenty inrepparttar 131377 first place makes much more sense and I'm generally satisfied for several hours.

So what if I eat more thanrepparttar 131378 recommended serving size? The suggested servings have nothing to do with you and everything to do with whatrepparttar 131379 manufacturer wanted to list as "calories per serving," or to be able to make a claim of "less than 2 net carbs," both of which are essentially meaningless. What matters is how much food will you need to be satisfied? It makes little sense for a 130 pound woman to be served and to eatrepparttar 131380 same amount as a 200 pound man.

I eat as much as it takes to satisfy my hunger, and then no more. That doesn't mean I eat until I'm stuffed so full I'll be ill, or I have to lie down, it means I'm satisfied. I get busy and forget all about eating when I'm well fed.

If you're following a pre-prescribed eating plan and you still want more to eat, it's unlikely you'll stay with that plan for long. Everyone of us is unique in our food requirements, so following a prescribed diet plan may just need to be modified to better suit you. It's okay to add another half cup of vegetables and it could makerepparttar 131381 difference between success and failure in your dieting efforts.

Add an apple or other piece of fruit a couple times duringrepparttar 131382 day to get you over those hungry times. Most fruit has less than 100 calories in a piece. You can get 100 calories eating a piece of candy, but ofrepparttar 131383 two which is going to satisfy yourepparttar 131384 longest? I'd suspect real food would.

I like a certain brand of sandwich fromrepparttar 131385 health food store. At first I would eat a whole sandwich, then one day it struck me that maybe half would be enough, so I tried and what do you know, half a sandwich was plenty. Now I always eat a half and saverepparttar 131386 rest forrepparttar 131387 next day. Is this a breakthrough? For me it was because before I would use my eye to judge what I needed to eat (Mom used to tell me, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach," and I guess she was right!). These sandwiches I'm referring to are big, and they are filling. They contain healthy but oddball ingredients you may not have thought would be good in a sandwich like shredded carrots and cabbage. They require substantial chewing, and they are very nourishing and satisfying. That's what you want from a sandwich, right?

When eating good, wholesome foods I don't crave chips and cookies, but if I eat a regular grilled cheese or tuna sandwich, I'm off looking forrepparttar 131388 chips and ice cream for later. The association when you eat one food with another food is strong. Consider, french fries with ketchup, apple pie with ice cream (some eat it with cheddar cheese), peanut butter and jelly, ham and eggs. Some things just seem right paired together, or so we think, but what if you could shake up those associations? If you've got a real habit of eating chips for instance, what else is going on atrepparttar 131389 same time? Is itrepparttar 131390 TV show you're watching,repparttar 131391 time of day,repparttar 131392 other foods? Try switiching things up, moving to another room to eat, changingrepparttar 131393 channel or try a completely different type of chips.


Written by Pete Shilling

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