London School of Economics

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

George Bernard Shaw and his mistress Florence Farr ofrepparttar Hermetic Order ofrepparttar 138270 Golden Dawn (the more ‘charmed’ circle) are of paramount interest to my research. When I see Shaw being supportive ofrepparttar 138271 communist effort and yet perhaps not fully aware ofrepparttar 138272 corporate nature of Bolshevism - I wonder. Especially so - when I see him operating withrepparttar 138273 Merovingian Bertrand Russell and being a founder ofrepparttar 138274 London School of Economics. Butrepparttar 138275 reader might have to read my books onrepparttar 138276 Physiocrats andrepparttar 138277 Hegelian Dialectic to get a fuller picture of these issues.

“LSE has a glorious history. Our founders Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, and Graham Wallas worked with thinkers like Bertrand Russell to create an institution which could study human society, seek to understand and then improve it. Many social science subjects originated at LSE or were developed here. We can look at our past and see men and women who engaged with society and left a lasting contribution torepparttar 138278 world we live in.” (1)

There is no area of culture or media that is not used by social engineers and sophisticated manipulators. This is totally OK as far as I am concerned. I have no difficulty withrepparttar 138279 homogenization of culture as long as appreciation for ethnic art is maintained and it seems this can happen alongside that homogenization. But there is a larger ethical component to these efforts which are not exposed. The Black Ops programs that utilize all culture or fundrepparttar 138280 prevailing paradigm are serious matters of concern for me. But hey, whatrepparttar 138281 heck – I am just a paranoid nutcase eh? If one looks deep intorepparttar 138282 history ofrepparttar 138283 Saxons they will find this is a decidedly not ‘new’ World Order. Here is someone beating a Francophone tune that has to do withrepparttar 138284 google-izing force of Americanization orrepparttar 138285 New World Order proclaimed onrepparttar 138286 US dollar bill. “Jeanneney voiced his fear of what that meant forrepparttar 138287 representation of France and Europe. Here are some excerpts fromrepparttar 138288 letter published in Le Monde:

‘The real issue is elsewhere. And it is immense. It is confirmation ofrepparttar 138289 risk of a crushing American domination inrepparttar 138290 definition of how future generations conceiverepparttar 138291 world.’

Paternity Testing Regulation: Help or Hindrance?

Written by Tom LeBaron

The French legislation has passed a law which prohibits testing for paternity withoutrepparttar involvement ofrepparttar 137869 court system. Article 16-11 ofrepparttar 137870 civil code states that in order for an individual to legally conduct a paternity test, he or she must first have a court-appointed lawyer assigned to his or her unique case. The court then has control to deciderepparttar 137871 consequences ofrepparttar 137872 paternity test results. This article will explore how one man’s red tape is another man’s due process. Introduction The internet has opened up opportunities for many DNA laboratories to distribute free paternity test kits in hopes of a sale from returned samples. In Europe, France isrepparttar 137873 only country that regulates how paternity tests are conducted. Citizens of other European nations are free to satisfy their own curiosities and nagging doubts, while French citizens jump through hoops. Regulation and red tape protect some while hindering others. Society Perspective Pro: In 1941,repparttar 137874 French government adopted a law called “Accouchement Sous X,” or Childbirth Under X. This law allows a French woman to enter a hospital anonymously by signing her name as an X. Her identity and her child’s identity are both kept anonymous. For a mother who has given birth anonymously, for whatever reason, a paternity test would surely breakrepparttar 137875 anonymity. Mothers seeking refuge underrepparttar 137876 X law will undoubtedly seekrepparttar 137877 same protection under Article 16. Alleged fathers will also benefit from this law because assessing paternity usually means child support payments. Years of due arrears may be charged to an alleged father if it is found that he isrepparttar 137878 biological father. Having a lawyer involved inrepparttar 137879 process for each case’s beginning will give greater credibility torepparttar 137880 test and its results. The transition from results to court decision is also smoothed and hastened by having a court-appointed lawyer. Con: It’s hard to say just how many people have forgone a paternity test because ofrepparttar 137881 red tape involved. The majority of single mothers are in a less-than-favorable financial condition and probably can’t afford to hire a lawyer. Placing restriction on business operations shrinksrepparttar 137882 market, decreases competition, and drives up prices.

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