Loosen Up Your Mind With Gratitude

Written by Stephanie West Allen

Boston Bovines Hold The Answer For You

Did you know that our brains are full of cow paths? Robert Fritz begins his book _The Path of Least Resistance_, by explaining howrepparttar streets of Boston were laid out; they do not seem to berepparttar 123911 result of any planning.

Long, long ago in Boston, grazing and wandering cows walkedrepparttar 123912 easiest paths they could find and, with each passing cow, these paths became more clearly defined and easier to follow. These cow paths becamerepparttar 123913 ďplanĒ for Bostonís streets.

Fritz says, ďAs a result, city planning in Boston gravitates aroundrepparttar 123914 mentality ofrepparttar 123915 seventeenth century cow.Ē

The thoughts that we have over and over form cow paths in our brains. Each repeated thought makesrepparttar 123916 path more defined and easier. We think about not enough money frequently andrepparttar 123917 not-enough-money path becomesrepparttar 123918 easiest one to follow -- our thoughts just followrepparttar 123919 same old cow path. Same with thoughts of sickness and irritability and judgment and all breeds and brands of scarcity.

Perhaps your thought planning gravitates aroundrepparttar 123920 mentality ofrepparttar 123921 old twentieth century you.

Once those cow paths get formed, they call to our thoughts, and lead them to places where our dreams canít be seen. Our brains are riddled with deep furrows meandering through hard, caked, crusted dirt. How do we loosen uprepparttar 123922 dirt into pliable, rich, fertile mud? We need to rain on our brain.

Mud, Marvelous Mud

Gratitude isrepparttar 123923 rain that smoothesrepparttar 123924 way for new paths. Whenrepparttar 123925 storms of gratitude fall upon our brains,repparttar 123926 dry, stuck paths dissolve leavingrepparttar 123927 mighty, moldable mud of potential. We can form new paths where our thoughts can dance on downrepparttar 123928 new grooves of health, wealth, love, and creativity.

Gratitude and rigidity cannot coexist. Gratitude makes new freeways of thinking gently possible. Have you ever found yourself thinking over and over about something you do not want in your life? Thatís a sure way to get more and more of that something. You probably know that, but all of a sudden you catch yourself having those thoughts - again - of what you most definitely do not want.

10 Reasons To START (anything!) Today

Written by Kathy Gates

1. You'll stop kidding yourself that tomorrow will ever come. The Present is all you have. 2. You can only affect tomorrow by what you do today. 3. Because you can! 4. If not now, when? 5. You're not getting any younger. 6. Nothing will change if you don't 7. The sooner you start,repparttar sooner, you'll finish.

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