Long Distance Service - Price per Minute

Written by Wilson Dennis

When are fundamental laws of mathematics no longer applicable? When is 4 greater than 5? When your talking about long distance service, that's when. Most long distance service providers tout their cost per minute. However, when comparing costs, you need to readrepparttar fine print and do a few calculations. Many long distance service providers, includingrepparttar 133515 discount long distance providers, have other charges with effectively raiserepparttar 133516 cost per minute of their service.

Many long distance companies charge a monthly fee in order for you to get a particular rate for long distance. Other long distance service providers, have monthly minimums you must meet or you are assessed an additional charge.

The key to getting a good deal on your long distance service is to know your usage. The key things to know, how many minutes do I use in a month, does it vary a lot from month to month, and are there particular states I place most of my calls to.

Armed with this information, you can takerepparttar 133517 ?additional? charges you are likely to pay, divide it by your usage, and add that torepparttar 133518 rate per minute your long distance service provider is charging you. That will give you a true cost per minute which can be compared between providers.

Some examples will probably help. Lets help Mary, Joe, and Mike figure which of three plans to select. The plans are as follows:

Plan A

$.04/minute, plus monthly fee of $5.95

Plan B

$50.00 for 1200 minutes, plus $.07/minute overrepparttar 133519 1200 mins.

Plan C

$.10/minute, no other fees.

Each of them gets out their phone bills forrepparttar 133520 last year, and checks their long distance usage.


Mary used 14,400 minutes of long distance service inrepparttar 133521 last 12 months, an average of 1200 minutes each month. She would use 600 minutes one month, than 1800 minutesrepparttar 133522 next,repparttar 133523 pattern repeating throughoutrepparttar 133524 year. For Maryrepparttar 133525 costs ofrepparttar 133526 plans would be:

Plan A

600 min. months: ($.04 x 600) + $5.95 = $29.95

1,800 min. months: ($.04 x 1800) + $5.95 = $77.95

Her total bill forrepparttar 133527 year: (6 x $29.95) + (6 x $77.95) = $647.40

Total cost per minute: $647.40 / 14,400 = $.045/minute

Plan B

600 min. months: $50.00

Not Sure Whether to Get Sirius Radio?

Written by Christine Breen

Sirius satellite radio is a service offering 100 streams of Sirius radio featuring digital-quality, music, news, sports and entertainment programming. They use three satellites orbiting directly overrepparttar United States to broadcast 100 streams of Sirius radio to listeners throughoutrepparttar 133514 continental US. Their monthly subscription fee is $12.95. Sirius satellite radio delivers 60 streams of 100% commercial-free music in every genre plus 40 streams of sports, news and entertainment.

Starting in September, Sirius satellite radio subscribers will getrepparttar 133515 full lineup of NFL games each week. That's right, they're broadcasting every game including select pre-season and play-off games. You'll get every game duringrepparttar 133516 regular season, with coverage fromrepparttar 133517 home team announcers. And it's all included with your regular Sirius radio subscription: no extra charges, fees or packages. Justrepparttar 133518 best sports available. As an added bonus, they'll be introducingrepparttar 133519 NFL Radio Network, loaded withrepparttar 133520 best football commentary and action. It will provide year-round coverage ofrepparttar 133521 NFL including exclusive coverage for Sirius radio subscribers, as well as programs fromrepparttar 133522 NFL Network.

Sirius Radio is better than regular radio programming because they are completely commercial free, offers original Sirius satellite radio programming not justrepparttar 133523 top 40 repeated ad naseum, and they feature news and sports channels from content providers like CNBC, FOX News, C-SPAN, NPR, PRI, and ESPN.

Sirius Radio uses statistical multiplexing technology which provides more bandwidth acrossrepparttar 133524 full spectrum of Sirius satellite radio streams. This means better overall sound quality and superior sound resolution. It's near cd-quality.

The name Sirius radio comes fromrepparttar 133525 brightest star inrepparttar 133526 constellation Canis Major andrepparttar 133527 Northern Hemisphere. It was named afterrepparttar 133528 ancient Egyptian god Osirus, who was represented pictographically as a dog, giving Sirius its more familiar name:repparttar 133529 Dog Star.

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