Long Distance Relationships 101

Written by Debbie Anderson

Why do long distance relationships seem more passionate than other types?

Psychologists say that it is human nature to want what we can't have. Throw a little sexual desire into that mix and you haverepparttar kind of romantic and sexual angst that isrepparttar 141606 stuff of great romance and literature.

Suddenly, unlikerepparttar 141607 banality of every day relationships, you can find yourself in an epic personal drama filled withrepparttar 141608 anticipation of seeing your long lost partner once again. This sounds good, but is it actually a healthy, practical way to conduct a relationship?

Of course, aside from being tantalized byrepparttar 141609 promise of love that shines so distantly onrepparttar 141610 horizon, there are many other very pragmatic reasons why you could find yourself suddenly in a long distance relationship.

** Common Scenarios **

A very common scenario arerepparttar 141611 young lovers who are forced to call it quits because they end up attending different colleges in different cities, states, or even continents.

Debt, fame, ailing spouses, war, disease, responsibilities towards an ex spouse or children, career obligations, can separate people.

There are a million reasons why you can be forced to say good-bye, but does it have to be forever?

The first thing to understand is that a relationship conducted across great distances does not necessarily qualify as a ‘relationship’ inrepparttar 141612 ordinary sense.

For instance, if a girl has been dating a guy for four years and he suddenly decides to travel across Europe with nothing but a backpack and pocket change to find himself, where does this leave her?

Rather than ever be left wondering, it is crucial forrepparttar 141613 two of you to establish some rules and boundaries aroundrepparttar 141614 relationship long before anyone starts packing.

It is not going to work if you are still trying to figure out "where you stand" inrepparttar 141615 relationship as your loved one is boardingrepparttar 141616 plane.

First of all there must be some kind of mutual agreement that you are in a long-distance relationship and that there should be no infidelity.

Many long-distance relationships fail because of mixed messages from one partner orrepparttar 141617 other. Usually one person believes thatrepparttar 141618 "out of sight, out of mind" rule applies and that while there is distance between you "anything goes!"

The other party inrepparttar 141619 relationship might believerepparttar 141620 opposite (that absence makesrepparttar 141621 heart grow fonder) and then get a rude shock when they don't receive emails or phone calls or do receive one that describes a budding new romance.

The rule of thumb is to establishrepparttar 141622 ground rules before this type of scenario is allowed to blossom.

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