Log Work Bench Plan

Written by Dave Markel

This log workbench is great for an outdoor work space and can easily be built overrepparttar weekend.

You will need logs that have been peeled and are roughly:

* 2 @ 68" x 3" - Upper Rails * 2 @ 63" x 3" - Lower Rails * 4@ 32" x 4-1/2" - Legs * 4@ 32" x 3" - Stretchers * optional: 2 sheets 3/4" plywood

Start by making a 2-1/4" long x 1-1/2" tenon on one end of each leg. Makerepparttar 143629 same size tenon on both ends ofrepparttar 143630 stretcher pieces andrepparttar 143631 lower rails.

Using an 1-1/2" forsner bit, drillrepparttar 143632 holes inrepparttar 143633 upper rails, 2-1/2" fromrepparttar 143634 ends. Both holes must be in line with each other. Drillrepparttar 143635 holes 1-1/2" deep.

Make a body pillow from an old bedsheet

Written by Janice Wee

Do you have an old bed sheet that has seen better days, which you are considering throwing away?

Don't throw it away?

Recycle it.

Change it into a body pillow.

Do you intend to throw that soft, comfortable bed sheet because it has little tears, stains or holes in it?

Keep it.

You can use that as stuffing for your body pillow.

Before you start, have both bed sheets bleached, washed and dry to ensure you have totally clean materials to start with.

Then takerepparttar best looking old bed sheet and fold it in half lengthwise, and half acrossrepparttar 143334 width, so you have a rectangle a quarter ofrepparttar 143335 size ofrepparttar 143336 original bedsheet. When you foldrepparttar 143337 bed sheet, hiderepparttar 143338 defects inrepparttar 143339 folds sorepparttar 143340 rectangle you get would show no stains or tears.

Iron this rectangle flat. Pay attention torepparttar 143341 sides. Then sew downrepparttar 143342 3 open edges. You should have a nice rectangle that stays put without any openings.

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