Look out PDA, here comes TDA!

Written by Chris N. Fernando

First it wasrepparttar Smart-phone that threatened to oust PDA. Now,repparttar 133400 PDA is all set to take onrepparttar 133401 heat from next generation PDArepparttar 133402 TDA.

Whats it all about?

Novinit a French company has developedrepparttar 133403 worlds first TDA or Tactile Digital Assistant. The TDA is based on touch-screen technology and relies entirely on your thumbs for input, which are harder to lose than a stylus. The TDA is named Jackito and comes with two simultaneous touch points so you can operate it with your thumbs atrepparttar 133404 same time and so no need for a stylus. Usingrepparttar 133405 TDA is very easy, since you can search a database or a large address book, with just your thumbs. Usingrepparttar 133406 device with your thumbs is actually much faster than a stylus well at least thats whatrepparttar 133407 company claims. The device comes with a variety of features like finger-touch control, battery life, fast graphics, multitasking, real-time processing, interchangeable skins and much more. The idea of a device like Jackito was conceived fromrepparttar 133408 fact thatrepparttar 133409 worlds first touch screen based PDA was already developed by a US company called Litton in 1978 forrepparttar 133410 US and German armies. After some years Novinit pondered If theres a touch screen based PDA forrepparttar 133411 armies, why not forrepparttar 133412 gizmo lovers? Arnaud de la Fouchardire of Jackito says, The architecture chosen for Jackito focuses on user friendliness. Fingertips (as opposed to a stylus) are used as a natural device for touchingrepparttar 133413 options displayed byrepparttar 133414 LCD touch screen. About 200 engineers from 10 countries for over 10 years, have worked on making this device better and $50 million has been invested in these efforts.

Seven Processors and a larger screen

The Jackito runs on seven processors with full parallel-processing capabilities (two micro-controllers and five accompanying reconfigurable cores), a large 4.5 color QVGA LCD fingertip touch-screen that offers resolution of 320x240 dpi, display with landscape orientation and two SD/MMC card slots. The TDA runs on an operating system called 3ActilOS, has 2.5 MB SRAM and 16 MB NOR Flash memory. The Jackito measures 140 x 80 x 16 mm and weighs just 150 g. It feeds on a single AA battery, which according torepparttar 133415 company, can sustain for several weeks. Usingrepparttar 133416 touch-screen with your thumbs or index fingers means that you dont have to carry or use a stylus, keyboard or any other input device. Also Novinit says thatrepparttar 133417 finger's contact area is hundred times larger than that of a stylus and a stylus exerts hundred times more pressure onrepparttar 133418 screen than a finger. Arnaud goes on to say that The Jackito is not only an electronic device, but also a personal companion, supportingrepparttar 133419 three essential ingredients of a well-balanced lifestyle works productivity, personal life and edutainment. The Jackito will also come preloaded with about twenty applications, which includes games, puzzles, address book, clock, to-do list, synchronization feature, backup application, etc.

SoftWeb-PDN.com is a hit with programmers

Written by BanPro NET

Since launching in August of 2004, SoftWeb-PDN.com has seen a fast growing stream of traffic and been praised on numerous developer's forums as a solid centralized resource for programmers.

"As a software and webware programmer who uses many different languages, I was spending countless hours each week searching for information or resources to improve my projects. That's time I wasn't spending on coding. This site began as a personal project for me to centralize my most frequently used research haunts in one location in an attempt to cut down onrepparttar time I spent searching, to increaserepparttar 133399 time I'd have for developing. I'm glad others are finding it of use as well." said Scott Bannon, creator of SoftWeb-PDN.com

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