Los Angeles Theme Park Attractions

Written by VMT Singuillo

So, are you planning to drop by atrepparttar Southern California area? The Greater Los

Angeles area has lots of attractions that you should not miss to visit.

Just to give you a glimpse of what you might expect atrepparttar 151079 various theme parks, we

give you a bird's eye view of a few ofrepparttar 151080 attractions.

One theme park which features movie themes isrepparttar 151081 Universal Studios. Its tram

ride tours its visitors around its wide campus,repparttar 151082 studios and props of its

movie making facilities. Fun rides includerepparttar 151083 Jurassic Park and The Mummy. If

you are fond of horror movies, they have a horror feature too. Stunts such asrepparttar 151084

Waterworld should never be missed. Of course, movies influence a lot of their

other features too.

A country side theme is presented by Knotts Berry Farm. Farms animals may be

present for children to pet. Roller coaster rides are also available for thrill

seekers. You may even get wet in some rides too. The mystery lodge shouldn't be


Pure thriller rides are features atrepparttar 151085 Six Flags - Magic Mountain. Everything

are almost thriller rides that pumps your adrenaline and makes your hair standing

after every ride.

Going south of Los Angeles,repparttar 151086 Sea World located near San Diego, is a great

attraction for nature lovers. See Shamu -repparttar 151087 killer whale together with other

Holiday tips & advice - Money saving,packing & more...

Written by Jo Godden

HOLIDAYS - something we all look forward to and something we all feel that we deserve. Of course, some countries realise this and treat their retired folk to a week's holiday, but I can't see it appearing on our country's agenda for a while, can you?

So, what reason do YOU have for not taking that well deserved break? Can't afford it? Remember that old saying - "take care ofrepparttar pennies andrepparttar 150920 pounds will take care of themselves"? Well, although in this modern ‘throw away' society no one appears to be particularly worried about pennies,repparttar 150921 saying is as true today as ever it was. Take an example - when out shopping, how often do we think ‘I need a rest, I'll pop intorepparttar 150922 café for a coffee and perhaps a muffin'? Well, just forego that coffee and muffin every week and atrepparttar 150923 end ofrepparttar 150924 year you have that return flight to say Spain. To this end, half way through shopping I return torepparttar 150925 car not only to drop off my purchases, but to pour myself a coffee from my flask and also to rest and relax whilst listening torepparttar 150926 radio. Alternatively, ifrepparttar 150927 weather is nice, you can enjoy your coffee inrepparttar 150928 fresh air inrepparttar 150929 park. Also, go without just one packet of cigarettes or that takeaway (you'll probably not even noticerepparttar 150930 difference, but your body probably will) and miraculously atrepparttar 150931 end ofrepparttar 150932 year you'll haverepparttar 150933 accommodation as well. Followrepparttar 150934 maxim ofrepparttar 150935 TV beauty advert and think ‘I deserve it'!

So, now we are ready to go on holiday and we come torepparttar 150936 dreaded packing. I'm talking ladies here. (Men don't have a packing problem, do they? - they can pack in 5 minutes flat. After all, there's only a few clothes, money and passport. What'srepparttar 150937 problem?)

Clothes wise - if you want to takerepparttar 150938 minimum, then think basic duo colours, say black and white. It's amazing how you can mix and match and appear to have taken more clothes than you have. Also, basic clothes can be dressed up with a coloured wrap or jewellery asrepparttar 150939 occasion arises, and one stole/wrap can be a shoulder wrap/pillow onrepparttar 150940 plane, a wrap over your swimsuit, or over your dress inrepparttar 150941 evening when perhaps its cooler.

Because I am rather absent minded and can never remember where I have put things when I'm in a different environment, I have simplified my packing using differently coloured plastic bags. Tights, pants, bras, make-up, hair products, etc. all go into separate bags, and then on arrival atrepparttar 150942 holiday hotel, I don't unpackrepparttar 150943 bags but just pop them intorepparttar 150944 drawers relating torepparttar 150945 position on my body, eg tights (feet) would be inrepparttar 150946 bottom drawer and hair products (head) would be inrepparttar 150947 top drawer. (I'm assuming, of course, thatrepparttar 150948 hotel has provided drawers, but, if not, do not despair, just hangrepparttar 150949 labelled carrier bags in order onrepparttar 150950 hangers inrepparttar 150951 wardrobe, or just in case hanging space is limited, take with yourepparttar 150952 plastic hooks to put overrepparttar 150953 doors). The bedside cabinet is reserved for essentials and emergencies, eg medicines, first aid, phone numbers, travel insurance, mobile phone, paper, pens, etc. Also take envelopes, already addressed, forrepparttar 150954 holiday cards you are going to send. I find that envelopes take approx. 3 days to reach this country and cards usually arrive after I have returned from holiday. (Now, if I'm beginning to sound a bit smug with all this efficiency, I'm quickly brought down to earth by rememberingrepparttar 150955 initial horror I felt when after my holiday and returning from a frantic shopping expedition, I found that I had been using carrier bags boldly emblazoned withrepparttar 150956 words ‘PANTS & BRAS'.)

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