Looking for a Cruise for the Kids? Here is Your Plan for an Enjoyable Vacation!

Written by Paul Bechel

So you're looking for a cruise forrepparttar kids but aren't quite sure about how to ensure an enjoyable trip for all? Here arerepparttar 141695 must do's and tips to help ensure everyone enjoys a 'Trip of a Lifetime'!

Haven't cruised withrepparttar 141696 kids before? Stop fretting and go for it. Withrepparttar 141697 proper planning, research and followingrepparttar 141698 tips below, parents and kids can all enjoy a memorable vacation. But there is one prerequisite when planningrepparttar 141699 family cruise, "The Kids Come First".

If you are looking for a vacation for some significant mom and dad along time, a family cruise may not berepparttar 141700 best choice. Remember, for much of your vacation you will be in a confined area with predefined activities and schedules already determined for you. However, you can find cruises and cruise lines that cater to your family and this will make your vacation a much more enjoyable time forrepparttar 141701 entire family.

The first step in planning a family cruise is to understand what your children enjoy and find a cruise line that provides kids activities that your children enjoy.

It goes without saying that a high-end luxury cruise may not berepparttar 141702 best for your family as these types of cruises often don't cater torepparttar 141703 young or very-young. There is a reason that Disney cruises are so popular with families. Disney cruises cater torepparttar 141704 kids. When on a cruise, ifrepparttar 141705 kids are happy, mom and dad can better enjoy their vacation as well.

Whether booking online or with a travel agent in person, don't sign up for a cruise until you have researchedrepparttar 141706 potential cruise line yourself. As an example, in a recent article in a local newspaper, a traveler and her family booked with Royal Caribbean after assurances fromrepparttar 141707 on-line booking agent thatrepparttar 141708 cruise did offer baby-sitting. Not untilrepparttar 141709 family got onboard did they realize that there is no guaranteed baby-sitting and any baby-sitting provided was done byrepparttar 141710 crew on their off-time, and only ifrepparttar 141711 crew felt like earning some extra money. Some cruise lines also have age boundaries for baby-sitting eligibility. If you are looking for baby-sitting onboard, make absolutely sure thatrepparttar 141712 cruise lines offers a guaranteed baby-sitting service and make sure your kids are eligible.

OK. Enough ofrepparttar 141713 general tidbits. Here arerepparttar 141714 planning tips that can help help you research your cruise forrepparttar 141715 kids and make your cruise a positive, memorable vacation:

Scheduled Kids Activities If you are looking for a cruise or cruise line that understands cruising withrepparttar 141716 family, find a cruise line that has excellent scheduled kids activities and you will find a cruise line that understands cruising withrepparttar 141717 kids. Some cruise lines offer non-stop activities forrepparttar 141718 kids fromrepparttar 141719 early morning torepparttar 141720 late evening. Many cruise lines break uprepparttar 141721 kids into age appropriate groups and targetsrepparttar 141722 agendas for those age groups.

If your children aren't quite ready to spend long periods of time aware from mom and dad, take this into consideration when looking for that perfect cruise. In general,repparttar 141723 well organized kids programs provide an excellent way forrepparttar 141724 kids to have a great time and to provide mom and dad some time to explorerepparttar 141725 ship activities on their own. Make sure you understandrepparttar 141726 schedules available for kid related activities. If you have a family that doesn't enjoy getting up inrepparttar 141727 mornings on vacation, and all ofrepparttar 141728 kids activities are scheduled for early mornings, keep this in mind during your research.

Takerepparttar 141729 time to find internet reviews forrepparttar 141730 ships that you are considering that offer kid focused activities. In general, you will find that pickingrepparttar 141731 right ship wasrepparttar 141732 single most important decision when ensuring that bothrepparttar 141733 kids and mom and dad have a great time.

Staterooms As most experienced cruisers are aware, not all staterooms are made alike. Dorepparttar 141734 research and find outrepparttar 141735 size and configuration of your planned stateroom. Some points to consider with kids along. A nice view (not a port hole) torepparttar 141736 ocean can helprepparttar 141737 kids enjoyrepparttar 141738 views, pass some time and provide for a more open sense in what will probably be a fairly crowded space. A picture window or a balcony does cost more, butrepparttar 141739 views to entertainrepparttar 141740 kids can be well worth it!

Considerrepparttar 141741 location ofrepparttar 141742 stateroom in relation torepparttar 141743 elevators, stairs andrepparttar 141744 size ofrepparttar 141745 ship. If you are looking to cruise on a large ship, a room nearerrepparttar 141746 elevators and/or inrepparttar 141747 middle ofrepparttar 141748 ship can help makerepparttar 141749 navigation ofrepparttar 141750 large vessel much easier when you have several little ones in tow.

Also, generallyrepparttar 141751 storage available in a cruise stateroom is minimal so pack as lightly as possible. Oftenrepparttar 141752 only place to put unpacked luggage is a tiny closet or on a spare chair. Again, check intorepparttar 141753 cruise line and stateroom you are considering. Some rooms do offer under-bed storage plus other cabin amenities that aren't available on other cruise lines.

Lastly, realize that depending onrepparttar 141754 cruise line and stateroom you choose, you may only have a shower inrepparttar 141755 bathroom. If you youngsters are use to taking a bath and have never taken a shower, take this into consideration when planning and preparing forrepparttar 141756 trip.

Want to Dine Early? Then Book Early! Depending onrepparttar 141757 cruise line, there may be open seating for dining or scheduled dinner seating times. An open seating for dining is often found onrepparttar 141758 smaller, luxury oriented cruise lines and this is reallyrepparttar 141759 best cruise dining options available. You can choose where to eat, when to eat and with whom to eat. However, this is not usuallyrepparttar 141760 dining options onrepparttar 141761 larger, family oriented cruises. Most ofrepparttar 141762 larger ships schedule one or two dining times and you are assigned a time, table and dining guests. Again, make sure you are aware of what is provided for dining options onrepparttar 141763 cruises you are researching.

If you are traveling with kids that like or need to eat early, be aware thatrepparttar 141764 early seatings on ships that have multiple dinner times often fill up very quickly and far in advance ofrepparttar 141765 actual departure date. Often these early seatings are filled 2-3 months in advance, or more, ofrepparttar 141766 actual cruise so be aware of your dining preferences. If you need to ensure that you have an early dining time available for your family, check onrepparttar 141767 specific cruise sailing that you are investigating to ensure space is available.

There is More onrepparttar 141768 Menu Than Justrepparttar 141769 Kids Options Forrepparttar 141770 vast majority ofrepparttar 141771 cruises that you will investigate, all ofrepparttar 141772 food at meal times (and often outside of meal times as well) is included in your ticket price. So ifrepparttar 141773 kids would like a steak, or fish, or lobster, go ahead and order it for them. The kids are not restricted torepparttar 141774 items onrepparttar 141775 kids menu.

Student Travel – Backpacking In Europe

Written by Rick Chapo

Forrepparttar fortunate few, life isn’t complete without a backpacking trip through Europe. This right of passage is believed to furtherrepparttar 141694 maturation process of college students, according to sociologists. Of course, others have opined that copious amounts of alcohol, sun and Amsterdam have something to do with it. Regardless of your purpose, you still have to figure out what to take.

Backpack – Getting In Touch With Your Inner Mule

Obviously,repparttar 141695 first critical item is your backpack. While one doesn’t need to buyrepparttar 141696 $10,000 Himalaya Turbo Pack, you should also avoidrepparttar 141697 $12 blue light special. So, how do you pick a happy middle ground?

The best method for picking a backpack involves three phone books. Select/swipe/borrow three yellow page books from neighbors/friends/enemies and hit your local sporting goods store. Withrepparttar 141698 books, head torepparttar 141699 backpackapalozza section ofrepparttar 141700 store and pick out a few sturdy/cool/outrageous rigs. Stuffrepparttar 141701 phone books in, adjustrepparttar 141702 straps and go for a walk. Now break out into a run to simulate future dashes for trains/ ferries/ toilets and makerepparttar 141703 sales people nervous. These steps should quickly revealrepparttar 141704 perfect pack.

Now, you may have read other publications suggesting highly technical ways to select a backpack. Trust me, until you have run forrepparttar 141705 last ferry from Italy to Greece, you have no idea how to pick a pack. The three phone book test solves this nicely.

What To Take

There are a few mantras that every person should chant before packing for Europe. These chants were developed originally byrepparttar 141706 little known, Oh-My-Back Monks of Southeast Asia. The “OMB” Monks were known for traveling half way to far off cities, turning around, returning home and then travelingrepparttar 141707 full way to said cities. Religious experts opined as torepparttar 141708 deep metaphysical meaning of such trips. They were later embarrassed whenrepparttar 141709 monks revealedrepparttar 141710 back and forth nature ofrepparttar 141711 trips was due to forgetting something, often whether they had turned offrepparttar 141712 iron. Nonetheless, such chants have becomerepparttar 141713 guiding light of experienced backpackers.

Let us slowly and clearly chant together,

“I will pack only that which will not result in me being hunched over like a Sherpa.”

“Remember, I can pick it [(lower voice) toothpaste, book, soap] up over there.”

“I will not stuff thy pack torepparttar 141714 point of bursting, for thy damn zippers always break/get snagged/refuse to work.”

“I will learn humility through wearing incredibly wrinkled clothes and shall not bring an iron.”

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