Looking for Harvey Weinstein. The Book

Written by Holly and Shirley Yanez

Two Immigrants Live The American Dream

Some may call it a purpose driven life yetrepparttar only thing religious about life for two middle aged British “resident aliens” living in Los Angeles is they rise at 5am and are usually asleep by nine.

They rack up about a hundred hours between them in their average work week and have been inrepparttar 136596 same business forrepparttar 136597 last four years. However, unlike most who boastrepparttar 136598 identical grind, Holly and Shirley Yanez, lifelong best friends who married and divorced American brothers, don’t have a 401K, medical insurance or cell phones. They work for themselves, one ofrepparttar 136599 perks, accrued vacation time.

Although both women have excellent backgrounds, one an ex business owner with a five million dollar turnover company,repparttar 136600 other, a seasoned technical sales executive, when desperate, found it impossible to get jobs in LA. After submitting hundreds of applications, resumes and cover letters,repparttar 136601 39 and 47 year old women were even turned down for receptionist and retail sales assistant positions due to lack of experience.

With no one to rely on, no friends and family for support,repparttar 136602 women, willing to work hard, had to build a business from scratch that could support them and two small children if they were to survive in a new country.

They needed a low cost product they could market globally for free. With very little investment available and no established credit, their only way of effectively and cheaply marketing anything was overrepparttar 136603 internet.

After relentless research they discovered 55% of all books published inrepparttar 136604 U.S. are self published and many first time authors have broken allrepparttar 136605 rules, springing from obscurity onto bestseller lists thanks to brilliant internet marketing strategies. The Naked Warrior and I Love My Life. A Mom’s Guide to Working From Home.

The Advantage of Printing Software

Written by Kristine Llabres

Asrepparttar world advances in its way of living plusrepparttar 135655 invention and innovation of different technologies, almost everyone are using various facilities that would enhance their out put and they could get their desired result.

This printing software allocaterepparttar 135656 users coming from different ages to create and craft all kinds of tickets, greeting cards, business cards and invitation cards using their own artistic talents.

For instance withrepparttar 135657 tickets, it has been available only from various stores and ticket booths for many generations. However, withrepparttar 135658 latest technology that we have tickets can also be customized that are available with selected areas for a steep amount.

But with continuous hard work, dedication and perseverance ofrepparttar 135659 different software companies now, you can already opt forrepparttar 135660 shape, color, size and other features of your ticket at a haggle basement amount.

This printing software includes allrepparttar 135661 ordinary layouts in addition to other designs that are carefully created that you would have never seen before. Once you downloadedrepparttar 135662 software you can immediately print your tickets from your very computer. This is very serviceable for special occasion and for cramming print out of tickets needed.

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