Look for the win, win!

Written by Josh Hinds

I'm absolutely convinced that if we look hard enough at any given situation we can identify a win, win situation in it. "So what'srepparttar big deal about win, win" you ask? Admittedly, I know a lot of people (many are friends of mine) that go day to day in their business dealings (and personal lives for that matter) looking for opportunities that only benefit themselves directly.

Now I am not saying there's necessarily anything wrong with this. Even so, I can't help but imagine that their personal level of success might multiply if they only tookrepparttar 123929 extra time to explore ways to ensure thatrepparttar 123930 opportunity was equally beneficial to all parties involved.

There's something magical about focusing on win, win scenarios. When we're fortunate enough to develop ourselves torepparttar 123931 point where we are always looking for these types of opportunities it's as if they literally come out ofrepparttar 123932 woodwork. The fact is people like to deal with those that don't haverepparttar 123933 "what's in it for me attitude", don't you agree?


Written by Peter Sinclair

A scientist marveled at how a seemingly harmless magnifying glass could create such intense heat, whenrepparttar suns rays passed through its glassy surface. He askedrepparttar 123928 magnifying glass, 'How can you do what you do? You have this incredible ability of tapping intorepparttar 123929 rays ofrepparttar 123930 sun. You then take those vast rays and bring them to a powerful point that burns holes in leaves and sheets of paper.' The magnifying glass replied torepparttar 123931 scientist by saying, 'Well sir, I have learnt this one thing throughoutrepparttar 123932 years. The hotter it gets,repparttar 123933 more focused I become.' That is what givesrepparttar 123934 winner in life their greatest advantage. THE HOTTER IT GETS...... THE MORE FOCUSED THE WINNER BECOMES Winners have become tough because they have been through tough times. Winners become strong because they have replaced their weaknesses with newfound strengths. Winners appreciate what it takes to win,

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