Look Slimmer With These Easy Tips

Written by Sher Matsen

Just about every womanís weight fluctuates at least a little bit. As we age our bodies can also change shape. These changes are a result of many things Ė child birth, stress, menopause, additional pounds, or loss of weight. The reality is, thatrepparttar world canít have a all size 5 women.

If we are a size 3, it seems we want to be a size 9 so we have a fuller looking figure. If we are a size 9 we want to be a size 5. Thereís just no making women happy. Addrepparttar 145212 media blitz onrepparttar 145213 perfect body, it seems we are always feeling inadequate.

Not to worry, itís quite easy to make yourself look a few pounds lighter, or to accent your finer points and hide your not so perfect body parts. There are also things you can do to make a small frame look a little larger.

Just because youíve gained a couple of extra pounds, you donít have to go looking for a moo moo to wear. Accentuating your finer points is easier than you think. When you accent your good points,repparttar 145214 not so good ones fade intorepparttar 145215 background.

Use illusion to make yourself look two or three sizes smaller. Choosing clothing to suit your shape, skin color, and lifestyle can cut your wardrobe spending in half. Think about allrepparttar 145216 things you can do with that extra money Ė buy more jewelry, or how about some new pairs of shoes. After all us women can never have enough of jewelry or shoes.

The average woman wears 25% of her wardrobe 85% ofrepparttar 145217 time. So what happens torepparttar 145218 rest of those wardrobe items. Well they hang inrepparttar 145219 closet gathering dust until they come back in fashion 10 or 15 years from now.

Because fashion changes so quickly, there is no point in stocking up on most wardrobe items. Yes, there arerepparttar 145220 basics that never go out of style such as classic black or white pants, dresses, and skirts. Traditional blazers and tops. Butrepparttar 145221 rest of those wardrobe items will most likely be out of style in less than a year.

What Else You Don't Know About Supplements?

Written by Bo Jeune-Fille

COMPANIES do not KNOW HOW TO MAKE HERBAL FORMULAS without BULK VITAMINS and MINERALS! There is a trend onrepparttar market mixing herbs with different ingredients also calledrepparttar 144943 'fillers'. Seriously, just look onrepparttar 144944 label Ė most Supplements are mixed with herbs... Why? To make those products more attractive for you. Extra Vitamins, Minerals and other 'goodies' are purchased as a bulk. So, when you readrepparttar 144945 label you see a long list... yes? THE UGLY TRUTH IS OUT... Minerals are striped of fromrepparttar 144946 sea-salt and from other sea vegetables. Often, man-made synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are added to your supplements and Health Foods. GENERIC/Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are inexpensive to make, just as generic drugs. One thing those companies do not understand that HERBS should NEVER be mixed together with isolated Vitamins and Minerals. NEVER! Bulk products are often not fresh, different product can have a different exp. date andrepparttar 144947 worse what can happen, when herbs are mixed with them. Herbs are especially sensitive to air exposure so, beforerepparttar 144948 final product is ready herbs are not as potent. Q: WHY HERBS ARE MIXED WITH OTHER INGREDIENTS? There is only ONE answer to this question: It is not easy to make herbal supplement that works! So, companies are adding other by-products to increase their effectiveness. Herbs are smart, they know what to do, and inrepparttar 144949 right hands they are transformed intorepparttar 144950 work of ART.

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